Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 624

Chapter 624: Auction at Sea

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Ye Mo sneered. He of course knew what Luo Zilian was thinking. Although the dinner had just started, he already didn't want to continue. He said to Luo Zilian, "Thank you, CEO Luo, for getting rid of those hoodlums. It saved me from being robbed."

Luo Zilian was shook. She didn't expect Ye Mo to have noticed that. She had underestimated him.

She had been planning on taking the less subtle approach if he didn't comply and letting him know that she helped him send away a lot of those gangsters. If she hadn't, he wouldn't even be able to leave the city. But now it seemed that he was no simple person, and his tone was even a bit sardonic when he mentioned the hoodlums. One could see that he wouldn't have had to be scared even if she hadn't intervened.

Ye Mo went on to ignore Luo Zilian and raised the cup to Hu Dan and said, "Brother Hu, I heard there's going to be a big auction in this city and that a colourful stone is to be sold. Is that the case?"

Hu Dan toasted with Ye Mo and replied, "Was there such a thing? How come I don't know? CEO Luo, have you heard of it?"

Hu Dan was also unhappy with Luo Zilian being so horny.

"Euhm, no, I didn't know either." Luo Zilian returned to her senses, but her reply was rushed. Ye Mo's words had made her feel like she'd lost control of the situation.

According to her plan, everything should have been under her control. When Ye Mo came, she would get Ye Mo drunk and take him to her place and suck him dry. Ye Mo's words, however, had made her lose control.

Shen Yin said, "Brother Ye, it's usually my cousin who represents the Shen family to go to auctions, I can ask for you."

Seeing Hu Dan and Luo Zilian not know about the auction, Ye Mo was disappointed. Theoretically, wealthy people like Hu Dan should be able to know about these high level auctions, but even he didn't know. It would seem like this auction wasn't simple, or maybe that old man in Jiutang had been lying to him?

Ye Mo nodded, "Please call your cousin right away then."

If he had been lied to, he wouldn't mind going back and taking everything in Jiutang's Gem Banner.

Shen Yin didn't call inside, she went outside to call. In the meantime, perhaps feeling a bit concerned, Luo Zilian didn't behave like before.

Hu Dan said, "I've heard of Shen Yin's cousin. She's the eldest daughter of the Shen family, a business genius. That Elder Shen loves her a lot, and she controls all the businesses of the Shen family. She could be said to be the most powerful person in the Shen family other than Elder Shen himself. Now that Elder Shen died, though, the Shen family members have started fighting, and they didn't let her keep controlling all those businesses."

Luo Zilian intervened, "It's said that the eldest daughter of the Shen family is very ugly, but I don't know if that is true."

Hu Dan laughed, "This might be just gossip, but it is true that two years ago when the face preserving pill appeared in Hong Kong, Elder Shen sent people to try to buy it, but they didn't succeed."

At this moment, Shen Yin ran in and said, "Brother Ye, that auction you mentioned does exist. It's about to start right now. It's on a cruiser at sea. My cousin just sent me everything, and she is there, but I'm afraid you're out of time."

Ye Mo was angry. That Luo Yu tricked him indeed! He misled him in terms of the date, and if he hadn't met Shen Yin, he would've been fooled.

"Thank you, Shen Yin, I owe you one. I'll be leaving now, but I can help you with any one thing you want when I come back tomorrow. Thanks for the treat, Boss Hu. CEO Luo, see you next time." And Ye Mo had left.

Ye Mo was very desperate. If the auction ended, he would probably not be able to find the Five Element Rock again.

The remaining three looked at each other. Shen Yin only then realized that Ye Mo had said he would help her with something and immediately felt like the world was great.

Hu Dan was disappointed, but he was still happy to have met someone like Ye Mo. Luo Zilian felt the worst. She didn't accomplish even 1/10.000 of her goal, and she felt like hating Shen Yin with her whole heart, but Shen Yin was from the Shen family, and she couldn't mess with that.

At this moment, on the international sea region near North Korea, a huge cruiser was slowly cruising.

In the largest hall, a world-level auction was taking place. It was held by Huan Kong Auctions, the largest auction company in the world. They dared auction anything.

The cheapest thing to have been sold there had a price tag of almost 1 million USD. This was a place for the rich. A place for the rich to burn money.

You could sell anything there, as long as you could pay the auctioning price. Even if the item wasn't sold, you'd still need to pay the auctioning price. And if the item was sold, you'd have to pay a percentage on top of that.

Their credibility was world class, though, and all you had to worry about was getting the invitation. Those who could be invited were all global elites, and some countries even came incognito, because the auction didn't allow the direct intervention of governments. If you disguised as some wealthy person, however, no one would care.

Right at this moment, an Ancient Egyptian curse ball was sold for 50 million USD.

Usually the auction would proceed at a constant rapid pace, but at this moment, it was different. An old, white man was standing on the stage, about to say something.

He scanned everyone and said, "Those who come to our auction are all global elites, and I believe that everyone knows the rules, yet someone still just sent a text message from the cruiser. Although our auction is open and just, we really don't want to see this happen again. You may contact people after the auction. Well then, let the auction continue."

Shen Qianqian subconsciously shivered. She knew of the rule, of course, but she also knew that this was her last time coming to the auction. Ever since Elder Shen passed away, she had been handing over everything under her control, and although she had been able to come that evening, she couldn't buy anything.

One message was a warning, but the second time, the Shen family would never be allowed to come again.

A blonde girl wearing revealing clothes carried a silver plate and went on stage. The auctioneer was also a white woman in her thirties with a good face who looked very formal.

"The next item is a mystical Gu bug from the Miao people of China. It's called a mind control Gu, and it comes with some simple instructions. The starting bid is 30 million, and each increment must be no lesser than 1 million."

"35 million." A screen was showing the bids.

"40 million."

"43 million."


The price soon rose to 50 million. The final bid was 56 million. The winner was a man mostly covered with a black scarf, but the part of his face that was revealed showed a crater-like face. The blonde girl was shaking as she walked up to the man.

The transaction process happened quickly.

Then, another young girl wearing clothes on only three points of her body carried out a gold plate. Inside the plate was a jade box.
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