Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Were Friends

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Miss, Hong Kong DanYu Entertainment is top notch in the industry. With your looks and our expertise, I'm sure you can become famous all over the world, even Hollywood would easily be within your grasp," a bald fat man was talking on and on.

Ye Mo wanted to laugh, "No need, we're not interested in what you're talking about, so move aside."

"Let's go Susu, people like this can be found everywhere, no need to mind them." Ye Mo helped Luo Ying carry her things and pulled her away.

"Don't leave, I'm a shareholder of Hong Kong Danyu Entertainment! Friend, your girlfriend is this pretty, it'll be such a waste if-" The fat man was very agile and ran in front of Ye Mo.

Luo Ying frowned. She had already rejected, yet the man still persisted.

Ye Mo grabbed the fat man and threw him away onto a dumpster. The trash came out a bit and splashed across the man's face.

What Ye Mo wouldn't have expected was that as soon as he left, the shareholder guy immediately took out his phone and called someone, "Uncle Tong, I found a goddess-like beauty in Jiutang, definitely goddess level! I'm sure she's the prettiest girl in China. Yes, yes, as long as she joins our company, our company will dominate the world!"


"Wang Chu, take me to where you guys are meeting. I haven't seen Shi Xiu in a long time." Ye Mo pulled Luo Ying over to Wang Chu and said.

Wang Chu was dumbfounded looking at Luo Ying and reacted only after a long time, "O- okay, let's go."

He was truly shocked - the woman with Ye Mo was way too beautiful!

"Ye Mo, this is?" Wang Chu asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "My wife, Luo Ying. Susu, this is my former classmate, Wang Chu."

Luo Ying didn't like to talk to strangers and just nodded.

The girl beside Wang Chu was also shocked. To be honest, she had never seen a girl as pretty as Luo Ying. Ye Mo looked very ordinary, how did he get such a good girl? Her confidence was shattered to pieces in front of Luo Ying.

"Let's go, then. By the way, when did Shi Xiu come to Jiutang?" Ye Mo asked.

"It's right over there - 'Wine City 613'. Shi Xiu just told us to wait for him there. He'll be there soon, and I don't know when he came over either." Wang Chu pointed at a luxurious restaurant not far away.

"Then let's go," Ye Mo answered.

Wang Chu walked over to Ye Mo and said in a quiet tone, "Shi Xiu seems to have gotten into quite some trouble this time. We want to help him, but the enemy is pretty powerful. If y- Sigh."

Ye Mo shook his head. He knew what Wang Chu was thinking. He meant that if Ye Mo was still part of the Ye family then things would be good. Ye Mo didn't know Wang Chu much, but from what Shi Xiu had said, he should be quite decent. However, apparently he wouldn't sacrifice himself to help Shi Xiu.

Ye Mo also suspected that Wang Chu had stopped staying in touch with Shi Xiu after graduation and only started contact again after Shi Xiu became a mayor.

The most luxurious room in the restaurant was 613, but Shi Xiu would never be able to get that room, so he was in room 616 together with some acquaintances.

When Ye Mo and co. arrived, one clean-looking man just scanned Luo Ying once, but almost everyone else kept their eyes on Luo Ying. There was even a passionate fire in the eyes of two of them.

Ye Mo immediately didn't like this. What sort of friends had Shi Xiu brought? Luo Ying was clearly behind Ye Mo, yet they still looked at her like that.

With the six people already there and the four who just arrived, the gathering consisted out of ten people. There were two more whom Ye Mo knew, but they hadn't been in the same class, though.

"Hello, I'm Xue Guoyang, Shi Xiu's blood brother. You are?" The clean-looking man walked up to Ye Mo and shook his hand.

Ye Mo had heard of this name before. Xue Guoyang was very loyal, Shi Xiu had talked about him quite often.

"I'm Ye Mo, Shi Xiu's friend," Ye Mo shook hands with the man and smiled.

"Oh, so you're Brother Mo! I've heard about you more than once." Xue Guoyang looked overjoyed from the bottom of his heart. Shi Xiu had told him that if Ye Mo came, he would be able to help a lot.

Ye Mo said, "Shi Xiu is my friend, so since you're his friend, just call me Ye Mo."

"Okay then, Ye Mo it is, I won't be too polite," Xu Guoyang said.

Due to Xue Guoyang's obvious respect, the other people in the room got up and also greeted Ye Mo.

Xue Guoyang was a middle-level manager in He Feng City. There were two others who also worked in Jiu Tang, and one person who had opened a trade company in Jiutang. Hiis name was Mi Fang. One rather tall man was called Liu Yahua, and he worked at Jiutang Hospital. The oldest man present was in his 30 and was called Bai Youxi. He was Shi Xiu's hometown friend.

"Why is Shi Xiu still not here even though he invited us here?" Liu Yahua commented uncomfortably.

"Who knows? Oy, Xue Guoyang, what happened to Shi Xiu anyway?" Bai Youxi joined.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew these people would be too unreliable to expect any help from them.

"Okay, I'll tell everyone the truth," Xue Guoyang said.

"Shi Xiu ran into some trouble. I believe everyone knows about the Jiutang will case-"

Before Xue Guoyang finished, Bai Youxi interrupted, "Guoyang, we're all just small fry, how can we help with that? Isn't Shi Xiu slapping our face asking us to help?"

"Bai Youxi, how can you talk like that? How much did Shi Xiu help you when he was mayor? And you guys come from the same town. If you don't want to help, then leave, we don't need you!" Xue Guoyang was mad.

"Okay, okay, stop arguing. Although some words aren't nice to say, reality is what it is. We can't even so much as touch fights at that level, but we can still do some small things. How about Guoyang, you tell us your plan and we see what we can do. My business isn't big and I might not be able to help much, but I can at least help with some money," Mi Fang saw everyone start arguing and tried to calm them down.

Ye Mo sighed. Other than Xue Guoyang who was truly trying to help Shi Xiu, everyone else had just come for show.

Suddenly the door opened, and Shi Xiu came in, having a few slap marks on his face.

"Everyone leave, I'm being hunted by the mafia, quick!" Shi Xiu only said one sentence before stopping. He had seen Ye Mo.

"Ye Mo, how come you're here?" Shi Xiu finally felt assured. He had only called these people to help, because he had no other choice. He wanted to ask them to investigate some things and never expected them to actually help him save Li Chunsheng.

Ye Mo walked over and patted Shi Xiu's shoulder and said, "Don't worry about anything, just lowly tell me what happened."

"I'm sorry Ye Mo, all I do is make you worry every single time," Shi Xiu said dejectedly.

Ye Mo smiled, "Don't say that, we're friends. When I'll be in trouble, you'll help me too."

Shi Xiu was about to tear up. He had called nearly 20 friends, but only a few had come, yet Ye Mo came every single time he needed help the most.
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