Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 613

Chapter 613: The Threat of Northern Sand

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Northern Sand, this crazy organization! They actually sent such crazy killers and weapons to kill him. This pistol could pierce through everything No matter what you had to block it, you would definitely die.

Ye Mo was sure that he could easily kill ten of these mutants, but what if they all had such weapons?

If they attacked at the same time, it would be very hard to tell who would win in the end. Ye Mo was sure that the blue light would end up hitting him first.

The blue light was beyond Ye Mo's reaction speed. Was this how the Northern Sand wanted to take him out? But Ye Mo believed that even if they had such a powerful weapon, it might be the case that only this white man was able to react with such speed.

"You knew that true attacker was me? Your reaction speed is no lesser than mine! You're strong, very strong," the white man spoke and fell to the ground.

He had killed himself. Why was this guy so similar to the Black Sun Empire members? Who still killed themselves with poison when they were caught?

But why weren't Kong Laiwu and Dai Heng committing suicide?

Ye Mo turned back and looked at Kong Laiwu who had a pale face and said coldly, "Nice calculations, Mr Kong. Your Northern Sand is quite good. One thing though: you were planning on having this tall white guy mask the blue light, but perhaps you were chosen to filter it too. To be honest, I really didn't expect you guys to be able to make such a weapon."

Kong Laiwu's face was bad. He knew he was done for. Ye Mo ignored him and looked at Lu Lin and co., "Now that you're here, you don't have to worry anymore."

Then, Ye Mo looked at the tall white man in shock. The place where the blue light had pierced him started to expand.

"Brother Ye, thank you for saving us again." Yi Yanyan was the first to react.

"Thank you, truly. Ye Mo, I don't even want the heritage anymore, just as long as the three of us can be safe." Lu Lin thought they were done for when they were brought there, but then they saw Ye Mo. The roller coaster of emotions they had been through and the scene of dead bodies made them feel happy to be alive.

The battle had gone by so fast that by the time Shi Xiu and Xue Guoyang reacted, it was already over.

Ye Mo walked to Kong Laiwu and patted his shoulder with his chi, saying, "I sealed your meridians, so do your best for me. I will wait for you in Jiu Tang. If you accomplish anything, come find me tomorrow. If not, there's no need to come."

Ye Mo then walked to Dai Heng and said, "Go back and make me happy. If I'm not satisfied, you can imagine the consequences."

Then, Ye Mo scanned Yi Lan. All she felt when Ye Mo looked at her was frigidity. The reason why he didn't kill Dai Heng was because there were a lot of things he needed the guy to do. He could kill Dai Heng at anytime anyway. Gaining an obedient dog was much better than killing him.

After seeing Ye Mo actually leave, Kong Laiwu honestly couldn't fathom why Ye Mo was letting them go.

But soon after, Kong Laiwu felt the inner qi in his body slowly gather towards his dantian. He couldn't use it, and at the current rate at which it was gathering, he had two days' time before his dantian would explode. At this moment, he finally understood why Ye Mo had let him go.


"Brother Ye, your girlfriend is really pretty." Yi Xiaodi was the first to adjust her state back to normal.

"Thank you, you are also very pretty," Ye Mo smiled to her and then said to Lu Lin, "After Dai Heng brings the money here, you guys can move to Luo Yue if you don't like it here."

"Huh, we can go to Luo Yue? I heard the requirements for getting in are very strict. Also, why would Dai Heng bring any money over?" Yi Yanyan said.

Ye Mo replied, "If he's a smart person, he will, don't worry. As for Luo Yue, I'll give you guys a number you should call."

"Ye Mo, will Brother Chunsheng be fine? Won't this cause problems with the Dai and Qiu family?" Shi Xiu asked worriedly.

Ye Mo said, "I don't want to meddle in those fights, but Li Chunsheng is my friend, so I will help him, don't worry. I believe Kong Laiwu knows what to do as well."

Ye Mo didn't want to kill Kong Laiwu. He might have already left a mark on a high level member of Northern Sand, he wouldn't mind having an extra one. Northern Sand made him feel threatened. It seemed like Northern Sand was treating him as their number one enemy too. One day, he would have to face off with Northern Sand.

He didn't have to make Kong Laiwu join his side to control him, that wasn't realistic anyway, but he could still control him in other ways.


Kong Laiwu appeared earlier than Ye Mo had expected. He came to Ye Mo's place early on the second day.

"Northern Sand didn't start the fight between the Li family and the Dai and Qiu families. We were just making use of the event. We can promise that what we wish to do has no conflict of interest with you. Dai Heng did Li Chunsheng in, because he happened to get the support of his family for it," Kong Laiwu opened up completely.

Ye Mo knew that Kong Laiwu was trying to get him to trust him.

Then, Kong Laiwu took out a cheque and said, "This is the money for the Jiuhe Corporation, I've brought it over."

Ye Mo looked at Lu Lin and asked, "This cheque is 900 million, but I don't know the market value of Jiuhe Corporation. Is it enough?"

"It's enough. In fact, it's not worth that much." Lu Lin knew that the corporation was worth 500 million at most.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "The extra is compensation, just take it."

With Ye Mo's confirmation, Lu Lin agreed.

Seeing Ye Mo take the cheque, Kong Laiwu breathed a sigh of relief and then said, "Secretary Li's case has been proven to have been someone wrongly accusing him. He has returned to his position. As compensation, the Dai and Qiu family are willing to vacate a provincial Vice Mayor position in He Feng, so I'm just conveying the message."

Ye Mo thought, 'It's good that Li Chunsheng got promoted again.' He nodded and agreed.

Then he said to Shi Xiu, "Li Chunsheng got promoted again, go ahead and go to He Feng to celebrate with him."

"Of course." Shi Xiu immediately nodded.

"That will do," Ye Mo said as he patted Kong Laiwu's shoulder. He not only removed the restrictions but also secretly left behind a hidden wave of chi.

Kong Laiwu was relieved that Ye Mo didn't kill him and let him go instead. He immediately turned to leave, not daring to mention anything about their most precious super light beam gun.
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