Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 609

Chapter 609: As If Youd Dare To Shoot

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"What's going on?" As Bai Youxi heard that the mafia was after Shi Xiu, he immediately got up worriedly. After it really got through to him, he pulled up a girl that was next to him and said, "We still have something to do, so we'll be going."

As soon as he walked to the door, Bai Youxi was kicked back in. At the same time, a voice sardonically spoke from the door, "Since you already came, don't think about leaving. My Big Brother said for you to wait here. He will be here very soon."

"This has nothing to do with me!" Bai Youxi wanted to argue, but no one listened to him.

"Ye Mo, who is this?" Shi Xiu was asking about Luo Ying.

Ye Mo smiled and held Luo Ying's hand, "This is my wife, Luo Ying. Susu, this is Shi Xiu, my former classmate and my friend."

"Oh, nice to meet you. Sorry for dragging Ye Mo into my trouble all the time." Shi Xiu realized only then. Anyway, who else other than Ye Mo deserved a woman that pretty?

"Hello," Luo Ying smiled plainly. Her whole attention was on Ye Mo, and she only replied because Ye Mo introduced Shi Xiu as his friend. Otherwise, she wouldn't want to talk to any of these people. She didn't like talking to strangers.

Ye Mo ignored the two at the door and told Wang Chu to close the door. Then he said, "Everyone better sit down for now. Shi Xiu, tell us what happened to you."

Shi Xiu sighed, "Brother Li told me about the case in Jiu Tang City, so I wanted to help. Originally, there weren't any problems after the second hearing, but because Young Master Heng came, it became a big problem."

"Young Master Heng, who is that?" Ye Mo asked in surprise.

Shi Xiu shook his head, "We aren't sure about what his full name is, but Brother Chunsheng said that he might be from the Dai family. His power is very big. For someone at his level, Brother Chunsheng's local power means nothing to him. "

Ye Mo had heard of this Dai family. Shi Xiu had told him about them last time. Ever since the Song family and Qiao family left Beijing, the Dai family and Qiu family rose up. But even if this Young Master was from the Dai family, the Li family should have no reason to fear him. How come they were attacking Li Chunsheng, yet the Li family still didn't do anything? Li Chunsheng should be considered a part of the Li family by now.

As Xue Guoyang heard this, he asked, "Since even Brother Li doesn't have the status to afford being enemies with this Young Master, why is the guy intervening with something like the Jiu Tang case?"

"The last time Brother Chunsheng talked to me, he said that Young Master Heng had a new lover - Yi Zhu's daughter. Yi Zhu is Yi Jiuhe's second brother. As soon as Young Master Heng intervened in the case, news of Brother Chunsheng being corrupt started to appear.

This isn't the most important issue. The most important thing is that some rumours that Yi Jiuhe's death was related to Brother Chunsheng also started to appear, saying that the reason why he was intervening in such a case was because he had an affair with Yi Jiuhe's wife. Even though all these rumours about Brother Chunsheng are fake, he can't do anything about them," Shi Xiu explained dejectedly.

Ye Mo frowned. Even if the guy was trying to suck up to his father-in-law, he should at most be trying to help them win the case. Why would they go so far as to challenge the bottom line of politics? No matter how big Dai Heng's origin was, he wouldn't just wrongly accuse a provincial official for no reason. Ye Mo felt that there was more to this matter than meets the eye.

Shi Xiu continued, "Afterwards, it was also said that back in He Feng he attacked the Yuan family because the Yuan family didn't divide their dirty money properly with him. 'How would he know so much about the Yuan family otherwise?' or so the rumours say."

After Ye Mo heard all this, he understood that things were far from simple.

Shi Xiu then said, "The day Brother Chunsheng was taken away, he sent me a letter telling me to leave immediately. I knew things had gotten bad, so I left Xi Tong with Xiao Tan that night. I knew Brother Chunsheng wanted me to find you."

"What about the Li family? Did Li Qiuyang not say anything?" Ye Mo asked.

The Li family was pretty much the most powerful family in China. Although Li Qiuyang wasn't the most powerful of the young generation, he was definitely in the top three.

With Li Qiuyang to help Li Chunsheng, how could Li Chunsheng be brought down by some Dai family. Not to mention that Li Chunsheng was on the just side.

Shi Xiu sighed, "I heard that something happened to Li Qiuyang. I don't know what exactly, though. Although I don't know what's going on with the Li family, but they are no longer the number one family in China. The Dai family and Qiu family joined together to take down the Li family, and they have the support of most people in Beijing."

Ye Mo wasn't interested in stuff like that, but Li Chunsheng was a good guy, and he had been helping Ye Mo, so he had to intervene.

"How is he now? How is the case? And why are you being hunted by gangsters?" Ye Mo asked.

"I couldn't contact Brother Chunsheng, so I came to Jiu Tang to collect evidence for his sake. But I couldn't do it myself, so I called some friends for help. Because I needed the help from a lot of people, I was short on money, so I went out to borrow some. Those people lent it to me only yesterday, yet now they want me to pay back with a tenfold interest. There was no way I could out take that much, so I ended up being hunted. Lu Lin is probably locked up. Brother Chunsheng told me to look after Yi Yan and Yi Xiaodie, but I didn't find them."

"Shi Xiu, did you borrow from Black Head?" Liu Yahua suddenly asked.

Shi Xiu nodded, "That's right."

Liu Yahua's face suddenly changed, "Shi Xiu, you brought trouble to all of us. Black Head reigns supreme in Jiu Tang. Those who borrow from that guy all lose a few layers of skin. How could you borrow from him?"

"Shut up, Liu Yahua. You and Bai Youxi are both the same. Shi Xiu asked you for help, so if you can't help, then shut up!" Xue Guoyang said angrily.

Bang- Suddenly the door was kicked open as an African-looking guy with a cigarette in his mouth and a tattooed head walked in, followed by his cronies.

"Shi Xiu, you're very bold, making me come personally to collect your debt. Hmm?" The black man suddenly stopped talking when he saw Luo Ying sitting next to Ye Mo.

"F*ck me, there's actually such a pretty lady here, hahaha!" Then the man walked to Luo Ying.

Everyone looked at Luo Ying with worry, but Shi Xiu was very calm.

Ye Mo sneered and kicked the man onto his chest.

The man was kicked back and spat out blood before crashing into the wall.

"You! Kill h-" He spat more blood.

He felt his body burning, and his organs were shattered. He was so angry that he wanted to kill Ye Mo, but he didn't dare say anything else as there was a gun pointed at his head.

Everyone stopped at the sight of the gun. The black man reacted quickly and snarled, "As if you'd dare to shoo-"

Before he finished, Ye Mo had already fired. Blood splashed out from the guy's forehead as he had an expression of disbelief.
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