Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 620

Chapter 620: One Last

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Ye Mo, let's go, I already have 200k. I think I can bail my brother out of jail with this'" Xu Wei didn't want to waste the money there.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Wait, this is just the beginning. We need to keep going and buy some more expensive ones."

Xu Wei hadn't realized that Ye Mo might be unsatisfied with just that.

"Brother, you probably want the rock you suggested me." Now, even the middle-aged man looked differently at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled and shook his head, "That one isn't up to my standards."

"You-" the man was at a loss for words. He had suggested him something that wasn't up to his own standard.

Ye Mo patted him and smiled, "Don't worry, I'm simply saying that the jade inside is worth at most one or two million. That's not enough for me."

"Huh?!" Everyone was dazed this time. He could get one or two million for 100k, but he still didn't think it was enough. Who did that guy think he was?

If he hadn't found jade in discarded rocks, people would be looking down on him again.

The woman heard Ye Mo's words and rolled her eyes. She suddenly said, "Since Big Brother isn't satisfied with such a small amount of money, I'll take that rock."

Then, she signaled the man next to her, who looked like her bodyguard, to buy the rock.

Ye Mo's impression of the woman changed. She hadn't assumed he was bluffing like everyone else and bought the one he suggested. She wasn't a simple person.

Although 100k wasn't much, it was still money, but she actually spent it just because of a stranger's words. She had brains.

A few other people were also interested in buying it, but they weren't as fast as the woman and also feared that Ye Mo was a fraud.

Ye Mo then said to Huo Duocai, "Follow me, I still have more jade for you to open."

"Yes, boss." Huo Duocai could also tell that Ye Mo was someone who was truly capable.

Looking around, Ye Mo was speechless. Although there were a lot of rocks there, not many contained jade, and much less good quality jade.

He pointed at a 200k piece of rock and said, "This one has the best jade for the price of 200k."

He bought it quickly and the rock was in Huo Duocai's hand again. The middle aged-man lost again, so he started to believe in Ye Mo's words and he stopped buying rocks. He decided to follow Ye Mo instead.

Many people started to look favorably at Ye Mo and all circulated around him.

The woman was also watching them.

Ye Mo saw that Huo Duocai was cutting it very carefully, so he just drew a line and told him to cut from there.

Huo Duocai followed Ye Mo's words without hesitation and he sliced right where Ye Mo was pointing. A bright and eye-catching green was exposed to everyone's eyes.

"Yellow green! That's at least a few millions!" when it came out, everyone yelled out in shock.

"Five million! I'll take it," people immediately started naming prices. Although the full price might not just be that, Ye Mo didn't want to keep wasting time.

Just when he was about to sell it, the woman said, "I'll pay 8 million."

"Deal." Ye Mo immediately told Xu Wei to give her bank details to the woman. The woman was straightforward and transferred the money immediately.

Xu Wei was in a daze, she had suddenly gotten 8 million! But Ye Mo pulled her away.

"Are we leaving?" Xu Wei asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "There's one more, after this we'll leave."

Ye Mo looked at a huge rock on the left side, it was the size of a tall man. Its price was 6 million.

While Ye Mo was buying this stone, the woman completely opened the rock Ye Mo had sold her. She had hit the jackpot, it was at least a few million. Moreover, the one Ye Mo had given her before had also been opened, it was a jade fetus worth almost 2 million.

Everyone gasped for air - who was that bearded man? How was he that powerful? He had a 100% success rate.

Everyone was paying attention to the rock he had bought for 6 million. Also, that young woman had become the second person who had earned the most that day.

Xu Wei had calmed down a bit but her heart was still skipping fast.

The stone Ye Mo had bought had been there for almost a year but because it was too expensive, the boss had lowered it from 10 million to 8 million. Still, no one wanted it, so they lowered the price to 6 million. Finally, someone bought it this time and it was a legendary rock gambler.

More and more people gathered in the square, among them there were many wealthy men and bosses. They had all heard that there was a legendary happening taking place there - a bearded man had taken a simply dressed girl to bet and they hadn't lost once. They started with $200, and now their earnings were worth more than 10 millions now.

Everyone was waiting to see if the rock contained jade. Everyone wanted to see if the legend would be even more incredible.

Huo Duocai was also shaking. He had never received that much attention. After this, even if he didn't get paid, there would be a lot of people asking him to open rocks.

Under Ye Mo's guidance, Huo Duocai cut the rock in the middle.

The crowd was in a frenzy, it was as though the jade was theirs.

There was a large piece of green where Huo Duocai had cut open. The green was very pleasant to the eye, people had never seen such a luscious green before, it was almost crystal clear.

One cut. It had been just one cut and there it was: a large pack of green. There was no bullsh*t, no rubbing. The cut was incredibly clean, it was impossible for Huo Duocai to not have become famous.

"My god, is that emerald? If it's emerald, how much is this big piece worth?"

But Ye Mo knew there wasn't much left underneath. He decided not to continue - if he sold it now, he could save money and get a good price.

The woman looked at the emerald and gasped. She wanted to buy it but she knew she didn't have enough money. Due to a limited resource of emerald lately, her finances were in a difficult situation. However, she believed that her business could open up soon with that bearded man's help.

"Friend, I'll take it for 50 million," a man who had just gotten there named a price without thinking.

"Boss Zheng, you're taking for yourself such a good thing. I don't think that's appropriate," another fat man squeezed through the crowd.

"Okay, Old Pan, let's buy it half-half." Although he wanted it all for himself, that thing was too rare and everyone who was in the same industry there knew each other. He couldn't overstep the boundaries.
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