Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Kill All

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Shen Qianqian saw that Ye Mo wasn't in a hurry to go out, so she didn't go yet either. However, when almost everyone had left and she saw that Ye Mo still had no intentions to go, she said goodbye and left first.

Ye Mo's spirit sense was locked onto that man. He had a camera hanging around his neck, but Ye Mo knew that the camera was hollow and had a small bag inside. His spirit sense couldn't see through it, but the bag covered something a bit larger than a fist.

It wasn't the first time Ye Mo encountered things that could block spirit sense. The first time was that wooden cupboard in which the woman in the ghost building had been. And now, this camera also had a small wooden box inside.

The man seemed to sense that someone was staring at him, as he looked around before going into the hall.

Ye Mo took back his spirit sense, gasping at the man's accurate senses. Even earth level masters wouldn't be able to notice his spirit sense as long as it didn't cause large ripples. Of course, if there were large chi ripples, they were much easier to be noticed. The man who held the camera looked like an ordinary person, yet he had noticed his spirit sense.

Although Ye Mo hadn't seen what was inside the box, he was 90 percent sure that it was the Five Element Rock. He didn't understand why the rock was in that person's hands without being auctioned, though.

No matter what, that person wouldn't be able to keep it now that Ye Mo had found it.

Thinking like this, Ye Mo got up and noticed only then that everyone had gone out already. He saw Shen Qianqian in front of him, so Ye Mo ran to catch up with her.

Meanwhile, Shen Qianqian was stopped as soon as she walked out of the hall by that bleak man.

"You're from the Shen family, aren't you? You're quite bold, daring to lend money to someone who wants to steal something that belongs to me. If I tell you that that man will die soon and that so will all of the Shen family, will you regret it? Heh, I heard you're ugly, but to me, as long as it's a woman, I can f*ck to death! As for looks, I don't care." Every single word the man spoke made Shen Qianqian shiver.

Even though there were people nearby, the bleak man had said everything without hesitation. Everyone who heard this moved away and didn't even dare look at him.

"You don't care, but I care. Look at your ugly face, even the maggots squirming in toilets are better-looking than you. Are you trying to disgust me by standing here or something?" Ye Mo's voice sounded.

Everyone heard Ye Mo's words, but no one dared to laugh. If they offended this man, perhaps the next moment, they would be drowning in the sea. No one would care if you died on this ship.

Shen Qianqian was losing her mind. She had vaguely guessed who this person was by then and was getting more and more worried. After Ye Mo's voice sounded, she hid behind Ye Mo without hesitation.

The bleak man glared cruelly at Ye Mo. He didn't think there would really be people in this world who didn't fear death. He hadn't even gone looking for Ye Mo, yet Ye Mo came up to him first.

"Hahaha!" the man laughed, "I didn't think I, Yan Wuliang, would be so unknown when I have only been out for a couple of years."

The man was laughing, but his face didn't wear a smile at all. He suddenly stopped and then said word by word, "If I don't make you regret living in this world, I'm a dog."

"Yan Wuliang? Which bug are you? I've never heard of you, but please stop insulting dogs." Ye Mo sneered and then spoke to Shen Qianqian, "Go inside, I'm going to burn this bug. I'll ask you some questions later."

Ye Mo didn't know Yan Wuliang, but that didn't mean other people didn't know. As those few people standing far away heard the name Yan Wuliang, they immediately ran as far as they could. Soon, the entire ship was discussing Yan Wuliang. He hailed from Miao Jiang and had the nickname of 'Kill All'. All those who offended him were killed, and he dealt with women all the more cruelly.

If that man really was Yan Wuliang, then what he'd said to Shen Qianqian was no lie. He never needed to commit the act of killing himself as he had tens of types of Gu bugs that could kill for him. The reason for his face being like a crater was apparently a Gu bug rebelling against him. But then as well, he simply killed that Gu bug.

In many people's eyes, Yan Wuliang was a demon. Perhaps demons would be more good-hearted than him. People didn't even dare look at the people he'd killed.

Shen Qianqian heard Ye Mo's words and didn't dare stay there. When she heard the man confirm that he was Yan Wuliang, all the blood from her face went away. She subconsciously looked back at Ye Mo but no longer had the courage to talk to him.

"Very well, you have balls!" Yan Wuliang voiced an extremely angry snarl. He didn't expect this bearded man to remain so cocky even after he said his name.

Even though this wasn't the right place to be fighting, he waved his hand and shot a few black rays at Ye Mo like lightning nonetheless.


Meanwhile, four people were sitting in a luxurious room with a serious face.

It was three men and one woman. The woman was less than thirty and had a clear face. She looked very academic. Two of the three men looked Asian while one was a short, black man. The person who had the camera was among them.

"We just confirmed that the person who bought the mind controlling Gu is Yan Wuliang from Miao Jiang. He's talking to the bearded man about the chi stone as we speak," the woman said.

Hearing this, one man asked, "Sophia, have you found out who the man who bought the chi stone is? When did he even arrive? How come we have no data of him?"

Sophia replied, "Not yet, but there's no recording on the cameras of the man entering the auction site. It's as though he just suddenly appeared, or he came in disguise. The auction party did say that one more person went out than the amount of people who came in."

The man with the camera said, "I don't think this man appeared out of nowhere. Was the surveillance camera tampered with? Let's not rush to conclusions first. Since that person spent a large sum buying our chi stone, he must be an ancient martial artist. If he's from some hidden sect, we can talk it out with him."

The other man nodded, "We need to talk for sure, but now that he's been targeted by Yan Wuliang, we don't know how this will end. Yan Wuliang's a mad man, and we have important business this time, so we shouldn't mess with him for now. As for the bearded guy, he probably really did give the true face preserving pill to Shen Yanyan. No ordinary person can take that out. Bobby, keep a close eye on that bearded man and Yan Wuliang."

"Yes, Captain Song Benlang," the short, black man replied and left the room.

Then, the captain looked at the cameraman and asked, "Cassy, did you really feel someone watching you before?"

"Yes, definitely. I felt that person look very closely, like I was being seen through by him. I didn't dare stay outside, so I came in immediately," Cassy said worriedly.

Song Benlang heard this and commented without thinking, "Cassy, why don't you give the thing to Sophia and we let her put it inside her bra. We must keep the Five Colored Rock safe no matter what."
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