Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 625

Chapter 625: Borrowing Money

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
The formally dressed woman held up the box and opened it before saying, "This is a milky white stone, and one can feel its spiritual properties when holding it. The Chinese call it a chi stone. It's very helpful for those cultivating ancient martial arts and mutant powers. If you don't cultivate, you can wear it and it will make you very healthy."

The stone emitted a faint white aura, showing it's extraordinary properties. It was even prettier than white jade.

"The starting bid is 50 million, and each increment must be no lower than 1 million." The scene fell into a brief silence.

The rock looked good, but this price was too absurd. 50 million wasn't very much to a lot of the people there, but it was no small number either. Was it worth it buying a rock for that much money?

But still, some people didn't mind.

"100 million."

Almost everyone looked at the man who made the bid. It was the same man who bought the Gu bug. Looking at his bleak outlook, those around him didn't dare make a bid.

He brought it to 100 million in one bid, implying that those who competed with him would be his enemy. No one here wanted to have enmity with such a scary man over a not-that-important rock.

No one would dare hurt anyone during the auction, but that wasn't the case after the auction was over.

"100 million going once!"

"100 million going twice - is no one else going to bid?" The auctioneer was helpless. The person who owned the rock told them it would sell for a heavenly price, yet it stopped at 100 million.

But she couldn't say anything to the man. Everyone knew that he was threatening people, but he hadn't really said anything.

"How much per increment again?" a voice suddenly appeared in the scene.

Shen Qianqian just realized that there was suddenly a bearded man next to her with a knife scar on his face.

That person was Ye Mo of course. If it weren't for the faint spirit chi emitted by the rock, he would have taken a while longer to find the place, so he felt lucky.

He had been planning on finding the Five Element Rock above everything, but now he had to get this spirit stone first no matter what.

Everyone heard Ye Mo's voice appear suddenly, but no one thought that he would've just arrived as that was impossible.

"1 million," Shen Qianqian replied.

"Oh - then I'll bid 110 million," Ye Mo said.

Hearing this, the woman smiled, "Sir, please have a seat and use the device on your chair to make a bid."

Noticing that Ye Mo didn't speak English very well, Shen Qianqian quickly said, "There's an empty seat here. Sit down first and then you can use the device to make a bid."

She didn't know how the bearded man had come in, but she had the ability to remember everyone who did, and she hadn't seen this big beard, so she thought, 'He couldn't have arrived only now, right?'

Ye Mo felt a little awkward. He was too excited just then. He had come to look for the Five Element Rock, but he found spirit stones as well - he was too lucky!

Ye Mo sat down and soon made his bid. He was competing with the bleak man for the spirit stone, so Ye Mo's actions caught everyone's attention.

That man looked at Ye Mo and sneered, bidding 120 million without hesitation.

Ye Mo wanted to keep making a bid, but Shen Qianqian said, "If that stone isn't extremely important to you, I suggest you don't make anymore bids. That man isn't simple."

Ye Mo scanned Shen Qianqian. She also wore a facemask, but Ye Mo didn't even scan her face. His mind was on getting the spirit stone no matter how extraordinary that bleak man might be.

"130 million." Ye Mo's bid made people realize that this chi stone had to be very extraordinary after all. Otherwise, there wouldn't be two people spending that much money to fight over it.

The bleak man stopped making bids for some reason. He just glanced coldly at Ye Mo and kept his silence.

The girl walked up to Ye Mo and asked Ye Mo to pay on the spot. Ye Mo just realized that he had given his card away. He had 700 million in cash, but he couldn't just suddenly take out a large pile of cash.

Everyone quickly noticed Ye Mo's expression, and the bleak man sneered, "You're not here to cause trouble, are you? You made a bid, but you don't have the money? Hmpf!"

He knew that the auction holder would deal with Ye Mo for sure.

Even Shen Qianqian looked worriedly at Ye Mo. It could cost him his life if he was causing trouble there. There were guns everywhere.

Ye Mo looked awkwardly at the people around him, "Who can lend me 130 million? I promise I will return it quickly."

Ye Mo didn't want to ask Xu Yuehua, because some governments knew their account and if Xu Yuehua transferred the money, people would know that Luo Yue had bought the spirit stone.

This wasn't the most important thing. What was more important was that Luo Yue was different from before. Luo Yue's money belonged to national reserves, so it wouldn't be good for him to take out that money for private use.

Ye Mo's words made everyone silent. Then, quiet discussions started all around. If this happened elsewhere, perhaps it would be funny, but here, it would cost him his life.

As soon as Ye Mo said this, armored soldiers came into the scene.

Although Ye Mo could just take it and leave, that would be too embarrassing. That would simply be using his power to rob them.

Everyone including Shen Qianqian didn't want to lend Ye Mo money. This was 100 million USD after all.

Ye Mo really didn't want to fight as he still hadn't found the Five Element Rock yet.

He felt like Shen Qianqian seemed easy to talk to, so he said to her, "Miss, if you lend me 150 million, I promise I will pay you back 200 million."

Seeing the genuine look in Ye Mo's eyes, Shen Qianqian explained nicely, "I'm sorry, it's not that I don't want to lend you, but we've never met before, and I don't have much money. I need the money for pills, so I can't lend that to you now."

She had only saved up around 200 million USD after so many years of hard work, how could she lend it away to some random bearded dude?

Her words were clear, but Ye Mo asked without thinking too much about it, "What pills do you want? Perhaps I have some."
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