Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Mysterious Metal Card

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Before the black rays reached Ye Mo, Ye Mo waved his hand, and sparks flickered. The black ray turned to dust immediately.

Before Yan Wuliang could react, Ye Mo formed a grabbing motion in midair, and his chi formed a claw, clenching Yan Wuliang's throat and dragging him to a distant corner.

Yan Wuliang was scared sh*tless. The bearded man clearly hadn't grabbed him, but he felt an invisible hand grab him by the neck.

Was this the legendary qi materialization? Yan Wuliang's heart fell into a glacier thinking about it. Ye Mo dumped him onto a metal board.

"Who are you?" Yan Wuliang was no longer cocky like before. He asked that subconsciously and as soon as he did, he realized how shaky his tone was. He had killed countless people in his life, but now that it was his turn, he feared death.

Ye Mo sneered, "Weren't you going to kill me, huh? Now I'm here, so why are you asking me who I am? A mere yellow level dares be this cocky!"

"Qianbei, I was blind, please have mercy, I'll do whatever you want!" Yan Wuliang said without thinking. He didn't even dare look up. This bearded man could even see his power level, and he could materialize his qi - he had to be absurdly strong.

Ye Mo took out a chair from somewhere and sat down, then he took out the spirit stone and asked, "Why did you want this?"

"Wanbei should die, if I knew Qianbei wanted it, wanbei-"

"Don't talk garbage, I asked you why you wanted it!" Ye Mo yelled. He felt strange. When he first tossed Yan Wuliang away, he was very scared, but now he didn't seem as scared as before.

Yan Wuliang replied, "This is called a qi stone, and it has a very important use. When ancient martial artists are about to break through, they can shatter the stone and eat it to break through quickly without any side effects."

Hearing this, Ye Mo was very disappointed. He thought Yan Wuliang had fought over it because he knew what it was. But the guy didn't even know how to use it properly! Were spirit stones for eating?

"Have you ever seen one before?" Ye Mo asked.

Yan Wuliang nodded, "Yes, my master got one before, and he used it to reach the earth level."

"Where did your master get it from?" Ye Mo asked again.

Yan Wuliang shook his head, "That I don't know, but I can tell you where my master died, just please have mercy on me."

Ye Mo sneered, "Have mercy? Easy for you to say. I didn't get anything at all after being threatened by you, and now you want me to forgive you?"

"Qianbei, although you didn't get anything, I'm willing to give all my Gu bugs to you, and I just got a mind control bug too-"

Before he finished, Ye Mo stopped him, "I'm not interested in your bugs. That's far from enough to save your life."

Unexpectedly, Yan Wuliang laughed, "Qianbei, wanbei's Wan Gu Sect has a cultivation method thanks to which I can use a secret way to become a ghoul if I die. You may not believe this, but I can swear it's the truth. Qianbei can kill me, but after I die and turn into a ghoul, I can bite back-"

Ye Mo sneered, "Is that your bargaining chip? That's far from enough to threaten me. I met a guy called Ren Sha in Hong Kong, he also kept Gu, and he threatened me too. What a pity, I burned his soul. Now, I meet someone else who threatens me again. It seems like your life ends here, I'll make sure to annihilate your soul too."

Hearing this, Yan Wuliang's face changed drastically, and he asked worriedly, "Qianbei, you killed Martial Brother Ren?"

Yan Wuliang knew Ren Sha too well - he was the genius of the Wan Gu Sect. Although Ren Sha was his martial brother, he was much stronger than him. Yet, a genius like him died to this big beard and even his soul was annihilated.

Yan Wuliang thought quickly and immediately knew that if what the bearded man said was true, then he might really be done for.

"Don't kill me Qianbei, have mercy. My master had a lot of other treasures too, if you let me go I can tell you everything," Yan Wuliang uttered worriedly.

Ye Mo couldn't even be bothered to listen, he took out a lighter and pointed the fire at Yan Wuliang. Yan Wuliang was quickly enveloped in fire.

Afterwards, Ye Mo turned around to see a short, black man run away quickly and thought, 'There's quite a lot of small fries on this boat.'

Yan Wuliang was burning, and the Gu bugs flew out of his body but none could run away. It was just as he had said though - His soul didn't die immediately, and it looked at the fire in terror instead.

Ye Mo sneered and turned Yan Wuliang's soul to dust with another fireball. Before it died, it still didn't believe how the big beard was able to see him.

However, Ye Mo immediately noticed that there was something he hadn't burned away.

Ye Mo picked it up, and it was a palm-sized metal card with some simple drawings on it.

Ye Mo couldn't figure out what it was, but even metal should melt under his fireball. This metal card had stayed fine and cool.

Ye Mo couldn't tell what it was made of, so he put it away for later research.

The dust at the scene was blown away by the seawind as though nothing had happened.

That short, black man who had been watching him had never cultivated before, but he sure was quick on his feet.

Ye Mo didn't go find him immediately, he had more important things to do. He was going to find that camera guy and get the Five Element Rock.

Shen Qianqian had taken a shower and changed into a new pair of clothes. Although she still wore a veil on her face, she felt very different. If it wasn't for Yan Wuliang, she would be singing from joy.

But due to that terrifying man, she was waiting for Ye Mo anxiously instead. She was even thinking, 'If Ye Mo got killed by Yan Wuliang, what would the Shen family do?' But then she thought, 'Since Ye Mo was able to come here all the way from Jin City that quickly, he is definitely powerful.'

When she then saw Ye Mo walk over slowly, she finally relaxed.

"Brother Ye, thank you for today. When we arrive at Qi Zhou Island, I can take you around, there are many fun places to go. Now, let me treat you to a drink." Shen Qianqian didn't even mention Yan Wuliang, and her tone was very relaxed. This was her first time asking a guy out to play.

But Ye Mo wasn't in the mood to be drinking with her, so he smiled, "It was no big deal, and I still have some things to do, so..."

Ye Mo had been wanting to find that camera guy and had searched the entire cruiser, but when he finally found him, his heart sunk. The camera wasn't on him. Ye Mo did find the camera in some room a moment later, but there were nothing inside. Meanwhile, that camera guy was gambling.
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