Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Wedding

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Lean Village was located at the foot of a mountain in the Duan Heng Ranges and was completely segregated from the world. There were only about 30 families there.

The government had been planning on developing tourism there, but due to some issues, it was never put into action.

The area was very beautiful. There were mountains and rivers all around. The Lean River continued on into the Nu River, and further upstream from the village there were valleys that had a lot of natural herbs. They were the main source of income for the people in this village.

Today, the village was in a celebrational vibe, because the very person who had taught the people how to recognize herbs and taught them all sorts of medical knowledge, Susu, was going to get married.

"Susu is really pretty, like a goddess!"

"Yeah, I've seen a lot of celebrities on TV, but none as pretty as Susu."

"But doesn't her husband look pretty average? He doesn't fit with Susu."

"Why do you care? It's fine as long as Susu likes him. That young fella is very nice."


After Susu was reunited with Ye Mo, she took of her veil, and everyone in the village was shocked by her otherworldly beauty.

Ye Mo was also extremely excited. He could finally walk together with Luo Ying hand in hand.

The people in the village were genuine and didn't have all sorts of rules and customs like in the city. They just gathered to celebrate and wished the newly-weds good luck. Ye Mo and Luo Ying liked that.

After a day of celebration, the village finally calmed down. Ye Mo walked into a small room with Luo Ying who had her head covered with a red veil. This was the place Luo Ying had lived in for two years, and now it would be the place she would be living with Ye Mo.

The big red candles brightly shone in the room, and Ye Mo excitedly unveiled Luo Ying. Under the bright red candles, Luo Ying's face seemed even prettier as she had that sense of embarrassment that made Ye Mo lose his mind.

"Susu, you're truly beautiful," Ye Mo couldn't help but want to say. Although his mask had been washed away by Luo Ying with herbs, the poison was still in his body.

Although Ye Mo didn't make any sound, Luo Ying knew what he wanted to say. She felt Ye Mo's hand swish around and felt a little shaky. The inexpressible feeling of love was seizing her.

"Hold on-" Although Ye Mo couldn't hear her demand, he saw Luo Ying wave out the candles. She knew she would be sleeping with Ye Mo that night, but she felt too embarrassed with the red candles burning.

Although the candles were out, the light from outside still shone in from the window, giving a glow to their eyes which were expressing the pair's deep love for each other.

Luo Ying's soft body and faint aroma made Ye Mo unable to hold himself back. Soon, he saw a Luo Ying with most of the clothes she had worn before gone. Luo Ying was like a young lamb squirming in his arms. She only knew how to hug him tightly and let him do whatever he wanted.

Although he really wanted to do it, Ye Mo thought about her cultivation. He had written the first level of a cultivation method for her three days before, and it had become clear that Luo Ying did indeed have a spiritual root. He believed that with the help of the spirit stone, she would be able to reach stage one within a month.

But if he took her virginity now, would it affect her cultivation? If it was due to him that she couldn't reach foundation establishment then what would he do?

Feeling Ye Mo slow down and stop, Luo Ying embarrassingly looked up at Ye Mo in confusion.

Ye Mo couldn't use a mind-cleansing chant on himself at that moment, but he loved Luo Ying, and for his love, he could resist any hardship and enticement.

"I'm afraid that if I were to take your virginity today, it will be hard for you to reach foundation establishment. How about we wait until you reach foundation establishment state, and then we-" Ye Mo just managed to write half of his message before Luo Ying took the paper away.

Luo Ying shook her head and didn't say anything, but her body was telling Ye Mo that she just wanted to be with him, that nothing else was important. She knew that if the poison remained in Ye Mo's body, nothing else would matter anyway.

Without the mind-cleansing chant, Ye Mo could no longer control his feelings for Luo Ying. With some light creaks from the bed, a harmonious scene appeared under the silver moonlight.

Luo Ying's body was like a hot stream, getting more and more sensitive with Ye Mo's charge. She couldn't help but moan as her hand grabbed Ye Mo's back tightly.

It was a little painful at first, but as Ye Mo slowly kept moving, she didn't want to leave his arms.

She wanted to grab Ye Mo's back tightly, but she was afraid of hurting him. The only thing she could do was embrace Ye Mo as much as he could handle and give her everything to him.

It might have been only Luo Ying's first time, but Ye Mo wasn't exactly experienced either.

He embraced Luo Ying tightly, and he could feel her heart and body shake in pleasure just like him. It was as though at that moment he and Luo Ying had become one.

"Mmm!" Luo Ying made a final long moan in Ye Mo's arms and grabbed his back even tighter.

In Luo Ying's heart, Ye Mo was her everything. Ye Mo made her not only feel love but also longing. Now, her body was his, and his warmth was still inside her.

In the end, as the night progressed, the creaking of the bed stopped. Ye Mo lovingly kissed Luo Ying in his arms, before they descended into the realm of dreams together.


The call of the rooster broke the silence of the village. Luo Ying opened her eyes and looked at Ye Mo with gentle eyes.

She should've married him earlier. Although it was a little late, but at least she still did it. She carefully touched Ye Mo's face and suddenly thought, 'How could 30 days of being together ever be enough?' She wanted 300 years, 3000 years, 30.000 years or even an eternity with him.

For the first time ever, Luo Ying started hating a person to the bones. She didn't even hate Jing Xi as much as that Jie Xuan.

If it weren't for her, she would get to live with Ye Mo forever and give birth to his children.

No, she had to find a cure, help her husband cure the poison and live with him forever!

The first thing Ye Mo saw when he woke up was Luo Ying busying about. Even though she was a yellow level middle stage ancient martial artist, she still walked a little uneasily after her first night.

Ye Mo got up and felt warm at heart. He just watched Luo Ying silently. No matter what had happened before, she was his wife now. He needed to love and protect her.
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