Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 621

Chapter 621: Fighting to be Friends

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"60 million. If you agree, it's yours. Oh, and give a 100k cheque to Huo Duocai," Ye Mo said. Although the jade would be getting thinner as the rock was opened, it would still be worth around 70-80 million. He just didn't want to waste time.

Huo Duocai was dazed. He only cut a few slices and got 100k, this was too simple.


Once again, money was added to Xu Wei's bank account, and this time it was 60 million.

When Ye Mo pulled Xu Wei out from the crowd, Xu Wei finally reacted and wanted to give her card to Ye Mo. Ye Mo had earned that money, she couldn't take it. Even if she was short on money, she could just borrow some from Ye Mo.

Ye Mo pushed the card back in her hands and said, "Xu Wei, I'm clearly pretty capable, right?"

Xu Wei nodded without hesitation. Ye Mo was like a god, he had won every single time.

Seeing this, Ye Mo smiled, "With my capabilities, how could I be short on money? Why would I care about 60 million? To be honest, I'm richer than Bill Gates right now. I have tens of billions readily available."

If it were before, Xu Wei would think that Ye Mo was bluffing, but now she knew that Ye Mo wasn't. Otherwise, how could he win 60 million for her in just three hours?

"But, I-" Xu Wei understood, but that amount of money was still too much for her.

"Don't have a mental burden. You paid for the bets, and I was just helping you. You've helped me a lot in Ning Hai, so it's normal that I help you too," Ye Mo comforted her.

Xu Wei wasn't dumb. Since Ye Mo was that rich, why did he go through the hassle to use her $200 to bet? He could easily give her tens of millions, but he didn't. He had done it like that precisely so that she wouldn't have a mental burden.

Ye Mo was about to ask about her mother when that middle-aged man ran over and gave Ye Mo a golden name card, "Brother, you're really amazing, my respect for you is-"

Ye Mo shivered in cringe and quickly stopped the man from talking. He took the card and realized that the man was called Hu Dan, and he was the CEO of a company. No wonder he was so rich.

Hu Dan? This name was really interesting. It sounded like 'protecting egg' in Chinese.

Xu Wei thought of something and said, "Ye Mo, can you come with me to the police station? My brother, Xu Bingwu, is still locked up, so I need to bail him out."

Hu Dan quickly said, "Is your brother in the city department or some branch department? Also, why did he get locked up?"

"He beat someone and didn't have the money to compensate them. He's locked up in the Yang Hai branch," Xu Wei said.

"Don't worry, I'll make a call." Hu Dan immediately called the police chief of Yang Hai Department and exchanged a few sentences with him before hanging up.

He then looked at the worried Xu Wei, "Your brother has been released. As for the compensation, I've told an old friend to help you pay for it, so don't worry."

"Huh?" Xu Wei reacted quickly and was going to give the money to Hu Dan.

Hu Dan waved his hand, "It's just a small favor, don't worry about it. I didn't listen to your boyfriend before, and I lost indeed. It was my luck to meet someone like your boyfriend."

Then, Hu Dan turned to Ye Mo and asked, "By the way, Brother, do you have a business card?"

Xu Wei blushed and wanted to start explaining, but she didn't. She actually really wanted to know what Ye Mo's situation was and whether he was with Ning Qingxue.

Hu Dan was a bit desperate. He didn't want to pass by a master like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled, "Sorry, Brother Hu, I don't have a name card, but you can just call me Ye Mo. I'll give you my number, but my phone is usually turned off."

"No problem, no problem." Hu Dan knew that someone as magical as this must have a lot of rules. It was already very lucky that he could get his number.

Hu Dan quickly noted down the number and said, "Brother Ye, how about eating together? It's my treat."

Ye Mo didn't mind as he didn't have anything else to do that day. Just when he wanted to ask Xu Wei, another voice interrupted, "Brother Ye, I was hoping to talk to you. Luckily, you haven't left yet. I remembered your number too, I hope you don't mind. I'm Luo Zilian, by the way, and thanks to you, I earned big today. Would I have the honour of eating with you?"

Then, Luo Zilian also passed a name card over. The name card was very exquisite.

"Um, Sister Zilian, I've already invited Brother Ye, so how about next time," Hu Dan quickly said.

"Xu Wei, what about you?" Ye Mo looked at Xu Wei.

"I want to go to the hospital to see my mother. I'm worried about her," Xu Wei said.

Hearing this, Hu Dan immediately said, "Sister Xu Wei, which hospital is your mother in? Tell me, I'll get a good room for her right away."

"Yang Hai District's Kang Hai Hospital," Xu Wei answered subconsciously.

"Brother Hu, no need for you to call, I will take care of it. My uncle is the Vice Director of that hospital." Luo Zilian finally had the chance to show herself, how could she let Hu Dan take it? Thus, she quickly called before Hu Dan could even reply.

After she spoke a few words, Xu Wei's mother was sent to the VIP room.

"How about this: Brother Hu, you arrange a place and go there first, while I'll go with Xu Wei to see her mother in the hospital first and then come later." Ye Mo knew that Xu Wei wouldn't feel assured without seeing her mother first.

"Okay, I'll wait for you in Teng Wang Restaurant." Hu Dan arranged the place before Luo Zilian this time.

Luo Zilian rolled her eyes and could only ask for Xu Wei's number. Hu Dan couldn't do this though, because if Xu Wei was Ye Mo's girlfriend, that would be inappropriate.

Ye Mo knew that Luo Zilian was no simple person - she had come over later not because she found him only then, but because she was making her bodyguard warn those hoodlums who wanted to follow Ye Mo.

This Luo Zilian clearly had no simple origin, so those hoodlums didn't dare say anything and left.


After the two left and fetched a taxi, Xu Wei fell into silence and said, "Ye Mo, thank you for today."

Ye Mo smiled, "I already said you don't need to be like that. I feel relieved that I saw you today. I said I would treat you to dinner in the past but never had the chance to."

"Um," Xu Wei suddenly felt lightened up and smiled, "Then how about I treat you tomorrow? Like that you will owe me twice, and I will feel a sense of accomplishment that way."

Ye Mo smiled, "If nothing sudden happens, I will be leaving Jin City tomorrow."

"Do you miss Sister Qingxue?" Xu Wei suddenly asked.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, very, so I want to go back."

Seeing Xu Wei fall into silence, Ye Mo said, "I'll go see your mother soon. I can cure most normal diseases."

"You do?!" Xu wei looked at Ye Mo in shock.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, that time when I was taking a shift for you, I cured an old man named Zhuo. You've heard about that right?"

"What, that magical doctor was you?!" Back then, a magical doctor cured a patient in a lethal condition but was never found again. So that was Ye Mo!

Xu Wei got excited. If that had really been Ye Mo, then her mother would be cured.

"Of course it was me." Ye Mo thought of what he had done for mere tens of thousands of dollars and sighed.

"Stop the car!" Xu Wei suddenly told the driver to stop and charged out.

Xu Wei walked up to a bloodied youth, which Ye Mo guessed had to be her brother. Wasn't he just released? Why was he fighting again?

Ye Mo left behind $100 and quickly followed.
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