Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Why Be Used By Her

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When Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing came out, Lu Lin and the others had been worried sick waiting. They were relieved after seeing both coming out; this six man squad had already lost two members, if they lost Chi Wanqing here as well, it would be tragic.

Besides, Chi Wanqings identity wasnt ordinary. If something happened, Lu Lins superior wouldnt be able to shoulder the consequences, much less Lu Lin. Luckily, they were fine now.

Captain Lu, you guys rest for a bit first, Im going to leave for a while. Ye Mo didnt wait for the others reply and just went straight into the forest since he was interested in this bare cockroach. Usually, where the bare cockroach appeared, there were things like spirit herbs, and even if he couldnt find spirit herbs, it would still be good to capture this bare cockroach. Although bare cockroaches werent spiritual beasts, it could bond with a master because it possessed some self-awareness, unlike other wild beasts that could only be kept as trained animals.

Although this bare cockroach was useless to him, he could capture it and give it to Chi Wanqing. Chi Wanqing almost lost her life trying to save him just then; it was appropriate to find her a pet.

Brother Ye, wait for me, Ill go with you. Chi Wanqing grabbed a torch and suddenly followed him.

Guo Qi was just about to stop Chi Wanqing but was pulled by Lu Lin. Didnt you see that Chi Wanqings is quite stuck to Ye Mo? Her cold personality is because of her family, but Ye Mo isnt an ordinary person, so he should be able to take care of Chi Wanqing. Dont stop her!

Lu Lin paused for a moment then continued, If someone like Ye Mo could join our Eagle Hunter Squad, there wouldnt be a squad in the entire army that could triumph against us.

Guo Qi shook his head: You said it yourself that he isnt an ordinary person, so Im certain that he definitely wont join the army. Furthermore, I feel like he isnt someone who likes to be restrained, and perhaps only freedom is best suited for him.

After pausing for a moment, Guo Qi continued, He may seem to wear simple clothes and is very casual in his mannerism; however, I believe that he is a proud person. Although his pride isnt like ordinary peoples pride which is shown on their face or hidden in their hearts, it is natural; he neither flaunts it nor conceals it. Perhaps even the wealthiest of second-generation youngsters clad in their best designer garments would feel inferior, like a mere side character, standing next to him.

Brother Fang, how were you even able to get someone as strong as him to help us? Fang Wei asked with admiration. Ever since Ye Mo saved him, he had a great admiration for him and constantly wanted to become his disciple.

Guo Qi smiled and simply answered, I just said that were all Chinese people, and just like that he agreed.


Brother Ye, wait for me. Chi Wanqing called out and followed.

Ye Mo stopped and looked at Chi Waning: Why did you come over? This place is quite dark, and the moon isnt especially bright tonight, so it is still quite dangerous here. Im going out to find something, but Im coming back later. Your wound just healed, why did you come over? Hurry and go back.

I... Brother Ye, I guess that you definitely wont join our squad afterward so, when you leave, I wouldnt know when I would be able to see you again. I want... I want to stay with you for a little while longer. Perhaps due to never having any friends of the opposite sex, Chi Wanqing was greatly dependent on Ye Mo who had saved her life twice in a single day.

Ye Mo was astonished for a moment. He felt that Chi Wanqing was over-reliant on him which didnt suit her identity as a soldier. Perhaps she went to the army due to other reasons, but he didnt want to ask about that at this point.

He just wanted to say Idiot, I can come back and see you later! but when the words came to his mouth, he stopped. Would he really come back to see her after he left? That was impossible. His and Chi Wanqings path were completely different. They had no intersections in life, how could they see each other again?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo sighed and said, Fine, follow me then. After all, if he really captured the bare cockroach, he was going to give it to Chi Wanqing, and he had to make the ownership bond with Chi Wanqing.

Thanks, Brother Ye. Then, she excitedly grabbed Ye Mos arm, and Ye Mo simply shook his head. Chi Wanqing was obviously still a nave girl, so it should have been really hard for her to come to the army and keep a cold face on every day. Perhaps, school life was the most suitable for her.

How many years have you been in the army? Why dont you go to school anymore? Ye Mo asked.

In my second year of university, my grandpa forced me to marry a person I didnt like. I refused, but that person came to my school, and when I tried to speak about it to my father, he actually agreed with grandpa. So, I ran out secretly to find Uncle Jiang and joined the army; I never went back again, Chi Wanqing said dejectedly.

Ye Mo was speechless. Why did these people all like to use marriage to strengthen their power? No matter where it was, these things continued to happen.

But you cant stay in the army for your whole life, can you? When you go back, you will still be forced into decisions by your dad and granddad, Ye Mo said.

I dont want to go back, my mom often comes to see me, and she also helped me open Chi Wanqing shut her mouth just in time. She almost said that the company she wanted Ye Mo to go earlier was hers and not her cousin.

Then, she suddenly asked, Brother Ye, someone as outstanding as you should have a girlfriend already right?

Ye Mo smiled as he said, Im a jobless wandering person. How can I be outstanding? Girlfriend? I dont have one, but I do have a wife, hehe.

Ah, youre married? Chi Wanqing suddenly felt hollow in her heart; a sudden sense of loss that just couldnt be described. Ye Mo didnt notice Chi Wanqings state and explained, She should be about the same as you: she didnt want to marry someone else, so she faked her marriage to me. Im just helping her out. If one day you want me to help you, I would be happy to do so, Ye Mo laughed at himself.

What? Brother Ye, you have a fake marriage, and that woman is using you? How could there be such a bad woman? Chi Wanqing immediately felt indignant upon hearing this. A woman would even use someone like Brother Ye, she thought and said, Brother Ye, why would you let yourself be used by her? Just ignore such women!

Why be used by her? Ye Mos complexion suddenly seemed gloomy. He thought about his poor master Luo Ying and didnt know how she was doing now. As long as there was the slightest sliver of Luo Yings image, he was willing to be used. The reason he helped Ning Qingxue might be hidden in the depth of his heart, but he hoped that if one day his master was in trouble, there would be someone like him willing to help her.

Sorry, Brother Ye, I wont ask you. Chi Wanqing saw Ye Mos look of melancholy and immediately understood that he mustve had some special reason to do so. Hm? Ye Mo was surprised as he bent over and looked at a mushroom that was partly consumed.

There really was spirit herbs here! Although the Yi Mushrooms werent spirit herbs, they still contained small amounts of spirit Chi which seemed to have attracted the bare cockroach.

Whats wrong, Brother Ye? Chi Wanqing saw Ye Mo stop and asked.

Dont say a word; I can already see it! Ye Mos spirit sense locked onto the bare cockroach a few meters away. It had also obviously noticed Ye Mo; however, it didnt move, as it seemed to be sure that Ye Mo wouldnt be able to discover him no matter what and therefore wasnt scared.
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