Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 616

Chapter 616: Speak

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Ye M- Young Master Mo, we didn't mean to offend you. Why did you com all the way here?" Xiong Qianyi got up and said with a pale face.

Everyone in the room looked at their big boss in shock - they didn't understand. Even if their boss saw the mayor, he wouldn't be like this, who was that Ye Mo? Why had their fearless boss gotten so scared?

Other people didn't know Ye Mo, but he had heard of him. They said that the Song family had faded away because of a certain Ye Mo, but what made Xiong Qianyi fear him the most was that a cruel person had appeared at the Ghost City's hidden sects tournament and his name was Ye Mo.

Although he didn't have the right to go to the tournament, they said that Ye Mo was a killing machine. He even dared to fight the legendary hidden sects.

Anyone who belonged to the hidden sects could kill whoever stood on their way easily. Yet, Ye Mo could effortlessly beat the hidden sects. Xiong Qianyi was an insect next to him.

No wonder he dared to kill openly without concerns. Moreover, no wonder he had dared to break Dai Heng's leg, and he hadn't done anything about it. After thinking it through, Xiong Qianyi's legs were shaking.

Many years had passed since he had been that scared. Not even when he had faced his big boss for the first time as a small cloney, he had been that scared.

Seeing Ye Mo approach him, Xiong Qianyi no longer dared to stand in front of the seats and walked down quickly saying, "Young Master Mo, please have a seat."

Ye Mo sat on the head seat and scanned Xiong Qianyi, "I heard you're looking for me, right?"

Xiong Qianyi's teeth clattered as he said, "No, no, how dare I look for you. Young Master Mo, this is a mistake, just a mistake."

"Shi Xiu is my friend, and I'm familiar with Lu Lin's family. Yet, your association has been trying to do harm to them recently." Although he could deal with the problem by throwing some wind blades, Ye Mo didn't want to do that.

"No, no, that's a misunderstanding. I regret listening to Young Master Heng," although he knew he had offended Ye Mo because of this, he still had a sliver of hope of putting the blame on Dai Heng.

Ye Mo knew that Dai Heng had ordered him to do it, but Xiong Qianyi was no good person either.

He looked at the policeman and said, "Go back and get things ready. Call Li Chunsheng, let him put you in charge of this case and get rid of Wu Jin Association's power in the province. Take this pill and go do this."

Liu Zhun was dazed for a while after hearing this - he was getting a promotion. With Li Chunsheng by his side, what couldn't he do? He quickly took the pill and walked outside.

Telling the police to investigate Wu Jin Association right at their base was more than a slap in the face.

"F"ck! Who are you? You dare-" Wu Jin Association was a big gang and there were quite a lot of people who weren't afraid of death.

But the man who just spoke couldn't finish speaking, he was shot dead in the forehead by Ye Mo.

"This is the last bullet," Ye Mo looked at the gun and shook his head. This thing didn't need chi, it was quite convenient.

Xiong Qianyi's expression kept changing. He knew that Ye Mo was very strong, but it was too insulting. He had almost knelt down, yet Ye Mo still told the police in his face to have the province committee annihilate their power. Should he keep enduring this? He had to. He knew how powerful someone who could beat the hidden sects was.

"F*ck, brothers, let's go and kill this bitch!" Seeing that Ye Mo was going to kill them all, Xiong Qianyi was scared, but there were some people who weren't. The vice-leader had been unhappy with his ruling for a long time, it was his chance to bring Xiong Qianyi down.

With his call, more than half of the twenty or so members pulled out their swords.

Xiong Qianyi saw his men go up, but he didn't move nor stop them. He had the slight hope that he had heard wrong about Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled and threw some wind blades. He really wasn't interested in fighting these people.

In the blink of an eye, these men were all killed. Although there weren't any dismembered bodies, Ye Mo's wind blades had aimed accurately into their hearts, causing a blood bath. The air had the smell of blood.

From the uproar to the massacre, there had been only a few seconds, and then everything turned calm.

The remaining people's faces were pale. They usually saw a lot of blood, some had even killed before, but they'd never seen someone like Ye Mo, just killing tens of people a hand-wave.

Xiong Qianyi got more frightened. He didn't think someone who cultivated ancient martial arts could reach such a super-human level. What shook him the most was how calm Ye Mo was when slaughtering the men.

Then, scene fell into silence. Ye Mo didn't talk either. He saw a fat man running inside with desperation.

The man pushed open the door and before he noticed the situation, he said, "Brother XIong, the higher-ups are sending people to investigate the Wu Jin Association, you-"

He finally realized that things weren't right. The floor was covered with dead bodies, and other than the man sitting at the top, everyone had a pale face and shaky legs.

"What's going on?" the fat man stopped walking, he wanted to retreat.

"Who are you? You came to notify the Wu Jin association?" Ye Mo glanced at the fat man.

The fat man glanced at Xiong Qianyi, who was staring at the ground - he immediately knew things weren't going well. He saw the gun in Ye Mo's hand and didn't dare retreat. He said loudly, "I'm the police chief of Jiu Tang, what's going on here?"

Ye Mo shook his head. If the fat man hadn't come, he really wouldn't have bothered going, but since he came, he didn't need to go at all. He would save some trouble for Li Chunsheng, and without thinking, he threw a wind blade over.

He knew that killing a police chief would bring some trouble to Li Chunsheng, but the Dai and Qiu family were already concerned about Ye Mo. If Li Chunsheng still couldn't deal with it, there was no use in him staying in the political scene.

He stared at Xiong Qianyi and asked, "You captured Lu Lin's family, right?"

Seeing that Ye Mo dared to even kill a police chief, Xiong Qianyi's heart went ice cold. He said shakily, "Yes, but we didn't treat them with disrespect."

Ye Mo continued asking, "She had some things in her house. Did you take them too? Where are they?"

"Huh- I don't know about this. Baosheng is the one responsible for these matters." Xiong Qianyi looked at his number one man.

Baosheng was usually the one abusing people, but he finally got a taste of his own medicine. The only difference was that although he was scared, his eyes kept turning.

"There was a colourful stone. Where is it? Speak!" when Ye Mo claimed the last word, he slammed the table.
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