Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Hes Too Eerie

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo had arrived at the airport and was squeezing to the front as quickly as he could.

As the passengers got off, Ye Mo felt more and more uneasy. He didn't see Luo Ying, and he trusted that Jingwen wouldn't lie to him.

Ye Mo no longer had the mood to wait, so he went inside in invisibility mode. When he scanned the area with his spirit sense, he didn't find Luo Ying. Luo Ying had never taken the plane!

He didn't call back to Su Jingwen, because if Luo Ying went back she would notify him right away.

Thinking like that, he immediately went to the largest office around.

In there, a fat guy was rabidly kissing a woman in professional clothes.

Ye Mo's sudden appearance scared him almost into impotence. Without thinking, he pushed the woman away.

When he saw it was just some big bearded dude, his face went cold, and he said, "Who are you? Who let you come here?"

Ye Mo pointed his bulletless gun at the mam's head and said, "Search as fast as you can why someone called Luo Ying didn't get on the plane from Ning Hai to Jing City."

"Don't shoot, I'll look immediately!" The fat man saw the gun and immediately pissed himself.

"Hurry up!" Ye Mo saw the man's shaky hands and yelled impatiently.

"Yes, yes." Although he was very nervous, he worked very fast.

The woman also didn't dare move from the couch at the sight of a gun.

"The person called Luo Ying didn't get on the plane. She didn't refund the ticket in Ning Hai either." The fat man truly was rather efficient.

Ye Mo said coldly, "Call Ning Hai to check if she went on another plane."

"Yes, I will." The fat man wasn't that shaky anymore.

A few minutes later, he wiped his forehead and said, "Luo Ying bought a last-minute ticket to Beijing. She should be almost in Beiji-"

Before the fat man finished, he saw that the big bearded man had disappeared. He rubbed his eyes - was he hallucinating just then? But soon, he just breathed a sigh of relief and made up his mind to lock the door next time. If this happened a few more times, he truly might remain impotent for life.

Beijing, Qing Hong Airport, a plane from Ning Hai had just landed.

When Luo Ying walked out, her beauty caught everyone's eyes. All eyes stared at this magnificent lady.

But Luo Ying was just pretending to look around. She didn't know if they had noticed that she had realized that their 'Ye Mo' was fake, so she had to pretend and keep looking for him. At the same time, she started to call Ye Mo. She didn't know what they would do to her, but for some reason they hadn't attacked yet.

Luo Ying hadn't even unlocked her phone yet when a handsome man walked up to Luo Ying and took out a name card, "You're the most elegant girl I've ever seen, and I hope my sudden approach won't disturb you, but I'm Zhuo Mingxi from Lanye Corporation. I have studied in France and now I'm the manager of the research department in Lanye Corporation. What's your name?"

"Oh, please wait a second." Luo Ying didn't take the card and casually took out her phone instead. Usually, she would ignore someone like him, but she didn't know if the man was with that group of people or not. She needed to call Ye Mo.

"Okay." Seeing that Luo Ying didn't reject him and just told him to wait, he felt very happy and waited on the side like a gentleman. He could swear he had never seen a girl as excellent as her in his life.

There were a lot of girls chasing after him, and although many of them were pretty, they were like a speck of mortal dust compared to this girl. If he could get this girl's love im exchange, he would even be willing to give up his managerial position or being the successor of the Zhuo family. This girl was too pretty, she was a goddess!

Luo Ying felt very strange. She was sure that those people were after her. How come they still hadn't done anything this long after she got off the plane? She had even hidden the pistol in her sleeves already.

Luo Ying knew that her power was too low and that even if only someone like Dai Heng came, she wouldn't be able to deal with it.

But then she suddenly noticed a big bearded man. What made her focus on him wasn't the beard but the eyes - ever since the events in that village, she would never forget those eyes again.

His eyes and that feeling of intimacy he gave off made her want to run to him instantaneously.

Ye Mo and Luo Ying had the sudden feeling of wanting to cry. She had only separated with Ye Mo for a short while, but it felt like an eternity.

The moment he saw Luo Ying, Ye Mo felt someone was watching him. Although he could check it out, he didn't, because that wasn't what mattered in that moment. As long as he saw Luo Ying, it was fine. No matter what was up, he had to embrace her first.

At the same time, one man who was prepared to rob Luo Ying's phone and his three teammates who were prepared to attack Luo Ying as she chased her phone stopped their actions. They had received a message saying that they were to stop the plan and immediately retreat.

They didn't know why they were ordered to stop when the plan was already 80% done, but they immediately did as told nonetheless and got out of the airport.

Meanwhile Luo Ying couldn't hold herself back anymore and quickly ran into Ye Mo's arms.

"Susu, I'm here."

"En, I know."


Zhuo Mingxi looked on dumbly at the big beard hugging that goddess. He felt like his brain was lacking oxygen.

Such a goddess was hugging this ugly bearded guy? This was planting a flower in cow dung!

Everyone nearby also looked at this scene in a daze. They felt like their heart was going to shatter.

After a long while, Zhuo Mingxi came to the conclusion that the goddess must have been tricked. As long as he confronted the big beard, she would know who to choose.

Thinking like that, he took out his name card and walked up to Luo Ying and Ye Mo, saying, "I'm Zhuo Mingxi, Lanye Corporation's Head of Research."

Ye Mo didn't want to talk to him, but hearing the corporation's name he took the card and said, "Oh, I've heard of this company."

Then, he pulled Luo Ying's hand, "Let's go, tell me everything later."

Zhuo Mingxi was left standing there in a daze.


Not too long after that, in a certain mansion in Beijing, a few people were sitting down together. The one who looked like Ye Mo on the plane had pulled off his mask and was making a call.

"The plan has been aborted. Yes, I did see the man. I'm sure now that that was Ye Mo - he's with Luo Ying. Yes, I am certain. They hugged each other as soon as they saw each other." The man's tone was very serious, but he was also shaky.

Those who knew him knew that his hands wouldn't shake even when he killed multiple people yet now, his hands were actually shaking.

"No, I am sure that one hour before that he was still in Jin City, yet he appeared in Beijing's Jing Hong Airport. This should be impossible, yet it happened. Everything was going very well according to the original plan, and I can say that if he hadn't appeared, we would've succeeded and I wouldn't have had to order the stop. He is just too eerie." The man's hands were still shaking.

Suddenly, the man's tone went high too, "No, he didn't take the plane here, I am certain of that. Yes, I suspect that he has some small flying device, but I haven't seen it. Okay, what should we do next?"
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