Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 603

Chapter 603: I Dont Want to Care, I Just Want

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The dagger pierced into Ye Mo's left shoulder, and Ye Mo, who had barely been able to stand, was catapulted away by the force and fell in front of Luo Ying unconscious again.

Seeing this, Luo Ying's heart shook for no reason. She didn't have time to think properly, but she got completely angry at that moment. Ye Mo got hurt twice to save her. She didn't expect this innocent-looking nun to be so sneaky.

Without thinking, she used full force as her yellow rope struck Jie Xuan's dantian.

Jie Xuan didn't expect her killing blow to be blocked by Ye Mo again. Was he her nemesis or something? Before she could make another move, Luo Ying's rope struck her dantian. She couldn't even react, and Luo Ying dealt a truly hard blow.

Even if she had been able to react, she wouldn't have been able to dodge that strike with her current strength.

Jie Xuan was dazed and spat out blood as well. Her dantian had been damaged even more with that strike, and she knew that if she didn't leave right then, she would never be able to. Her current state was worse than a normal person's.

Jie Xuan didn't even bother retrieving her dagger and just left. She started considering if Ye Mo had predicted everything beforehand. She suddenly felt cold and shivered.

If that young man really had known something beforehand, then he was too scary. If it weren't for the two golden pages, she would rather never confront someone as scary as him again.

Luo Ying quickly helped Ye Mo up and didn't chase that nun.

Seeing this, Jie Xuan breathed a sigh of relief. Her wounds wouldn't recover for at least a few months.

Luo Ying quickly stopped Ye Mo's bleeding and was very worried.

Ye Mo felt like his eyelids were extremely heavy as he struggled to open his eyes. He saw a worried look close to his face and thought, 'Luo Ying, it really is Luo Ying.' That beautiful face had appeared in his head countless times, and now it finally appeared before his eyes. Ye Mo was shaking with excitement.

"Don't move, I will try to save you. And- thank you for saving me." Luo Ying didn't know how to save Ye Mo, but she felt his shaking.

Ye Mo sensed the nearby Luo Ying and wanted to reach out his hand to feel her face. Seeing Ye Mo's actions, Luo Ying's face changed. She sneered and put down Ye Mo heavily - she was really unhappy.

She took out a veil, wanting to cover her face. She just wanted this man to be able to move so that he could leave.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered that he had a mask on and that Luo Ying didn't know him. He resisted the strong urge to faint and thought of using the blood on his shoulders to write something.

Seeing this, Luo Ying took out a white cloth and threw it in front of Ye Mo but didn't talk.

Ye Mo wanted to look at Luo Ying again, but he knew his power was limited. He could faint at any moment.

After writing the words, he finally couldn't hold on anymore and fell unconscious.

Luo Ying subconsciously took the cloth, and when she saw the words, her mind blacked out. It was as though all her meridians were frozen and she couldn't move.

The cloth had four words: "I am Ye Mo."

'Ye Mo?! Really Ye Mo? Why doesn't his face look like Ye Mo's? He must have some masquerading technique applied to him,' she thought.

Other than Ye Mo, who would have helped her block the attacks from that nun? Other than Ye Mo, who would cry while touching the stone pool? Other than Ye Mo, who would cherish her life more than his own?

Why was he here? He must have come to find her. If she knew Ye Mo would get so hurt trying to find her, she wouldn't have left his side.

"Ye Mo!"Luo Ying finally reacted and was sure that the person on the ground was Ye Mo. She cried out his name and fell on Ye Mo's body before carrying him away. Her tears flew out like an open dam.

She suddenly hated herself. Why did she let the nun who tried to kill him go? If she had fought with her life on the line right from the start, would Ye Mo even have gotten hurt?

Luo Ying kept tearing, and she couldn't forgive herself. Suddenly Luo Ying woke up from her tragic feelings - why was she still crying, she needed to save him!


Ye Mo felt that his soul was about to drift away and felt that his spirit was on the verge of collapse. He knew that he was about to die.

He tried to force his soul not to drift away, because he couldn't die. Suddenly, a cool feeling entered his mind, after which he felt lazy and fell asleep.

He was dreaming about how he found Luo Ying, brought her back to Luo Yue and had the biggest wedding he could with her and Ning Qingxue. Everyone in Luo Yue came to wish them well.

But when he pulled Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue into their room, Luo Ying told him that she had to go back to Luo Yue Continent and couldn't stay with him.

He tried to grab her hand, but she went further and further away.

"Susu, don't go!" Ye Mo cried out and opened his eyes to see Luo Ying watch him with a worried face. She could tell that Ye Mo wanted to talk yet was unable to say anything.

"You're awake, you're finally awake!" Luo Ying finally saw Ye Mo open his eyes and hugged him tightly.

"Master!" Ye Mo called out to her from the bottom of his heart and fell unconscious again.

But now, the time it took him to wake up again was really short, and when he did, he tried to raise his hand and feel Luo Ying's face. Luo Ying had gotten a lot skinnier. From the worry and tears on her face, Ye Mo knew that she had been enduring more than him when he was injured.

As he finally touched her face,he said, "Master, don't worry about me, I'm fine now. Don't cry, but don't leave me again."

Although she didn't know what Ye Mo was saying, Luo Ying still nodded, as though knowing what Ye Mo was saying. She helped him up and wiped her eyes, after which she brought over a bowl of congee. She blew on it carefully and fed it to Ye Mo.

Then, she got some water and helped Ye Mo clean himself, including even brushing his teeth.

"Susu, the chicken soup is done, you can feed it to the man now." Susu heard a call at the door.

She quickly put down her towel after wiping Ye Mo's face and went out.

"Aunty Xi, thank you for these last couple of days. And please thank Uncle Wang for that ginseng too. Without your help, I-" Luo Ying took the pot from the lady and spoke gratefully.

"Don't say that Susu, you have cured a lot of sick people in our village. This little amount of help is nothing. Don't worry, I'll do what you told me to," the aunty said.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo looked at the bed and inside a room, and to his surprise, the room seemed different. It would seem that there were more celebratory colours.

Just as he was wondering why, Luo Ying came in with a blush on her face.

Ye Mo wanted to tell her that they weren't brother and sister at all, when suddenly Luo Ying came over and embraced Ye Mo's head. Ye Mo was lost in her faint aroma.

"Ye Mo, I don't want to be your master, and I don't want to be your sister. I just want to be your wife," Luo Ying said.

Then, she suddenly remembered something and let go of Ye Mo before writing, "I don't want to be your master. Let's get married. I already told Aunty Xi, so when you start being able to get off the bed, we can have a wedding."

Then, her eyes turned red. She knew that Ye Mo had been poisoned by that nun, but she didn't know what it was. She wanted to take Ye Mo out as soon as he was better, and if he really couldn't be cured, she would be his wife for one month and accompany him in death.

Ye Mo was dazed. He looked at Luo Ying. Did she know they weren't siblings? But then why hadn't she gone back to find him?

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo and blushed, but she continued writing, "Ye Mo, right now, I don't want to care about anything, I just want to marry you and be your wife. We can just live here..."
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