Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 607

Chapter 607: Return to Jiutang

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Their voices gradually died down as the two just sat there next to each other until the rooster called again.

"It's dawn, huh," Ye Mo muttered subconsciously. They had sat there for a whole night. Luo Ying laid in Ye Mo's arms and didn't want to move.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of something and took out a small bag for Luo Ying and said, "Susu, the sect leader of Serenity told me to give this to you. I didn't open it, so have a look what it is."

Luo Ying took the bag and opened it. There were two books and a yellow cloth with a date written on it within.

"What are these letters? I've never seen them before," Luo Ying said strangely.

Ye Mo took it and was dazed. It was actually the language of Luo Yue Continent. How could that have found its way to Serenity?

"This is your cultivation method, the same as the one I wrote for you," Ye Mo said.

"Huh? Then that means what happened in the dream is all real." Luo Ying took the book shakily.

Ye Mo nodded, "It is."

He just didn't understand how this could appear on Earth and be acquired by the sect leader of Serenity. The date written on the cloth was April 26th - such a familiar date. Indeed, it was the date Ye Mo transmigrated.

"Look at this book." Luo Ying gave the other book to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo flipped through a few pages and felt a heavy feeling of love.

As Luo Ying noticed that, she asked, "What does it say?"

Ye Mo answered softly, "Susu, it's your diary from your past life. A lot of things are exactly as I dreamed they would-"

"Huh?" Luo Ying quickly took the book and said, "I'll give it to you when I'm done."

Ye Mo nodded, "Perhaps you can remember some things through it. It doesn't matter if you show me or not."

Luo Ying blushed, "I'll let you see for sure, I just don't know if I said anything bad about you in it. You need to teach me this language, though."

Ye Mo said softly again, "Of course, like I said: in our last life you taught me, in this life I will teach you. A lot of the words I know were taught by you."

"But isn't that probably just in your dreams?"

"No, I believe it really happened."

Seeing Luo Ying put the book away, Ye Mo suddenly said, "I'll make a storage ring for you later on."

He had all the materials already, and Ye Mo attached a diamond to it too, a blue diamond.

He felt a little troubled about how to tell Luo Ying about Ning Qingxue.

But luckily he still had a lot of time. The ring was made quickly, and Ye Mo put some necessary recovery and cultivation pills in it before handing it to Luo Ying.

Luo Ying looked at the ring, and her expression was the same as Ning Qingxue's. The joy in her eyes was unquenchable.

The blue diamond and storage capability weren't the main attraction. The main thing was that Ye Mo had made it for her.

"H- help me put it on," Luo Ying's voice was shaky. Although she hadn't lived in the city for too long, she still knew what a ring meant.

Ye Mo gently put the ring on for Luo Ying. Looking at a Luo Ying unable to stop fiddling with her ring, Ye Mo's heart was filled with warmth.

He didn't disturb Luo Ying and took out his phone. He was going to call his sister and Qingxue to tell them he was alright.

But as soon as he opened his phone, there was a large amount of texts.

Some were from Ning Qingxue and his sister, but most of them were from Li Chunsheng and Shi Xiu.

It was all about the case in Jiutang City. Cheng Changhui had been taken away, but at the same time, Li Chunsheng said that he needed him urgently. Shi Xiu's texts said the same too.

Ye Mo quickly called them, but both of their phones were shut down.

Ye Mo texted Beiwei, Qingxue and Ye Ling first. He decided to go back to Jiu Tang and see what was going on. How could Li Chunsheng not deal with such a simple case and get dragged into some mess instead?

"What happened, Martial Brother?" Luo Ying found that it sounded much better to call Ye Mo Martial Brother.

Ye Mo was okay with it and said, "Two of my friends in Jiutang are in trouble. I need to go see. I'm sorry, Susu, I wanted to stay with you for a few more days."

Luo Ying felt the ring and smiled, "There's no need to say sorry between us, I'll go wherever you go. I have nothing keeping me here. I'll just take that stone pool away. Also, there's no point in leaving so much money in my ring. I'll give it to Uncle Wang and Aunty Xi for them to split amongst the villagers. The ginseng you ate was from them and the money for the wedding was also all paid by them.

Ye Mo smiled and grabbed her hand, "No need, I still have more."

It was mostly USD in his ring though, and only about 5 million RMB. He gave more than 1 million to Luo Ying and took out the rest.

The people in the village were very innocent, and the village leader divided the money equally. When Luo Ying and Ye Mo left, everyone in the village went to send them off.

"They are all good people." Luo Ying and Ye Mo had walked for very long already, yet they could still see people waving their hands at them.

"Because you're an immortal goddess," Ye Mo smiled and said.


Ye Mo called Lu Lin as soon as he came to Jiutang City, but he couldn't reach her either.

Ye Mo decided to buy some clothes for Luo Ying with her and then go to Jiuhe Corporation. He didn't believe that a province-level senator would lose a fair battle.

One pale yellow dress with the necklace and ring Ye Mo had given her made Luo Ying feel like an ethereal goddess.

Everyone in the clothing store was dominated by Luo Ying's out-of-this-world beauty. Perhaps they had never even seen anyone as pretty as Luo Ying before.

"Wait for me for a bit, I need to go buy some things in the supermarket," Luo Ying saw that Ye Mo was on a call and said to him.

Ye Mo understood that she probably wanted to buy some women products, so he didn't follow and just waited for her at the door, thinking about what might have happened.

"Hmm, might you be, Ye Mo?" an abrupt voice stopped Ye Mo's train of thought.

A man in his 30s halted before him, and a girl dressed very revealingly stood next to him. She looked to be somewhere in her twenties, and she wasn't ugly, but Ye Mo didn't like her makeup.

The man seemed familiar. Ye Mo soon remembered who he was. He had been his classmate in Ning Hai, Wang Chu. Wang Chu was very close to Shi Xiu. In fact, he was one of Shi Xiu's few close friends.

Well, although Shi Xiu didn't have many friends in university, he still knew more people than Ye Mo.

"Wang Chu, why are you here?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

"Huh, you're really Ye Mo? No wonder you looked so familiar. You changed so much that I almost didn't recognise you. Shi Xiu asked me to come over. He ran into some trouble, and I happened to be working in Jiutang, so here I am," Wang Chu said.

Just as Ye Mo wanted to ask about Shi Xiu's situation, Luo Ying's angry voice sounded. Ye Mo immediately went to her.
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