Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Coming Here with Initiative

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"You really dared to shoot! I will kill your entire fami-" a ferocious-looking man behind Black Head moved forward, he was Black Head's right hand. He pulled out a sword.

But before he could finish, Ye Mo fired again.

Ye Mo sneered. He could tell that many lives had been lost in their hands.

Then, Ye Mo looked at the remaining people and asked, "Anyone else wants to talk? Hurry up, I still have a few bullets left."

He didn't need a gun to kill these people, but he had used it because he didn't want trouble. He couldn't use fireballs to kill them all, and using a gun was much easier. Moreover, he had license to kill.

He just didn't want to cause a slaughter there, so he only killed a few of them to warn them.

Of course, the main point was to get the situation even more tense. If they didn't respect him, he wouldn't feel guilty for killing them. Li Chunsheng was helping him, and he had appeared in Jiu Tang a few days ago. He couldn't believe that they didn't know he was involved.

If they had known this and still attacked, their actions were very questionable. Ye Mo was sure that the higher-ups in China knew that he was closely related to Luo Yue, if not responsible.

Even with this information, they still hadn't considered him and just intervened in his case. It was no longer a fight for power - it was more serious than that, it could result in an international discord. No matter how powerful the Qiu and Dai family were, they couldn't unsee this.

Shi Xiu's friends also looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. That bunch of phonies tried to get out of there quickly.

Ye Mo sneered, "Did I say you could leave?"

They shook and stopped. The scene fell into an eerie silence.

Clap, clap-

Almost everyone turned to look at where the clapping came from. A man in his 30s was standing at the door.

"Exciting. Too exciting! It was like a circus, just two shots and no one dares to say anything. It's been a long time since I've seen someone as bold as you." The man's lips were very thin.

Two bulky men more than 1.9 m tall stood before him. They were protecting the man; they each had a pistol, and they also were countless times more skilled at shooting than Ye Mo.

He didn't mind.

Yellow level middle stage? Ye Mo immediately could tell the man's power. The two men protecting him were also at yellow level middle stage. So, he was only at yellow level middle stage, but he dared to act up in front of him? Furthermore, that man wasn't really talented. He had reached yellow level middle stage when he was already in his 30s.

What caught Ye Mo's attention wasn't the man's power, but the two people next to him and his guards, a man and a woman. The man wasn't tall and was in his 50s, but he was at earth level peak stage. Judging by the qi wave, he was on the same level as Zeng Zhengxia.

What caught Ye Mo's attention was the woman. She was only in her twenties, but she had a very vibrant and attractive face. Ye Mo was shocked at the fact that when he first saw her, she seemed very innocent and soft, making you want to protect her; but when you looked at her for twice, she seemed naturally seductive. When she stood still, her whole body made your mouth dry.

Ye Mo sneered, she had indeed a natural seductive body. Ye Mo wasn't sure if it was due to cultivation or natural talent, but she had an eerie beauty. Just from her looks, she was better than Su Jingwen, but in Ye Mo's eyes, she was not as good as even Xu Wei.

Although Ye Mo disregarded her, Shi Xiu and the others looked at her as though they wanted to eat her.

Then, the man gave a deadly stare to Luo Ying, his reaction was no better than Black Head's. If the woman behind him used her body and seduction skills to showcase her beauty, then the woman in front of him was an indescribable goddess.

"I'll take that woman," the man reacted and pointed at Luo Ying.

Ye Mo sneered and held his gun.

"Haha- Don't bother waving your gun. Even if you shoot all the bullets in it, a gun like that won't harm me at all," the man laughed.

The two bodyguards didn't even bother pulling out their guns, they just charged at Ye Mo. In their eyes, he was no stronger than an ant. They had been training everyday how to dodge bullets, a pistol like Ye Mo's was slower than a 54.

Although Han Zaixin had given Ye Mo a pistol, it wasn't for him to protect himself, it was more as a symbol of power.

Bang, bang- He shot the two bodyguards right on the forehead and their bodies fell on the ground.

The man looked dumbly at this, he couldn't believe what he has just seen.

The man finally reacted, and immediately the cockiness he had was gone. He looked coldly at Ye Mo and didn't say anything. At the same time, the 50-year-old earth level peak martial artist stood in front of him.

"You would have to use a 64 to kill Young Master Heng's bodyguards, you must not be a simple man. I'm Kong Laiwu, what's your name?" the 50-year-old man saluted Ye Mo with his fist.

Ye Mo thought about the situation. So he was Dai Heng, which meant that the woman behind him was Yi Lan. She was pretty indeed. He hadn't even gone looking for him yet, yet that Young Master Heng had already come up to him himself.
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