Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 602

Chapter 602: Second Sneaky Attack
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo was too excited and heavily injured, so he finally collapsed the moment he saw Luo Ying.

The woman, who had been getting quite angry, saw him faint and quickly ran to check his injuries. She immediately realized it was because of her. Although she didn't know who the man was, she did feel like they'd met before.

The man had been touching that stone pool - only she and Ye Mo knew the meaning of it. Was this man Ye Mo? The woman was dazed. As she remembered the look in his eyes, it really was somehow similar to Ye Mo. Was he actually Ye Mo?

She unveiled her mask to reveal an out-of-this-world face. It was the very Luo Ying Ye Mo had been looking for for such a long time.

She carefully studied the man on the ground. At least in his current unconscious state, he didn't really look familiar. She felt his face and didn't notice any marks of appearance-changing tricks, so perhaps she was thinking of Ye Mo too much and was mistaken?

Although she was disappointed, she still carried Ye Mo out and took out some herbs to put on Ye Mo's wounds. Then she made a soup and fed Ye Mo. His body was strong, so he should be fine.

Although his dantian was damaged and he was heavily wounded, his strong physique due to years of cultivation still showed its properties. It might have been just some normal herbs, but Ye Mo's body did still digest most of it.

He opened his eyes and found himself still in that room, but his wounds were much better. Luo Ying had saved him, huh. Right, Luo Ying! Had she recognized him in the end?

Ye Mo was shocked and immediately got up to see whether Luo Ying was there. He had finally found Luo Ying, he didn't want to lose her again. As Ye Mo looked up, he saw Luo Ying being busy outside as she was making a small hut.

There was a cauldron nearby with herbs inside.

Ye Mo smiled bitterly. It would seem that Luo Ying wanted to move him to the other room once he woke up.

He was Ye Mo! He had to tell her somehow. Although he couldn't speak or hear, he could write.

Ye Mo crawled up. Other than feeling a little hungry, he was much better than yesterday. Even if he couldn't recover his dantian and spirit sense without special means, he could still recover to a normal person's level.

Ye Mo stood at the door and looked dazedly at Luo Ying's back. Ye Mo didn't dare believe it was real.

Watching her slim figure hustling around was a pleasant scene, he didn't dare to interrupt its serenity. He was afraid if he did, it would all vanish into thin air and he would have nothing again.

Suddenly, Ye Mo shivered. He saw an extremely cruel pair of eyes staring at him - it was Jie Xuan. She was stared at him like a ghost. He immediately felt cold sweat going doing his neck, he regretted coming here. He had brought a disaster to Luo Ying, the nun had actually gotten there. It seemed that she had realized he had nowhere to go except there.

Jie Xuan smiled coldly to Ye Mo and looked at Luo Ying. Her smile was cruel and frosty.

Oh, no. She hated Luo Ying too. She probably hated Luo Ying for saving him and ruining her plans. He wanted to warn Luo Ying at once but he couldn't make a sound.

Jie Xuan's whisk was already in the air, so Ye Mo ran in front of Luo Ying without thinking.

When she saw Ye Mo approaching her, she reacted. She was at yellow level after all, and subconsciously took a step back. He didn't manage to cover her, yet at this moment, the whisk landed on Ye Mo's back.

However, Ye Mo wasn't a bear, he couldn't block it.

Splurge- Ye Mo spat more blood. The strike had almost shifted his organs, which made his injuries even worse.

When she saw him lying on the ground and the nun behind him, Luo Ying understood that the nun had been trying to attack her and the man she saved used his body to block it.

"Who are you? Why are you attacking us?" Luo Ying's voice was loud, she was really angry. She came from Serenity, not even the worst person in the sect would attack a stranger for no reason. Furthermore, she didn't even know that nun.

"You shouldn't have tried to save him, you will have to die too," Jie Xuan's tone was bland, as though it was very reasonable.

But instead, Jie Xuan didn't attack Luo Ying. She walked to Ye Mo, wanting to search his body.

Seeing this, Luo Yue took out a yellow rope and attacked the nun.

"Hmm- You've also learnt ancient martial arts," the nun dodged.

"Please, leave now. I won't let you touch him," Luo Ying detested the nun.

"Then I'll have to deal with you first. To find a woman as pretty as you in a place like is unusual." Then, she attacked again.

She didn't even have 1% of her full power, but she thought that although Luo Ying was cultivating ancient martial arts, she was barely at yellow level. But after fighting with her, she found out that this absurdly beautiful woman was almost the same as her or even a little stronger. If she hadn't been very experienced and hadn't had a lot of moves, perhaps she would've been defeated already.

Luo Ying rarely fought with people so she was constantly retreating, but as time went by, she became more fluent in her moves and went from a position of disadvantage, to an equal one, and finally to having the upper hand.

Jie Xuan knew that her inner qi wasn't enough for her to beat her. She really didn't understand why there would that kind of woman be in this distant place.

"You don't even know him, why are you helping him? If you let me take him away, I can give you an earth-level cultivation method and a black rising pill."

Jie Xuan knew she couldn't beat Luo Ying and decided to use an alternative method. She would take away Ye Mo first, and after the nun completely recovered, come back and kill the woman.

Luo Ying didn't say anything and just kept attacking. She didn't know it was Ye Mo lying on the ground. If she had, she would have tried to kill Jie Xuan with all her might even if she offered her the immortal rising pill.

Seeing Luo Ying ignore her, Jie Xuan got also angry and said, "What do you want? Is it worth it for someone you don't know? Let me tell you, that person took my poison, he only has 49 days to live. If you let me take him, he could still survive. However, if he stays here, he will die for sure."

Hearing this, Luo Ying slowed down her attack, and Ye Mo happened to open up his eyes at this moment. His body was burning with pain but he couldn't ease it either.

Ye Mo knew that it wasn't going to end well when he saw Luo Ying slowing down her attack.

Jie Xuan lowered her whisk and Luo Ying also put away her rope, but Ye Mo was worried. He knew how evil this nun was, she had a dagger. She had withdrawn the whisk not to make peace, but to sneakily attack Luo Ying.

Luo Ying had no fighting experience, so she knew nothing about this.

No matter whether Jie Xuan was going to attack Luo Ying, in his desperation and worry, he actually stood up again and ran to Luo Ying. No one was allowed to harm her.

The same thing happened again, but this time, Jie Xuan was sneakily attacking Luo Ying.

However, Ye Mo was again one second faster than Jie Xuan.
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