Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 644

Chapter 644: Luo Ying's Anger

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Together with the two men who entered the room, another man and woman also went inside. Including the first guy, there were five people in the room now. He actually knew the woman who just went in, she was Sister Ling, the one he had taken the Extreme Energy Stone from. Ye Mo had found out later on from Lu Na that she was her Sister Lu Lin.

Theoretically, she should've been punished by Northern Sand, so why was she still there? Moreover, the rest of the people seemed to be getting along well. The moment he saw Lu Lin, Ye Mo knew why Lu Na and her boyfriend had left Luo Yue - it was due to her sister.

Ye Mo felt something wasn't right. These people were undoubtedly from Northern Sand, but was Northern Sand really that easy to talk to?

The Extreme Energy Stone was too important, and Lu Lin had lost it, how could she still be fine? But no matter what, since he had seen Lu Lin there, then Lu Na might also come there. He just had to keep an eye on these people. He must not allow Lu Na to spill Luo Yue's security details, even though she didn't know much. Thinking about this, Ye Mo suddenly got up and said to Luo Ying, "Wait here for me, I have some business to take care of. I'll be back soon."

Luo Ying nodded, "Go, I will wait here for you." She of course knew what Ye Mo was doing, she was very confident in his power.

Ye Mo said goodbye to Wang Ying and Xiao Lei before leaving. He wanted to get inside to spy on them, but for that he had to go out first. He was sure that the Northern Sand people were watching him too, so he had to go out first and turn invisible before coming back inside.

"What is Ye Mo doing?" Xiao Lei asked.

Luo Ying smiled but didn't reply.

She wasn't good at lying, so she didn't say anything.

"By the way, Luo Ying, where are you guys planning to celebrate your wedding? Do you already have a date?" Xiao Lei asked again.

Luo Ying shook her head, "I don't know yet, whenever Ye Mo decides."

Hearing this, the other girls glanced at each other, they admired Luo Ying's beauty, but she was submissive in their eyes. Ye Mo was really capable, where had he found a girl like this? Nowadays, both parties negotiated on the wedding date.

Su Mei felt even more unsatisfied. She didn't know why, but the better Ye Mo was the more she was uncomfortable. Just when they were all chatting comfortably, she suddenly intervened, "Luo Ying, do you know about Ye Mo's past?"

Luo Ying smiled, "Wang Ying already told me, I already know everything."

"No, I'm not talking about that. A test at the hospital showed that Ye Mo was impotent." Su Mei wanted Luo Ying to leave him, so she had to do this while Ye Mo wasn't there.

Wang Ying's expression changed drastically, "Su Mei, why are you talking about this? Ye Mo is also our classmate."

Xiao Lei had investigated Ye Mo before, so she also got to hear about this. However, she cared more about a person's character, not about his physical conditions.

She also looked at Su Mei in confusion. Did she hate Ye Mo or something?

Luo Ying wasn't dumb. When she first saw Ye Mo and Su Mei together, she felt tension between the two of them, but Ye Mo didn't mention anything, and she stayed polite. But now Su Mei was talking behind Ye Mo's back which made her very angry.

She knew better than anyone else whether Ye Mo was impotent or not. She couldn't even take his fervor sometimes, yet Su Mei dared to say something like that about her husband. This made her angry immediately. At the same time, she felt Su Mei was really shameless. If Ye Mo hadn't told her to wait there, she would've left already.

She looked coldly at Su Mei, "You don't need to worry about my husband, that's my business. Also, I don't want to sit next to someone like you, please move aside."

Su Mei's expression changed. She hadn't thought someone as gentle as Luo Ying had this side.

Su Mei couldn't stay there anymore. She got up and pulled Wang Ying, "I'm leaving, are you coming?" Then, she left without waiting for a reply.

Wang Ying said helplessly to Luo Ying, "I'll go check on her."

Although she didn't like the way Su Mei was talking, she was her still good friend and she couldn't just let her leave like that.

When Wang Ying caught up with Su Mei, she said unhappily, "Luo Ying is like a goddess. Why did you say that? You went overboard."

Su Mei sneered, "I'm doing this for her benefit. It'd be such a waste if someone like her got tricked by Ye Mo, but now it seems like she deserves it."

"What's wrong with Ye Mo? I feel he's really nice, I really don't understand why you hate him. Also, he's not 'that' anymore," Wang Ying was angry.

"He's not? How do you know? Have you been to bed with him?" Su Mei was getting fired up too.

Hearing Su Mei's words made Wang Ying unhappy. "Don't say that, but Ye Mo is fine. His sister told me. So it's not like that, and I think you need to calm down."

Su Mei sneered, "Ye Ling is Ye Mo's sister, how would she know? Who are you lying to?"

Wang Ying was angry now too. She sneered, "Ye Ling's dormmate, Tian He, told Ye Ling, can that be fake?"

Su Mei suddenly took out her phone, looked at Wang Ying and said, "Wang Ying, I know you're trying to speak up for Ye Mo, but I happen to know Tian He. She's in the same company as me, I'll call her right now so you can hear for yourself."

Wang Ying was dumbfounded. She didn't understand why she was so serious about such a small matter.

Su Mei's call went through quickly, "Tian He, it's me, Su Mei. No, I just need to ask you a quick question about that guy Ye Mo. Yes, her brother. I heard that after a hospital check up, he was found to be- huh- you've heard about it too."

Su Mei looked satisfied at Wang Ying and continued, "Yes, I heard other people say the check up was fake. What? Is it really fake? How do you know? What did that pervert do to you- Uh, I know. Don't say that. How could I go to bed with him! Um- I'm just asking. Big, I don't like big."

Wang Ying looked at Su Mei, who looked like a defeated rooster, and said, "Su Mei, you're not from a small family, don't you know about family wars? Ye Mo was a sacrifice in one of those fights. Of course the check up is fake. Look at how happy his girlfriend Luo Ying is. Stop trying to change the facts, it's real. Let's go and apologize."

"I won't go apologize. Even if Ye Mo is fine, he doesn't even have a stable job. He doesn't deserve to be with a girl like her. It's like a flower planted on cow dung, yet that woman deserves it," Su Mei said in contempt.

Wang Ying shook her head and walked towards Luo Ying.

Ye Mo entered the room invisible and started to eavesdrop.

Their conversation was very succinct. They were indeed Northern Sand members and the person who had pretended to be him was called Captain Liu. Regarding the man and woman who had come in last, Lu Lin was the woman and the man was called Scorpion. The moment Ye Mo saw him, he knew that it was the guy that had been watching him at the airport. He only had Luo Ying in his eyes at the time and had ignored him.

"Ye Mo and Luo Ying are here, is that intentional?" Captain Liu asked.

Scorpion shook his head, "Probably not. They coincidentally met Wang Ying and Su Mei at the door and they brought them inside. It seems like he knows Wang Xu and they're quite clo-"

"Young Master Yong, don't be impulsive," Captain Liu stopped the white-skinned young man.

"That bastard broke my brother's legs. Our Dai family's enmity with him is deep like the sea!" the white man roared.
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