Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Two Lifetimes

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Time flies when you're happy. They'd been married for almost ten days.

Ye Mo could feel that Luo Ying constantly had a faint sense of worry, but he didn't want to break the peaceful life they had, so he didn't ask what was going on.

But today, he felt something wasn't right with Luo Ying.

"I want to go and find out if there are herbs in the mountain that could heal you," she had noticed that Ye Mo already knew something was going on, so she just told him before he could ask.

"Do you want to find Jie Xuan, the nun? You think she has the cure?" Ye Mo asked.

At this point, they didn't even need to write. They only needed to look at each other's lips to know what they were saying. Sometimes, even a glance or action could let them understand each other.

Luo Ying was dazed, she had understood Ye Mo's glance. It was as though he knew what she was thinking, but didn't agree.

"But- I- you're poisoned. I- Ok. I won't go, I'll stay with you," Luo Ying said and then walked to him so she could brush his hair. She knew that Ye Mo didn't want her to go.

She wanted to say that they only had little more than ten days left, yet she felt this was far from enough. She wanted to be with Ye Mo forever.

Ye Mo embraced her and said, "Dumby, my poison isn't fatal. I just can't speak or hear. Once you reach stage one, you can cure me."

"What? It's not lethal?!" Luo Ying was dazed. Suddenly fortune was on her side. She even suspected she had read Ye Mo's lips incorrectly, so she asked again.

"I said that if you reach stage one, you can cure me." Ye Mo felt her excitement and caringly wiped her tears as he repeated his words.

Luo Ying hugged him tightly with joy. After a while, she looked up and said excitedly, "I'm already at stage one, I-"

She wanted Ye Mo to tell her how she could cure him, but she didn't know how to express it.

Ye Mo was shook. He hadn't expected Luo Ying to be able to reach stage one in less than half a month. Although it was also due to the spirit stone, one could see that she was indeed quite skilled.

Ye Mo quickly took out a pen and a piece of paper. He wrote down how to release spirit sense and take things out from the storage ring.

When Ye Mo held the bottle of lotus life pill, he was actually very calm. For the first time, he felt that everything else was unimportant next to Luo Ying. The paradise he had lived in for the past ten days made him almost forget there was poison left in his body.

With her help, Ye Mo put a pill in his mouth. This pill melted immediately and turned into a spring nourishing his organs and dan tian.

The damaged dan tian repaired rapidly.

Luo Ying watched Ye Mo sit down with his legs crossed and recover, but the wait made her anxious. She didn't dare leave him alone and didn't even mind the water boiling outside. She felt her heart beating rapidly. If he recovered, she could stay with him forever.

The Bin Shi Grass' poison wasn't directly affected by the lotus life pill, it was just pushed out of his body by his own chi.

His external injuries had already been healed under Luo Ying's care, and now his internal injuries were gone too. Chi gradually started to gather and Ye Mo could clearly feel his power rising until it recovered to its original state.

Luo Ying saw some kind of white mist rise from the top of Ye Mo's head with black chi in it. She realized that Ye Mo must have pushed outside the poison.

Then, her heart felt like it was going to burst out of joy. She thank the heavens for letting Ye Mo be alright.

A day passed quickly, and when Ye Mo opened his eyes again, it was already dark.

Luo Ying sat in front of him, staring without blinking. He could tell that she had been staring at him the entire day, worried about him.

"Susu, sorry to make you worry." Ye Mo got up and gently cuddled her.

She couldn't hold it anymore and cried out in his arms. The torture was finally over. She could hear Ye Mo's voice now, that meant he was well.

"I thank the heavens that you're alright!" Luo Ying said piously.

Ye Mo kissed her, "I should be thanking you, it's you-"

Luo Ying placed her finger on his lips and stopped him. She pointed at the crescent moon, "We got married on a full moon. I really liked it, but today I like it even more."

"Then, I'll take you up to see the moon, okay?"



"Wow! We're really in the sky!" Luo Ying reacted. It felt really familiar, but it was also unimaginable at the same time.

"En! We're in the sky right now. Susu, in my dreams from a past life, you were my master and you took me flying in the sky like this. In this life, I will take you to fly. In a previous life, you taught me everything to take care of myself. In this life, let me take care of you and give you everything," Ye Mo said. His words got deeply etched into Luo Ying's heart.

She murmured, "Past life, this life. Was there really a past life? I keep dreaming about flying in the sky too, is that real?"

She caressed Ye Mo's face, fearing that it was all a dream, but he was concrete and real. The village below was peaceful while she and Ye Mo welded into the dark sky. Whispering in her ear, Ye Mo told her everything about cultivation and what happened after she left.

When they returned to the room again, Ye Mo had a sense of familiarity. It was as though she really had taught Ye Mo cultivation in his past life; she had taught him how to concoct pills, medicine and language.

"Susu, where did you go after leaving Serenity? When I went to the desert, I found that you had already taken the stone pool away," Ye Mo kept asking all sorts of questions.

Luo Ying touched his hair and said, "When did you start liking me? Was it due to the memories of your past life from your dreams? Do you like the me from my previous life or this life?"

Ye Mo looked at her bright eyes and said slowly, "Perhaps it wasn't a dream, perhaps it was real. The time you were my master, I respected and loved you, but I didn't dare desecrate you. When I realized that was love, it was already too late. It wasn't until that day in the desert that I got to see you again, when you saved me. When I was about to die, you woke me up with your blood "

"En, same. When you carried me to escape from the bugs in the desert and took me to hide in the caves, I knew I couldn't forget about you because I also had my blood in your body. When you gave me that well of water, I knew I had fallen in love with you. When you chased me to Serenity and walked the sword mountain for me, I knew I couldn't be without you."

"I went everywhere afterwards, yet not knowing where I should go. I wanted to secretly visit you, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to leave after seeing you. One day, Aunty Xi brought me here and I settled. I stayed at the highest place in the village with the hope of seeing you one day. I would stand here everyday for an hour, looking for you. Some time after that, I couldn't resist my longing for you, so I went to the desert and took back the stone pool you gave me."
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