Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 615

Chapter 615: Wu Jin Association

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Compared to the chaos Beijing was in, the second largest city of China, Jin City, was rather calm. Yet the wealthiest family in the city, the Shen family wasn't calm at all.

Their ancestor was supposedly one Shen Wansan, a very famous businessman who, despite being brought down many times, used his great business genius to firmly establish the Shen family. Although they weren't famous to the level of being on the Forbes list, those in the business all knew that the truly wealthy people didn't appear in Forbes anyway. The Shen family was one such family.

The reason why the Shen family wasn't calm that particular day was because the leader of the Shen family, Shen Taigong, had died due to illness. According to the rules of the family, the next family leader would be the eldest son of the first wife. There should be no exceptions. Unless the eldest son died, this rule wouldn't change.

The eldest son hadn't died yet, so there shouldn't be any discord normally, but the problem was that even though that generation's eldest son hadn't died, he wasn't too different from being dead. Shen Qiuyin had been in bed for half a year as a vegetable.

The Shen family was a big family and so, there was discord in the Shen family mansion over the position of family leader.

Shen Yin was also from the Shen family. Shen Yin had come back from Hong Kong a while before already, but her Aunty Qingkui hadn't come back with her after she got well. She had left Hong Kong alone, and even Shen Yin didn't know where she went, so she was a bit sad.

The first thing she did when she got back to Jin City was to report to the family that her aunty had been cured, more precisely by a young man on the plane with runic paper. She told them to find this young man so that he could treat her big uncle.

Some people did believe that Qingkui was cured at first, but when Shen Yin said that it was thanks to a young man using charms, no one bothered to talk to her anymore.

If her condition had been cured, why didn't she come back to Jin City? They all thought that the reason why Shen Yin said that had to be because she wanted the family to send more money to treat Qingkui. Couldn't the girl come up with a better lie?

Shen Yin finally went to find her father, but her father's words made her even more sad. He just told her to try not to get too close to Qingkui and reproached her for her spreading news that runic paper had cured Qingkui.

Helplessly, Shen Yin could only find her cousin Shen Feilin to unfreeze the card, but now that Shen Feilin knew that the card was taken by a fraud, he didn't help her. Although it was only a few million, he still didn't want to give it to a fraud.

Shen Yin was so desperate that she almost fought Shen Feilin, but the card still wasn't unfrozen in the end.

The Shen family members didn't believe her, and no one cared about Aunty Qingkui. Shen Yin felt extremely disappointed, and she finally understood why Aunty Qingkui left the family and didn't want to come back.


Meanwhile, Ye Mo sent Luo Ying to Ning Hai, and Su Jingwen went to Beijing. Apparently it was her grandfather's birthday.

When Tang Beiwei saw Luo Ying, she couldn't help but approve of her brother's eyes. Both of his wives were so pretty! However, she also couldn't help but worry about when the two would meet. How would her brother deal with it? At the same time, she felt bad for Su Jingwen - she was such an excellent girl, yet her brother wasn't interested in her. And the same was true for Sister Yun Bing who often came to visit her.

After Ye Mo sent Luo Ying to Ning Hai, he made some arrangements and then went back to Jiutang. Although the golden page was important, it's not like he needed it right at that moment. He did need the Five Element Rock immediately, though.


Wu Jin Association was the biggest gang in Jiu Tang, but their operations weren't limited to Jiu Tang. They had branches in almost all of He Dong Province's cities.

Black Head was a part of that network, and his company was just a sub-company of Wu Jin Association.

Black Head had just wanted to use Shi Xiu to earn some money. However, when the Wu Jin Association found out that Shi Xiu had gone to help Li Chunsheng, they told him they wanted to kill Shi Xiu. Yet instead, Black Head was killed.

Someone had dared kill Black Head on their turf? This was outrageous.

Wu Jin Association immediately used the most of their gangster-based information network and found out that the person who killed Black Head came from Beijing and was someone with a license to kill.

This made the boss of Wu Jin Association hesitant about getting revenge. If he really went and did something to this person, the government would end up chasing him down. No matter how strong they were, they were just a gang in the end. Although they had a lot of powerful people in the gang, if something like that happened, they might not be able to help him. But if he didn't get revenge, they would lose their name and it would be impossible to keep their strong solidarity.

So, Xiong Qianyi gathered all the higher ups of the gang to have a meeting and discuss how they should get revenge.

"Brother Xiong, if Young Master Heng wasn't injured, we wouldn't have been able to do anything, but since he's injured, I feel like we can do something. Who does that guy think he is, daring to injure Young Master Heng?" someone commented.

Xiong Qianyi frowned and waved his hand, "We will wait a while and see how Young Master Heng deals with it. That man is someone with a license to kill after all, we need to be careful. Someone bring that small cop over."

Xiong Qianyi already knew that Dai Heng's caretaker had gone to meet the man but left quickly, and then Lu Lin and co. all left Jiu Tang. Yet the man who killed Black Head along with that beautiful woman was still in the hotel.

"It seems like that young kid has quite the background. Dai Heng's caretaker went today, yet he didn't take anyone away, which means they reached an agreement." Xiong Qianyi thought for a bit and then said, "Listen to my order. No one is to touch that person."

Who was Dai Heng? That cocky-to-the-extreme guy had easily killed a middle level official. That's how powerful he was, and yet someone like him had his legs broken and still had to suck it up.

Soon, the cop was brought over. He was covered in blood, and there was even blood on his head.

"Officer Liu, I'll give you one more chance. Tell me how that guy who killed Black Head is called? What is his background? You might not be afraid of death but what about your wife? Are you not worried about your wife? I can promise you here and now that if you tell me what that guy is called and what his background is, I won't touch your wife," Xiong Qianyi said.

Liu Zhun knew that he was done for and that even if he answered Xiong Qianyi, he would still be going to die.

Just when Liu Zhun was about to speak, a voice suddenly appeared in the room, "My name is Ye Mo, and if you're that desperate to get to know me, I'm here. Luckily, it's not too late and everyone is here."

"Who are you? How did you get in?" Xiong Qianyi got up immediately and looked at Ye Mo in shock.

"I walked in." As he said that, Ye Mo kicked two hoodlums who had tried to subjugate him away.

Xiong Qianyi didn't bother with the two hoodlums, but his face changed drastically, and he asked in a shaky voice, "Wait, your name is Ye Mo? Beijing Ye family's Ye Mo?"
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