Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 642

Chapter 642: Private Gathering

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Xu Yuehua was calling. Ye Mo said, "Sister Yuehua, I was just about to call you. You go first."

"President, the Indonesian government doesn't seem to want to comply. Instead, they are ordering warships from a few western countries," Xu Yuehua said.

If he hadn't heard Han Zaixin's words, Ye Mo would have started a war without hesitation. Indonesia wasn't that strong, but now Ye Mo had to be careful. Even if he was to start war, he had to make sure to protect Ye Xing and the others.

"How are you dealing with this?" Ye Mo asked after thinking for a moment.

Xu Yuehua immediately replied, "The rest of the countries that had discord with our business have negotiated conditions and we reached a common ground. Only Indonesia and Philippines won't budge. They don't want to resolve the conflict at all. We've put on hold all cooperation projects, so they are currently asking for compensation."

"Okay," Ye Mo nodded. Luo Yue wasn't afraid of Indonesia or the Philippines.

"You did well, Luo Yue will now active the war protocol. Tell Ye Xing about this as well. I will be more specific when I come back. And one more thing, increase Luo Yue's security. Make sure not a single person comes in and out without notifying us. Especially Ye Xing, tell him to stay safe. I suspect some people break into Luo Yue. Tell Second Brother this too," Ye Mo said.

Xu Yuehua said, "After what happened with our outlets, Luo Yue has already increased security. Don't worry, I know."

Ye Mo was very satisfied with how Xu Yuehua was handling things. Just when he was going to hang up, Xu Yuehua started speaking again, "And there's one more thing I need to tell you. Liang Jun and Lu Na recently have been acting a bit dodgy. They want to go visit their homes, so I said we'll decide once you come back."

Ye Mo's heart sunk, he had a bad feeling. Liang Jun and Lu Na were two of Luo Yue's scientists, they were a couple. They had even brought Luo Yue's new nuclear fission element. Most importantly, they had ran away from the Asian Northern Sand base. They wouldn't want to be caught again, so why were they choosing to leave Luo Yue at a time like this?

No matter what, he had to go back and ask them. Ye Mo immediately said, "They can't leave Luo Yue now, you must wait until I get back. I suspect this is someone's trap, they might've been tricked."

"Okay, I know." Xu Yuehua hung up and immediately sent orders.

Han Zaixin heard Ye Mo's words and said, "I know you're very busy right now, but if you need any help with Luo Yue I can ask the President. Still, Luo Yue doesn't need our help for technology, theoretically, China is always with Luo Yue. If it wasn't due to all sorts of reasons, we could even help you in the war with Indonesia."

Ye Mo heard this and was grateful. He knew that what Han Zaixin offered couldn't be done, but he did seem genuine. He was saying that he wanted to help from the bottom of his heart but he couldn't really send out troops due to his responsibilities.

"Ye Mo, let's go back first since there's trouble," Luo Ying was a bit worried. She knew that Luo Yue was Ye Mo's base. All his friends and family were there, if something happened to it, it would be a big blow to him.

Ye Mo nodded. He had to deal with these things first before he could help Han Zaixin.

Han Zaixin knew what Ye Mo was thinking and said, "You can go back and take care of the matters with Luo Yue first. The Ice Helm Island issue started some months ago, it doesn't matter if we put it aside for a few more days."

At this moment, Ye Mo's phone sounded again. It was Xu Yuehua again, but her tone was very desperate. She told Ye Mo that Liang Jun and Lu Na had left Luo Yue that morning. They were headed to Sri Lanka.

"Immediately lock down Luo Yue and control all the sea routes." Ye Mo knew that their departure would only get Ye Xing exposed. They might even spill out some of Luo Yue's military structures. In order to prevent similar things happening again, Ye Mo asked Xu Yuehua to lock down Luo Yue without hesitation.

After finishing this call, Ye Mo got up and said to Han Zaixin, "Elder Han, I will definitely remember to go the Ice Helm Island. I will go after the problems with Luo Yue are solved. Zhang Jue and Li Hu are my friends, I won't leave them like that."

Han Zaixin knew that Ye Mo was so busy that it was already significant that he had agreed to help him. It was unrealistic for him to put aside Luo Yue matters just to go immediately.

Ye Mo left with Luo Yue, he wasn't even in the mood to ask about the ores. He needed to get back to Luo Yue and solve these issues as soon as possible.

Luo Ying suddenly realized that she should start cultivating more, otherwise she wouldn't be able to help Ye Mo at all. Since Ye Mo had chosen to build with his strength his own city, she should help him and not be deadweight.

As though he knew what Luo Ying was thinking, Ye Mo squeezed her hand and said, "Susu, don't worry, I will deal with this. Also, there's something I've been too scared to tell you about."

Ye Mo finally found an opportunity to tell her about Ning Qingxue.

Luo Ying saw Ye Mo's awkward expression and covered his mouth with her hand, "Don't tell me now, let me go see her first."

This made Ye Mo feel even more awkward. He had thought Luo Ying didn't know about it, but she did. It must have been Beiwei, that girl!

"Ye Mo," someone calling his name made him go back to reality.

He had been so concentrated that he hadn't even noticed someone approaching him.

But he could see who it was now. It Wang Ying. He met her everywhere. There were two people next to her, and one of them was Su Jingwen's cousin Su Mei. Ye Mo didn't really like her, but that was in the past.

"Wang Ying, how come I end up seeing you everywhere, don't you need to work?" Wang Ying was someone Ye Mo could relax around since she was quite open, so it didn't matter if he joked with her.

"Is that your girlfriend?" Wang Ying looked at Luo Ying in shock, wondering where had Ye Mo found such a beautiful girl to be his girlfriend.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, she's Luo Ying. Luo Ying, this is my college classmate Wang Ying, she has helped me many times."

"Hello, Luo Ying," Wang Ying was a little nervous speaking to such a goddess.

"Hello," Luo Ying said.

"By the way, this is Su Mei and her friend. Do you still remember her?" Wang Ying said while pointing at Su Mei and the other person.

Ye Mo smiled, "Of course, long time no see."

"Hello, Ye Mo, your girlfriend is so pretty." Su Mei felt very strange, she had looked down on Ye Mo before, yet he had such a pretty girlfriend. That girl, Luo Ying, was probably prettier than Ning Qingxue, he was really lucky.

Wang Ying saw that the atmosphere was a little awkward so she quickly said, "By the way, the handsome and bulky Wang Xu Brother is back today. He's going to be developing his career in Beijing, so he's inviting everyone to eat. You can join later on too, it's at the Kai Yuan Restaurant, right in front of us. Many elite members of Beijing are coming. Ye Mo, if you're going to develop your career here, you must come tonight."

Ye Mo smiled, "I won't go, I still have some things to take care of with Luo Ying. Have fun!"

He had heard of Wang Xu before, Ye Mo had a good impression of him.

"That's a pity. If sister Luo Yue came tonight, she would be the number one goddess," Wang Ying said.

Luo Ying suddenly said to Ye Mo, "Ye Mo, I just saw a person go into that restaurant. He was the person who pretended to be you on the plane. Although he took the mask off, I'm sure it's him."

If that was the case, then no matter how busy he was, he had that time to spare. He immediately said to Wang Ying, "Okay, but we don't have an invitation, could you get us in?"
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