Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 618

Chapter 618: Despair

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
After leaving Jiu Tang, Ye Mo went to Jin City as soon as he could.

The Gem Banner in Jin City was located in an antiques store street.

When Ye Mo got there, he almost thought he had come back to Luo Yue Continent's cultivation cities. The structures there were more and more ancient, and there were quite a lot of roadside stalls.

He looked at this familiar yet unknown street and lost his mind for a moment.

Ye Mo found Gem Banner quickly. He had heard Boss Luo say that the boss' surname was Pan, Pan Sheng. He was a middle-aged man in his 40s, slightly fat.

This shop was much bigger than the one in Jiu Tang, they had everything. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense carefully, but he was immediately disappointed. The Five Element Rock wasn't in there either.

"Is Boss Pan here? I have to talk with him about business," Ye Mo went inside and asked.

A bearded man with a ferocious-looking knife scar had come in yelling, and this immediately made everyone move away.

"Hello, Sir, our boss is out for a business meeting. He will be back tomorrow afternoon," a young man in his 20s answered. He knew that kind of people could be looking for trouble, so it was best not to leave any excuse for them to start a fight.

But Ye Mo wasn't looking for trouble. Even knowing that Pan Sheng wasn't there, he had still asked. He was disappointed.

He just had to know where the Five Element Rock was. With his means, he could take it away easily.

Seeing the ferocious man leave the establishment, the waiter breathed at ease. Although they had their own security guard, he didn't want the customer he was taking care of to get into a fight with the security.

In his boredom, Ye Mo called Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue to tell them he was at Jin City. He would return in a while, so he then started to stroll around on the antiques street.

He was trying to decide whether he should find a place to stay for the night.

He scanned his spirit sense and saw a large crowd huddling around a small square. It was a stone betting square, they were betting stone. Ye Mo wasn't interested in that - after all no matter how good the jade was, it wasn't anything to him. The money he would earn wouldn't be worth it.

The only use Ye Mo could give to jade was to set formations, but the effects weren't that good either.

Just when he was about to leave, he saw a familiar figure in a corner. Soon, Ye Mo recognized that person: it was Xu Wei. Why was she there? She looked very stressed and seemed to be crying. Had she lost a stone in a bet?

Xu Wei was a good person and he owed her a favour. She had been looking after his silver heart grass for a long time and she had stayed with Ning Qingxue for a long time. He was very grateful to her, so Ye Mo went to say hi.

"Hey, beautiful lady, why are you crying here by yourself?" he wanted Xu Wei to lighten up.

"Huh? Who are you?" Xu Wei looked at Ye Mo and quickly took a few steps back.

Ye Mo subconsciously touched his face and smiled bitterly. Everyone stared at Ye Mo and then at Xu Wei, and they assumed he had bad intentions.

But people would rather avoid trouble, so they quickly left.

Ye Mo smiled bitterly, walked up to Xu Wei and whispered, "Xu Wei, I'm Ye Mo. I'm wearing a mask right now, the beard is fake. There were people hunting me, so I'm hiding."

"You- are Ye Mo?" Xu Wei looked at Ye Mo in disbelief.

He could only say, "We lived together in that small house in Ning Hai, did you forget?"

"Huh- You really are Ye Mo," Xu Wei finally believed him, she could recognize his voice.

Ye Mo nodded, "Why did you leave Ning Hai? I didn't expect to see you here, did something happen to you?"

Xu Wei suddenly started to cry again. She just wanted to go into Ye Mo's arms and weep.

He looked awkwardly at everyone who looked at him in contempt. He could only say in a small voice, "Don't cry, otherwise people will think I'm doing something to you. What is it? Tell me."

Xu Wei finally stopped crying and told him the reason.

Her mother and brother were living in Jin City. Her mother had been staying at the hospital for more than a year, so she had no option but to give up her job at Ning Hai and come take care of her mother.

Her mother needed large amounts of money, and her brother needed money to study too. The family didn't have enough so her father and she had to work really hard in Jin City. However, her father's taxi was involved in a car accident and her father was blamed. They were told to pay 80,000 as compensation.

80,000 wasn't enough for her mother's sickness, but the situation just got worse then. Her brother got into a fight with someone and beat them severely, and the person asked for 100,000 as compensation. Her brother was still at the police station while they spoke.

Just when she didn't know what to do, her friend from college Xia Fangfang found her. They were pretty close and in that moment of helplessness, her opinion was very important to Xu Wei.

Xia Fangfang suggested that Xu Wei could go to bet stone to the antiques street. If she bought a stone with good jade inside, she could become a billionaire.

Xu Wei listened to this, gathered all the money she had, around 120k, and followed Xia Fangfang to this place.

Under the instructions of someone who her friend had introduced, her 120k were thrown into the water. In her despair, Xu Wei was crying in the toilet when she heard Xia Fang Fang's conversation with someone else. The person was telling Xia Fangfang that her classmate was too poor and the money she had was too little, that it was a waste of her time. It was then when Xu Wei realized that Xia Fangfang was conspiring with someone to cheat her.

Xu Wei was sad, she had nothing else left. She wanted to find Xia Fangfang, but she had been looking for a few days and she was nowhere to be seen. Her mother was running out of money at the hospital and her brother was still counting on her for the bail money.

Xu Wei knew no one in Jin City and couldn't borrow from anyone either. In her sadness, she had only left to cry there.

Ye Mo heard this and shook his head. She could even scam her friend, what else was she capable of doing? Xia Fang Fang's character was undoubtedly a big load of trash.

"How much money do you have left?" Ye Mo thought and asked.

"200 left," Xu Wei sniffed and said.

He knew Xu Wei was strong-willed and had great self-esteem, so he didn't want to lend her money. It would but a lot of pressure on her.

"Xu Wei, if you trust me, take your 200 and come bet stone with me," Ye Mo smiled. He felt it wasn't easy to make that sullen girl go back to her happy self. Xu Wei was the first person he had known here.

She looked at him and said, "Ye Mo, I only have 200. How could I bet?"

Ye Mo smiled, "200 means that there are 200 ways of betting. Follow me."

Ye Mo took Xu Wei into the crowd. He scanned their surroundings, the cheapest was 500 dollars but they were all empty.
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