Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 604

Chapter 604: Let Me Take Care of You in this Life

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Ye Mo stared at Luo Ying surprised, he could only think that she perhaps had realized that Jing Xi had lied to her. However, that wasn't the case, yet she still wanted to marry him.

The celebrational colors in the room were what she had set up for the wedding, right? Why was she in such a rush? Couldn't she wait until he got better? He still wanted to bring her back to Luo Ying and have the wedding there.

"Do you want to marry me?" Luo Ying wrote down with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Ye Mo stood up a bit and wrote, "Master, of course I want to marry you. I'm actually not related to you, Jing Xi lied."

Luo Ying smiled and leaned on Ye Mo. She assumed Ye Mo was comforting her, but it didn't matter to her. Since she had thought it through already, she didn't care. Moreover, she often dreamed that she had met Ye Mo in their past life.

Ye Mo only had two months left to live. She loved him and he loved her. When he died, she would die next to him. It was her greatest fortune to be able to die with Ye Mo.

"Don't call me master. I am going to marry you, I want to be your wife," Luo Ying wrote.

"Ok. Susu, you're really not related to me, my sister is called Beiwei, she's in Ning Hai right now. She's also from Luo Hong temple. I will marry you, I want you to be my wife." Ye Mo could tell that Luo Ying still had a moral barrier.

"Really?" Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo with joy. She stared deeply into his eyes, he wasn't lie to her.

Before Ye Mo could reply, she placed her head on his chest and thanked the heavens. Not only did she get to see Ye Mo again, but she could also properly marry him.

Ye Mo wiped the tears from her face. He could tell that she had gone through a lot after they got separated.

Luo Ying looked up and greeted Ye Mo's lips. They kissed. The flower scent made Ye Mo give in passionately. Their warmth made them forget about time, until Luo Ying realized that she was losing herself in his arms.

She quickly got away from his embrace and looked outside. It was already dark, so she wrote, "You've been unconscious for a few days. Aunty Xi brought some soup, I'll heat it and feed you. After you've recovered, we can be together."

Ye Mo suddenly remembered Jie Xuan and wrote, "Susu, we need to get out of here quickly. That old nun won't let us go, she will come back."

Luo Ying smiled and wrote, "She's heavily injured and will need at least a few months to recover. By that time, we'll be gone."

After reading this, he calmed down and wrote, "Susu, in a few months I'll take you somewhere else to get married."

However, Susu immediately shook her head and wrote, "No, it can't wait. I must marry you immediately."

Ye Mo looked at her. He didn't know why she had to marry him immediately, but he had promised Ning Qingxue that they'd get married together. How could he tell her this?

Before Ye Mo could respond, Luo Ying kissed him and went to make food.

He looked at her and felt warm inside. Since she wanted to get married, then so be it. He already had a marriage certificate with Ning Qingxue anyway, he would just celebrate it when they got back to Luo Yue.

The fact that Jie Xuan was injured was quite convenient. In a few months time, he could help Luo Ying reach stage one and then help him take out the things in his ring. Or, he could make Beiwei come.

Ye Mo had just woken up, but he was still too weak. He only took a few sips of the soup and fell asleep again.

When he woke up again, it was already noon of the second day in her house. Luo Ying wasn't at home. In just one day, she had managed to cover the room in red and a huge board with the word 'JOY' had been placed on the door.

Ye Mo looked at all of this dazily. It was as though he had gone back to Luo Yue, the time when his master used to teach him how to concoct pills side by side. Now, he was finally going to marry her after all the hardships they had gone through.

'In your previous life, you were my master and took care of me. In this life, let me be your master and let me take care of you,' Ye Mo thought. He took out a piece of paper and wrote on it the first level of cultivation method on it.

In the depths of the Duan Heng Ranges, a very shabby-looking nun sat on a rock. Her face was very scary.

The things she had planned kept encountering problems. The only good point was that she knew he probably had the golden page. Yet he was too calculative and too lucky, if it hadn't been for that girl, she would be interrogating him right now.

However, not only did she not capture him, but she had also lost her chi stone. That stone was very precious and important for achieving great heaven stage.

Even though, she believed she could still reach great heaven stage without it.

This time, she was injured heavily. She wouldn't be able to recover completely for a few months, but she only needed a month to recover a third of her power. She had some pills too. Once she recovered to a 30% of her power, that beautiful woman would be no match for her at all.

Once she captured her, she would let her know the consequences of offending her.

At the same time, the political scene at He Dong was going through a big storm. More and more people had gotten involved, and it was all due to a small case.

After realizing the will was fake and the judge had been helping them cover up, Li Chunsheng got involved to deal personally with the case.

But although the results hadn't come out yet, everyone in the political scene knew that Li Chunsheng's future wasn't going to be bright.

Li Chunsheng sat in his office smoking with a frown.

He wouldn't have thought that such a simple case could bring so many problems. However now, not only could he not contact Ye Mo, but the Beijing Li family couldn't help him either because they couldn't even help themselves at the moment.

Li Chunsheng's phone calls and actions were all being monitored.
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