Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 629

Chapter 629: Unexpected Outcome

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"By the way, come gamble with me for a bit." Ye Mo pulled Shen Qianqian into the casino.

Shen Qianqian didn't expect Ye Mo would have such a hobby. To be honest, she really hated those who gambled. No matter how wealthy you were, if you loved gambling, you would lose it all, but since Ye Mo wanted to gamble, she could only follow.

Ye Mo had become more careful after the camera disappeared from under his eyes.

He wouldn't be as obvious around the gambling man as he had been with Shen Qianqian just then. He didn't want to startle them and lose the Five Element Rock. If he could be noticed once, it could happen twice. He couldn't keep his spirit sense spread out constantly, but he could make it so that he would notice it if someone left.

Ye Mo had pulled Shen Qianqian along to borrow her card. After he gave his card to Sister Yan, he hadn't gotten a new account yet.

"How much money do you have on your card?" Ye Mo asked Shen Qianqian.

As Shen Qianqian heard this, she confirmed that Ye Mo had no money, but she still owed Ye Mo money for the pill, so she would give him all the money she had on her if Ye Mo needed it. Thinking about this, she said, "I have 50 million left."

"Then go buy five 10 million chips." The smallest chip was one thousand USD, while the highest was 10 million.

If Ye Mo lost five times, he would have lost everything.

Shen Qianqian wanted to remind Ye Mo, but thinking about the money as being all his, she couldn't control him.

Although there were a lot of people at the casino, there weren't many sitting at the VIP tables. Most were sitting on the outside and didn't bet that big.

Ye Mo saw the camera guy sitting at the innermost VIP table, and he seemed to be the croupier. Unlike in other casinos, you only needed to pay to play here, and the customers could be the croupiers themselves. Ye Mo wanted to make contact with that man, so he had to bet with him first. After he won all his money, he would talk to him.

Once again, Ye Mo searched the ship carefully with his spirit sense but still didn't find anything.

Right when Shen Qianqian came back with five chips, she saw Ye Mo frown up before he could even take the chips. "What's wrong?" Shen Qianqian asked.

Ye Mo saw that the man he wanted to approach was leaving his seat and went to the bar not far away.

Ye Mo coughed and said, "You go bet at the innermost table, I'm going to the bathroom."

Shen Qianqian looked at Ye Mo speechlessly and could only come to the table herself. She couldn't follow Ye Mo to the bathroom, could she?

Although she went to the table, Shen Qianqian did keep her eyes on Ye Mo and noticed that he wasn't going to the bathroom. Instead, he went to the bar.

That man ordered a glass of red wine and started chatting with the waitress.

Soon, Ye Mo noticed that the man had already glanced twice at a woman sitting in one corner. The girl looked very academic and had a cup of juice in front of her. The girl looked a little shy and seemed like the well-educated type. Accompanied with her sturdy and busty chest, she would make people want to do anything for her.

'So he came to chat up girls?' That's what Ye Mo thought, so he walked up to that girl without hesitation. At the same time, he kept his spirit sense on the man. The man was dazed but immediately returned to normal and casually chatted with the waitress, but Ye Mo knew that he had looked at him more than once.

The girl saw Ye Mo walk up to her and sat down. She was dazed and said in a soft and slow voice, "Sir-"

Ye Mo smiled, "Beautiful lady, thank you for calling me 'sir' - although I look a bit rough, I actually am indeed a very gentle man. I saw you sit here all by yourself, so I came to drink with you. You wouldn't mind, right?"

"Why would I, please have a seat." The girl blushed and was seemingly at a loss about where to place her hands, but there was a small smile on her face.

Ye Mo laughed to himself. This girl was interesting - she blushed from talking to strangers. What Ye Mo wanted was for the man at the bar to come up to him and save the girl. Then he would be able to look for trouble with the man without his friends suspecting him.

And thus, Ye Mo closed in on the girl and suddenly grabbed her hand, "Let me start the introductions. My name is Mo Ying, what is yours?"

"Ah!" The girl seemed startled by Ye Mo and quickly wanted to pull back her hand, but Ye Mo didn't let go. He kept his spirit sense on the man at the bar.

But for some reason, the man didn't come.

Had he misjudged something? Ye Mo let go of the girl's hand and sat down in disappointment.

Seeing this, the girl quickly said, "Euhm, my name is Sally. Sorry, but I don't really like doing that with strangers..."

Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand, "No problem, I just like being straightforward. If there's a girl I like, I will chase after her, and unless-"

Ye Mo wanted to say 'I won't leave unless I get the girl', but he suddenly paused. He thought something wasn't right. This girl was already blushing after exchanging only one sentence with him, she clearly appeared very conservative.

But when he'd held her hand, she had only blushed and hadn't had any other signs. Her pulse and heartbeat should've risen, but that didn't happen.

This girl was problematic - her blushing was fake.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo sat down and grabbed her hand again, smiling, "So, unless I get the girl, I won't stop."

At the same time, Ye Mo scanned the girl's body. Usually he didn't do that, but now that it was necessary, he did.

Ye Mo scanned her body but never scanned below her waist, because he didn't need to. He had found the box again - it was in this girl's bra!

Ye Mo wanted to laugh. He finally found it. No wonder that man kept looking over, they were conspirators. He wondered if that short, black man was with them too.

Ye Mo's spirit sense noticed another thing: the girl also had a Black Sun Badge in her bra which belonged to the Black Sun Empire.

So it was an old enemy! Ye Mo sneered. Seeing the girl silently pull her hand away, he scanned the man too, and the man also had a Black Sun Empire badge. Furthermore, Ye Mo noticed small black dots in each of their ears. Those had to be communication devices.

"Don't do this! I'm leaving." The girl pulled her hand away and wanted to get up to leave.

How could Ye Mo let her go just like that? Ye Mo would've taken the box out already if he wanted to, but he now wanted to put a spirit sense mark onto it to see where the HQ of the Black Sun Empire was.

"Sorry, I just like you too much. If you don't mind, give me the honor of one hug, and I will leave immediately," Ye Mo suddenly got up and said seriously.

Ye Mo was sure she wouldn't reject that request.
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