Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Such Powerful Weapon

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
The moment he saw the white man, Ye Mo knew he was An Ende.

Because Kong Laiwu had requested for him to come, he studied An Ende closely. The guy walked very slowly and had a strange qi wave.

It wasn't his first time in contact with this type of person, Ye Mo immediately knew that man was a mutant. Although he didn't know what level, he wouldn't be any weaker than Peter, who he had met at Luo Cang.

Ye Mo sneered. If they wanted to do anything to him just with that guy, then they underestimated him too much.

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned the man's sleeve and found that there was a gun in it, smaller than an average pistol. Its design was very strange.

Were they planning to use that strange weapon against him? Ye Mo studied the gun, but he honestly believed that firearms really didn't pose a threat to him. Even if they had nuclear weapons, it had to be able to hit him first.

The most threatening weapon Ye Mo had ever encountered was the explosive laser bomb, but that thing cost 100 million to be made. And even though, he wasn't an idiot who would stand there and just let them blow him up.

So, what could a pistol like that do to him?

Still, Ye Mo was much more careful now. Despite not considering the pistol a threat, he still scanned it with his spirit sense. As soon as he did, he got up immediately.

"What's wrong?" Seeing Ye Mo get up, Luo Ying also got up.

"Nothing, I'm thinking about something. Sit down," Ye Mo smiled to Luo Ying and said.

Luo Ying knew that Ye Mo had found out something, but she didn't ask.

He had noticed that the pistol didn't have bullets, which was no normal gun's mechanism.

But what really shocked him the most was that there was a small piece of crystal in the gun. This crystal was placed in a sort of circuit that he didn't understand. Furthermore, that small crystal was a piece of the extreme energy crystal.

Even though Ye Mo didn't know how powerful that pistol was, he knew it had certainly been designed by Ye Xing. It could definitely threaten his life.

"Young Master Mo, don't worry. Lu Lin and the others haven't been mistreated at all." When Dai Heng saw that Ye Mo's expression wasn't good, he feared for his life.

Ye Mo wasn't in the mood to talk with Dai Heng. His spirit sense was focused on the short white man - he rejoiced that he had spirit sense. If that gun was really powerful and he hadn't had spirit sense, he would have been at risk of dying that day, even if he had reached great heaven.

The white man walked to the counter and asked for something, but he didn't come up immediately. Ye Mo also noticed that Lu Lin and the rest hadn't even arrived yet.

At that moment, four people entered through door. The leading man was a tall white man and three women followed behind him. It was Lu Lin and the others.

But they looked fatigued and despaired.

Ye Mo was dazed. Had he made a mistake? Was the man who just entered An Ende? Was the short man who was in front of him just a passerby?

Ye Mo shook his head and immediately refuted that idea. A passerby wouldn't carry an extreme energy stone pistol just like that.

'They are working together', Ye Mo thought. The tall white man led the three women into the elevator.

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned him. He found out that he was mutant too, and not a weak one. He also had a pistol, but it was an ordinary one.

Just when Ye Mo was getting quite confused, the short white man also walked into the elevator with a waitress.

Ye Mo breathed at easy. His guess was right. The two men didn't talk to each other, but they were on the same team.

The six people all exited the elevator on the 6th floor. The short white man looked like he didn't mind the people in front of him at all. He talked with the waitress as he squished her ass. The two groups were approximately six meters apart.

Soon, they reached room 616 and the tall white man knocked on the door.

Kong Laiwu was getting up to open, but Ye Mo stopped him. He walked to the door and sighed. Six meters were just enough for the short white man to reach the door when he opened it. It seemed they had already thought of a thorough plan to deal with him.

Ye Mo didn't understand why they were putting their hopes on that pistol. It seemed that as long as the opened fire, he wouldn't be able to get away.

Ye Mo walked to the door, but kept his spirit sense on the short man. Although he seemed to be flirting with the waitress, he was also highly concentrated.

The moment he opened the door, he flung a wind blade to the short man.

Almost at the same time, the tall white man pulled out his gun and Kong Laiwu also attacked from behind.

Everything happened so fast. Just when Ye Mo had thrown a wind blade, while the white man hadn't pulled out his gun yet and Kong Laiwu's fist was still half a meter from Ye Mo's back, a blue beam of light flashed.

It pierced the tall white man's back, going through his stomach diagonally and piercing the ground a few millimeters away from Ye Mo's toe.

Ye Mo noticed that the blue ray had gone through six floors and into the ground in an extreme high speed.

So fast! But Ye Mo didn't have time to think, he knew Kong Laiwu's fist was about to hit him. He ignored Kong Laiwu - to him the short white man had the biggest threat. He dashed to the short white man and grabbed his arm, which hadn't fell on the floor yet.

At this moment, Kong Laiwu's fist hit the tall white man. His target had been Ye Mo, but he had instantly disappeared.

That tall white man was already dead because of being shot by the blue light, but now he was struck by Kong Laiwu's fist too.

Ye Mo grabbed the pistol from the hand and finally felt assured. He couldn't help to applaud the man's speed. He had attacked first, but the man had still managed to pull the trigger.

It was because he had sliced off his arm that the pistol aimed down. If not, it would have gone through his leg or chest.

His wind blade wasn't as fast as the blue light, that's why the man still could lift up a bit and fire.

It had been a close call, Ye Mo was sweating. If Kong Laiwu had opened the door first, his wind blade would have been even slower. Perhaps Kong Laiwu hadn't realised that he was being used as a mean to hit Ye Mo.

If he had died or gotten injured, it was fine, but Luo Ying was with him. He didn't want to imagine what would have happened to her.
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