Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 641

Chapter 641: Ghost Island

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Ye Mo conjectured that it might be a Northern Sand base.

Han Zaixin continued, "A few months ago, a fast jet ski appeared near the Beaufort Sea with a man nearing death on it. The jet ski went past a cruiser, and the man was saved.

The first thing he asked for when he could move again was a computer. With it, he sent out a massive amount of images and intel, all about research data of some labs under the Ice Helm Island. A group of scientists was researching all sorts of crazy weapons there. The intel that mam sent out was only a small part of it, yet it had huge worth.

Shockingly enough, one of the images was of a flying saucer in the making. That wasn't a flying saucer though, it was the Space Flower.

Ye Mo understood that someone else must've escaped from Northern Sand, and that person must have wanted to relay this information to the world in order to stop Northern Sand.

Han Zaixin said solemnly, "I think you already know, but that was a Northern Sand base, and that man was someone who ran away from Northern Sand. Although I don't know how he got out, but Northern Sand is indeed building weapons that can threaten the whole world in that base. Now, before the man could finish sending the images, the cruiser was rammed and sank into the ocean."

"Rammed? Not attacked by a weapon?" Ye Mo asked in wonder.

Han Zaixin shook his head "Indeed, it's as though it rammed into a reef and the cruiser just sunk. A small part of the people on board survived, but the man who escaped also sank with the cruiser, and the data in his hands was lost."

"But because of all that data being sent out, many countries sent men wanting to get their hands on the Space Flower or on the other weapons, right?" Ye Mo sneered.

Han Zaixin smiled bitterly, "After that happened, Russia, the US, and Canada sent out ships immediately. The Ice Helm Island base did blow up most of its facilities and managed to transfer some important things, but they were too short on time. Russia's and the US's ships started to attack the island pretty soon.

Meanwhile, the island seemed to be meant only for doing research and had no military power. Hence, it didn't take long to kill off all resistance. But then Russia and the US didn't find anything, except for the remnants of the Space Flower."

"Since they didn't find anything, why were people still sent over?" Ye Mo asked in wonder.

Han Zaixin sighed, "Because Northern Sand didn't have enough time to evacuate completely, and no one believed that Northern Sand would have destroyed all that valuable research unless it was really their last moment. They believed the person keeping the data must've hidden somewhere. More and more countries wanted to join the party, and they eventually came to the common ground that each country would form a special squad to send onto the island. The deal was that as long as there were no radiation or human-race-endangering weapons, then each country got whatever their squad found."

"Did none of the special forces make it out alive?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

Han Zaixin nodded, "Indeed, not a single country's squad came back. More people were sent in later, but those also disappeared. With more and more people disappearing, many countries have started to quit. If it wasn't that so many people might somehow still be alive on the island, perhaps the island would have been blown to nothing already.

Ye Mo immediately felt that something was wrong. First of all, how could an organization like Northern Sand let someone escape again after Ye Xing's escape? And this escapee even brought out large amounts of intel. Secondly, although Ice Helm Island was pretty big, it was still only an ice island. There were no forests, how could people disappear so easily?

Thirdly, the Union that had formed would at most propose to form an international squad to go in and search such an important place, how could they agree to let all those different countries go in and play finders keepers? This wasn't a child's game. The main thing was that no one had gone missing before those elite squads went in. Only afterwards did strange things start to happen.

"Who brought up the idea of sending in elite forces?" Ye Mo asked.

Hearing this, Han Zaixin looked at Ye Mo in shock and said, "When the elite forces started to go missing, others also started getting suspicious, but then the senator who had brought up the suggestion suddenly died."

Ye Mo fell into contemplation. The squads the countries sent out would undoubtedly be the elite of the elite. If this really had been a trap, why would Northern Sand want these elites? They weren't scientists.

Han Zaixin suddenly said, "Although Northern Sand has abducted scientists before, they never tried to abduct any of our special forces' elites. Perhaps this has nothing to do with Northern Sand? Maybe something happened with the island."

Ye Mo had thought as far as well and shook his head, "You're right. They wouldn't do that, because it would be pointless. Even if they could use them to train stronger people, even if they could assassinate preside-"

Ye Mo stopped there. What if they wanted to assassinate Ye Xing? Ye Xing's use to Luo Yue was no less than Ye Mo's. Without Ye Xing, Luo Yue might have lost last time.

But then, Ye Mo thought that perhaps he was thinking too much. No one should know that Ye Xing was in Luo Yue.

But what if Northern Sand did know? Ye Mo knew that his theory was a bit absurd, but what if Northern Sand was really doing all that to kill Ye Xing?

At the last Luo Yue battle, Luo Yue dominated the scene when no one could match Luo Yue's electronic interference machine which had been designed by Ye Xing. Would Northern Sand suspect that Ye Xing had run over to Luo Yue from that?

Even if they wanted to assassinate Ye Xing, it wouldn't be easy. Random people wouldn't even be able to get near the core region of Luo Yue.

Unless Luo Yue suddenly fell apart, but unless there was another war how could Luo Yue fall apart?


Ye Mo thought of the recent attacks on his businesses. If Northern Sand was behind that, then there really might be war coming soon. If Luo Yue fought with a bunch of other countries then no matter how strong it was, there was a limit to how many countries it could take on at the same time.

As Ye Mo thought about all that, he suddenly felt cold sweat run down his back. If that had been planned out step by step by Ye Mo's enemy, then that enemy was too calculative. People like that did exist, for example Dongfang Xi, but it was destined that there would never be a lot of people like that at the same time.

All that just to attack Ye Xing? Ye Mo shook his head - he knew he was thinking too much after all. There couldn't be a plan betting on so many coincidences. Even if they wanted Ye Xing, they wouldn't do all this.

But no matter what, Ye Mo still had to call Xu Yuehua, Xu Ping and Ye Xing.

Just as Ye Mo was prepared to call Xu Yuehua, his phone sounded first.
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