Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Piss Off

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Wang Ying was happy that Ye Mo and the others would be joining. When they went inside, there were already quite some people there. As soon as they sat down, waiters started to serve wine and juices.

Wang Ying sat next to Luo Ying intentionally, she tried asking her about a lot of things but Luo Ying wasn't good at talking, so she ended up listening on the side. When Wang Ying spoke about Ye Mo's hardships in Ning Hai, Luo Ying would listen carefully and ask something occasionally. When she heard that Ye Mo had been kicked out of the Ye family and for a while hadn't had money for food, her eyes turned red.

Ye Mo looked helplessly at his big-mouthed friend, but he could only let her do as she pleased. At the same time, he kept his spirit sense on the man who had tricked Luo Ying to come Beijing. He didn't want to touch him for now, he would wait for the rest of his crew to come.

Su Mei looked at how Luo Ying acted around Ye Mo and suddenly felt uncomfortable. What did Ye Mo have? He was just an abandoned son that just knew how to act cocky. How had he gotten the love of someone as pretty as Luo Ying? Luo Ying was so pretty that she couldn't even get jealous.

"Ye Mo, long time no see. How did you get rich?" Ever since Ye Mo had rejected her initiation, she had been very unhappy.

Ye Mo noticed her condescending attitude, but he just smiled, "I'm doing a bit of everything now, I'm not really rich."

Su Mei sneered. He must've tricked Luo Ying into dating him, she was obviously just an innocent girl. She would expose him in front of her.

For a girl like Luo Ying, anywhere she went, she would be the center of attention.

A few men had already come over to talk to her, but one was specially audacious. He was a tall young man.

He carried a glass of red wine and came onto her like a gentleman. He bowed and said, "Hello, beautiful lady, I'm Wang Qianjun. Could I have the honour of knowing your name?"

Luo Ying frowned and thought that he was being rude. Couldn't he see she was talking to someone else? Wang Ying glanced at Wang Qianjun and suddenly felt that she shouldn't have called Ye Mo and Luo Ying there. There were a lot of people with whom Ye Mo couldn't mess.

Su Mei suddenly started to get interested. She had heard about Wang Qianjun, he was Wang Xu's cousin, and also a member of the Beijing Wang family, he had quite some status. He was very lustful and wouldn't pass by a beautiful lady like Luo Ying just like that. Su Mei really wanted to know what Ye Mo was going to so. The best outcome for her would be if Wang Qianjue took Luo Ying from Ye Mo in front of his face. That would please her the most.

Luo Ying just didn't reply. Wang Qianjun was about to speak again when Ye Mo said, "Wang Qianjun, I know you. Two years ago you encountered robbers on your way to Flowing Snake, you left your girlfriend with the robbers and ran away yourself. It's you, right?"

Wang Qianjun heard this and his face immediately changed. Who could know about this other than Xiao Lei? Did she tell anyone?

After hearing this, not only Wang Ying but Su Mei and other people looked at him in shock. When Ye Mo said this, Wang Qianjun's face had changed but he hadn't denied it, so people knew that it might be true.

Some girls immediately started looking down on Wang Qianjun. They hadn't expected him to be such a pig.

If that got spread, then no matter how tall, handsome and rich he was, no girl would really want to be with him. They would at most go for his money.

"Bullsh*t, who are you?" Wang Qianjun reacted. If Xiao Lei had told anyone, he wouldn't let her go, but when he realized that the Xiao family wasn't scared of the Wang family, he was unsatisfied.

Ye Mo sneered, "You ask me who I am? I'm someone who saw it with his own eyes."

"Yo- you're the one who got out of the Audi!?" Wang Qianjun recognized Ye Mo when he looked at him again. As soon as he said this, he realized that he was somehow admitting it.

Ye Mo smiled, "That's right, that was me. She was really unlucky to have met you."

"Ye Mo, you're right, it's indeed unlucky to know scum like him," a feminine voice sounded.

"Xiao Lei, what do you mean?" Wang Qianjun's face looked bad, he hadn't expected Xiao Lei to have come too.

"Scum, you have no right to ask what I mean! I really don't want to talk to someone like you. I was really blind in the past." Xiao Lei glared at Wang Qianjun and came up to Ye Mo.

"You have guts," Wang Qianjun looked coldly at Ye Mo and said.

Ye Mo sat down and didn't get up. He put down his glass of wine and said, "Piss off."

If he didn't have to check up on the man who didn't come out, Ye Mo would've kicked him already, but that would cause too much commotion.

"You!" Wang Qianjun wanted to rage but before he could, someone already pulled him aside and took his spot.

The person who pulled Wang Qianjun away didn't even look at him, and instead said joyfully to Ye Mo, "Haha- Young Master Mo, I didn't think I would see you at my welcome evening. I'm so lucky."

It was Wang Xu. Ye Mo had met him at Su Jingwen's birthday party.

Ye Mo got up and shook hands with him, "I just happened to see Wang Ying and decided to come over. Long time no see."

"Yes, long time no see. Oh, Journalist Xiao is here too, hello," Wang Xu looked at Xiao Lei.

In this moment Xiao Lei saw Luo Ying and asked Ye Mo, "Ye Mo, this is?"

"Oh, this is Luo Ying, my wife," Ye Mo held Luo Ying's hand and replied.

"Ye Mo, you're married?" Wang Ying and Xiao Lei asked at the same time.

Wang Ying had thought Luo Ying was Ye Mo's girlfriend. Xiao Lei was even more shocked. She had always thought that it would be Ning Qingxue who would marry Ye Mo, but it was this girl. Xiao Lei really wanted to ask what Ning Qingxue was going to do.

Although she wanted to ask really badly, she knew now wasn't the right time.

"Congratulations! I didn't think Young Master Mo was married," Wang Xu said in admiration.

"Wang Xu, today's the day you start working in Beijing. You're the next family leader that grandpa chose, you don't need to waste your time with irrelevant people," Wang Qianjun said.

Wang Xu seemed to have just noticed Wang Qianjun's presence. He just said coldly, "Piss off."

"You-" Wang Qianjun's expression changed. He didn't expect his cousin to be that rude, he was a direct cousin of the family lineage. How dare he insult him like this in front of a stranger? He looked hatefully at Ye Mo and left.

Su Mei was astonished. She really didn't understand how an abandoned son had managed to become close with Wang Xu.

Ye Mo looked at Wang Qianjun and sneered. He didn't say anything. If Wang Qianjun came looking for trouble, it would be like looking to be crushed.

Wang Xu ignored Wang Qianjun and said to Ye Mo and the others, "Have a seat, I need to greet some more guests."

Ye Mo nodded. Then, he saw another two people go into that room. From their faces he could tell that they already knew he and Luo Ying were there. Since they had come, it meant that they also knew Wang Xu.

"Luo Ying, you're really pretty, did you just marry Ye Mo?" Xiao Lei felt that she was simple compared to Luo Ying's beauty and felt a little sour.

Luo Ying smiled. That gesture was like a hundred flowers blooming, even Xiao Lei lost her mind for a second.

"Yes, Ye Mo said that when we go back we'll have a big wedding."
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