Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Not Impossible

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As Ye Mo expected, that academic-looking girl had a look of struggle in her eyes but eventually just looked down and didn't say anything.

Ye Mo smiled and walked to her side, but before he even hugged her, she put one arm in front of her chest. Other people would think that she was protecting her chest, but both Ye Mo and her knew fully well that she was protecting what was hidden in her bra.

Ye Mo grabbed the arm in front of her chest and lifted it up a little, just enough to block her vision, before saying, "Why are you so nervous? I just wanted a quick huh."

Ye Mo wasn't interested in hugging that type of woman. He just acted as though he did and took the thing out as quickly as he could. Then, he also put a spirit sense marked piece of gold inside.

It was the Five Element Rock indeed! Ye Mo was very excited. He dumped the rock in his ring and was no longer in the mood to talk to the woman. With his spirit sense markon her, she wouldn't be able to escape.

Seeing Ye Mo move aside without really hugging her like he said, the girl felt strange and looked up at Ye Mo in confusion. Ye Mo smiled, "I like people with initiative. With those who aren't willing, I won't force it. Since you don't like me, then never mind. I'll be in the casino, so if you want to come find me, you can come over at any time."

Then, Ye Mo left.

The woman looked on as Ye Mo left. Her face kept changing before she finally felt her chest and saw that the thing was still there. Then, she left.

As the man Ye Mo cared about saw Ye Mo and the girl leave, he also got up and followed Ye Mo.

Even though Ye Mo had left, he kept his spirit sense on that woman. He knew that the woman would meet up with her friends soon. What was left for him to do now that he had the Five Element Rock was pretty easy.


When Ye Mo came to the casino, he saw Shen Qianqian sitting pitifully in a corner with only one chip in her hand. There had only been six people at the table before, but now there were thirteen.

"Why aren't you betting anymore?" Ye Mo asked.

Shen Qianqian said speechlessly, "If you still hadn't come, I would've changed the chip back to money. This is my last 10 million. If I lose it, I won't have anything on me except for some small change."

"You lost 40 million in one go? Also, don't tell me you only have this card?" Ye Mo was surprised to see Shen Qianqian's 'talent' for gambling.

Shen Qianqian shook her head, "I didn't lose it in one go, it was in 4 goes."

Ye Mo was speechless. Was there a difference?

Seeing Ye Mo's silence, Shen Qianqian spoke again, "I can really only use this card, and that's only because I opened it in Switzerland myself. My cards in China- Nevermind that."

At that moment, the man following Ye Mo also came to that table. He didn't seem to pay any heed to Ye Mo and just squeezed in.

The dealer saw the man come over and quickly moved aside, giving him his position. 'So they're together,' Ye Mo thought and scanned to see the man had a Black Sun Empire emblem.

Ye Mo sneered.

"Give me the chip, I will bet." Ye Mo took the chip from Shen Qianqian.

Shen Qianqian hesitated before saying, 'I only have this chip left, how about we switch it to ten chips of one million?"

She was scared that Ye Mo would lose it all in one go, and if Ye Mo really had no money on him like he said, then it wouldn't be good when they got to the island and she didn't have anything either.

"No need, what are the rules here?" Ye Mo asked.

Shen Qianqian saw people come over and quickly said, "You bet on small or big, not on a specific number, so the odds are 1 to 2. However, if you bet on the tiger, you lose almost for sure. Only throwing 18 counts as a tiger. The other tigers aren't admitted here."

Ye Mo saw the man with three dice and didn't expect that the odds of losing a bet on tiger would be so high. Conversely, it now seemed that he would only need to bet once.

The man picked up the black dice and put them in the cup. Many people started to focus their ears, but Ye Mo didn't mind that and said to Shen Qianqian, "Don't worry, I'll just bet this once."

Shen Qianqian sighed, thinking, 'You only have one chip, even if you wanted to bet more, you would need more money first.'

Suddenly, the man put the cup on the table.

Many people started to place bets and soon there were tens of millions on the table.

Ye Mo took out the 10 million chip and put it on the tiger.

Ye Mo's actions shocked Shen Qianqian. She quickly pulled Ye Mo back, "I've never seen a single tiger come out, you-"

"Haha, I know! But since I said that I'm only betting once and since the tiger has the highest reward, I want to go for it and try to win as much as possible." As soon as Ye Mo said this, the people around him were speechless.

The dealer stayed calm. He didn't believe anyone could cheat under such circumstances.

Although no one said anything because they didn't want to offend Ye Mo, many people did laugh at his insolence.

However, the few people who knew that Ye Mo had gone out with Yan Wuliang yet had still been able to come back fine knew that he was no simple character.

"Nevermind, do as you wish. The money is yours anyway," Shen Qianqian uttered speechlessly.

Ye Mo smiled and didn't say anything. He could see that it was an 8 inside the cup and that the three dice were stacked on top of each other, but to Ye Mo it was all too easy to make it three sixes.

In order to ensure fairness, usually, a third party would remove the cup, and they wouldn't be allowed to use their hand. The bets were made, and the cup was about to be removed as the dealer smiled. He wasn't afraid of Ye Mo leaving. Once you were in the casino, if you had money, you would want to continue if you lost. It was addictive. The dealer knew what the result of his shake was: one six and two ones. The six was on the very top and the dice below were the ones.

The cup opened, and the very top was indeed a six. The one opening the cup was a young girl. When she carefully took away the first die, a second six was revealed! The scene was in an uproar.

Two sixes - if there was another six, that would be a tiger.

Seeing the second six, the dealer's face changed. He had clearly shaken so that the second die would be a one. How was it a six? He was sure that no one should have been able to do anything, but the fact was that someone did.

There was a master there! Before the man could stop the girl, the girl moved away the last die.

Three sixes - it was a tiger! An explosion of disbelief spread around the table.

No one would believe that a tiger could have appeared without foul play, but the only person who could have wanted to cheat was the big bearded guy, but he had been nowhere near the table.

Shen Qianqian looked at the three sixes, and it took her a long while to react. Her face got red with excitement, and she even hugged Ye Mo.

That win was 500 million USD! That was an unimaginable fortune to her.

She had been working tirelessly in the Shen family for so many years and had only managed to earn 200 million. Yet now, Ye Mo won 500 million in an instant.
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