Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 622

Chapter 622: Dont Want to be Cheated

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Ye Mo saw they were at the gate of the Jing City University and he could guess it was where her brother was studying.

"Xiao Wu, why are you fighting someone again?" Xu Wei went to help Xu Bingwu, who was covered in blood, get up.

The young man said hatefully, "I wasn't fighting."

When he saw Ye Mo approaching, he stopped speaking.

Ye Mo examined the young man. He only had external injuries, they looked serious, but they were no big deal. There was a lot of blood because his forehead was bleeding.

"Ye Mo, this is my brother, Xu Bingwu. Xu Wei, this is my friend, you can call him Brother Ye." Xu Wei was very soft when speaking with Ye Mo, but she talked very seriously to her brother. At the same time she spoke, she took out a piece of cloth to cover the young man's head.

Xu Bingwu studied Ye Mo, who really didn't look good. He frowned and glanced at Xu Wei before forcing himself to utter a 'Brother Ye'. He seemed to be scared of Xu Wei.

"What's going on?" Xu Wei asked.

Xu Bingwu hesitated before saying, "I was just released from the police station and wanted to come to university because I was worried about mom. On the way, I met a classmate. She saw me walking, so she told me to get on and drove me here."

"Mom is in the hospital, why did you come to university? And since your classmate brought you here, how did you even start fighting?" Xu Wei reproached.

Xu Bingwu looked down and said, "I have some money in my room, I wanted to buy some bones and make a soup for mom. And, Sister, I don't want to keep studying. I want to find a job."

When Xu Wei heard this, her eyes turned red. She patted Xu Bingwu's head and said, "I will take care of mum's things, you're not allowed to say such words again. Study hard, don't get into fights again."

"I didn't start a fight. My friend brought me to the university gate, but her friend saw saw us. He thought there was something between us and came up to hit me," Xu Bingwu said.

Xu Wei's face turned red of anger, "These people are so shameless. Why didn't your classmate explain things?"

"She dropped me off at the entrance and went inside, so she didn't see anything," Xu Bingwu said.

"Then couldn't you explain that-" Xu Wei stopped half way. She knew that she couldn't blame her brother - men needed to keep face. He would lose face if he tried to explain things immediately. And looking at how Xu Bingwu was acting, he might have been interested in that classmate.

She sighed and said, "Ok, let's get you patched up at the hospital and then get something to eat. You don't need to worry about our situation anymore. I earned some money, you should just focus on studying."

Then, she laughed awkwardly looking at Ye Mo.

"Punk, you haven't left yet? If I see you talk to Xiao Yin again, I will break your mouth," three young men walked out of the supermarket and came over.

Xu Wei saw that these men wouldn't let go of her brother, so she was about to reproach them when someone else said, "Wei Qian, what do you mean?"

Ye Mo looked at the girl who had just spoken, and he happened to know her. It was that very annoying Xiao Yin from the plane. He had cured her mother, but she kept on saying he was a fraud.

"Did you hit Xu Bingwu? Wei Qian, how can you be so shameless? So what if I talk to my classmate? Who are you? Do you think I can't live without your little support? You piece of trash!" Wei Qian was sworn speechless.

But Xiao Yin wasn't done yet, she started calling the police.

"Xiao Yin," the young man's expression turned bad, but he didn't dare refute. He knew she was right, the Shen family could easily destroy a jewelry merchant's son.

"Don't call me that." The girl finished the call and then said to Xu Bingwu, "Sorry, Xu Bingwu, I just wanted to help you. I didn't think you end up meeting scum like him."

"Oh, it's fine. Shen Yin, this is my sister Xu Wei, and this is my sister's friend, Ye Mo," Xu Bingwu pointed at them as he spoke. He was very uneasy in front of Shen Yin.

Hearing this, Shen Yin started to study Ye Mo without blinking.

Xu Wei and Xu Bingwu looked strangely at Shen Yin. Ye Mo was very ferocious and ugly-looking in that moment, how could Shen Yin be so interested in Ye Mo?

Xu Bingwu felt a bit bitter. He was much better than Ye Mo in terms of age and looks, why had Shen Yin noticed Ye Mo as soon as she saw him?

"Are you really called Ye Mo?" Shen Yin suddenly asked after having studied him for while. She looked at Ye Mo's eyes, and then she suddenly seemed surprised and joyful.

He realized that she must've recognized him, but she just wasn't too sure due to the difference in appearance.

Although he didn't have a good impression of her, Ye Mo still nodded but didn't say anything.

Shen Yin's eyes made Xu Wei feel uncomfortable. It was as though she was trying to take off Ye Mo's clothes and see through him.

"Ye Mo, Xiao Wu, let's go. I still need to go to the hospital to see my mum," Xu Wei said.

Xu Bingwu suddenly said, "Sister, how is mom doing? I was so worried."

Seeing her brother's desperate eyes, she could only say, "Xiao Wu, don't worry. Mom will be out of the hospital soon. Brother Ye will treat mum, his medical skills are very good."

"Oh, so Brother Ye is a doctor." Xu Bingwu breathed at easy. He had thought his sister had had no choice but to find a sugar daddy.

Hearing this, Shen Yin's eyes brightened up, she walked to Ye Mo and asked, "Are you really a doctor?"

Ye Mo sneered, but he still didn't say anything.

"My uncle has been in bed for half a year, I want you to have a look at him, Magical Doctor Ye," Shen Yin said hesitantly.

Ye Mo could tell what she meant, but a flash of disgust crossed his eyes. He waved his hand and said, "Move aside, I don't want to cheat your family's money."

"Huh- It really is you, Magical Doctor Ye. I'm sorry, I was blind last time we met, and I suspected you were a fraud." Shen Yin held onto Ye Mo's leg and knelt down.

Ye Mo pushed her away and said coldly, "I'll repeat it again: your family's business has nothing to do with me. I won't help, no matter what you say. I don't need such a small amount of money from your family and you wouldn't even be able to pay the medical bills."

Everyone was shocked. They all knew that Shen Yin was from the Shen family, and no one would dare abuse the Shen family's people in Jin City. However, Shen Yin had knelt down to this man, and yet the man still had an indifferent expression.

What shocked them the most was that the bearded man had said the Shen family couldn't pay for the medical bills. If the Shen family's was little money, then no one in the entire city was rich. The Shen family was one of the wealthiest families even in the whole country of China.

What everyone didn't expect was that Shen Yin instead said, "Sorry, Doctor Ye. I'm just grateful from the bottom of my heart that you saved my mom, Qingkui. I'm not asking you to treat my uncle."

Her apology changed Ye Mo's view on her a little.
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