Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 645

Chapter 645: Ye Mo, who are you?!

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Ye Mo just realized that this Young Master Yong was Dai Heng's brother.

Other than that Captain Liu who was at the yellow level middle stage and the man who didn't talk who was at the yellow level latter stage, the other three were ordinary people.

Captain Liu waved his hand and seemed to have gotten some news. A moment later, he said, "Ye Mo just left. Only Luo Ying is still inside. Lu Na and Liang Jun will come to Beijing tonight, and we have arranged to meet at 2 a.m. outside the Yan Shui River, but Lu Lin must go."

Hearing this, Dai Yong got up suddenly, "Captain Liu, since Luo Ying is alone, we-"

He was stopped by Captain Liu, "I know you want that Luo Ying, but you can't now. Everyday Ye Mo is alive is a day you can't touch her, even if we capture her. Moreover, this is the Wang family's turf, and Wang Xu is close to Ye Mo. We can't do anything here even if the opportunity is right. Who knows if Ye Mo comes back suddenly. To be honest, we're not even big enough for him to care about killing us."

Ye Mo sneered. This handful of people was indeed not enough for him to kill. He could deal with them with just a couple of fireballs.

Ye Mo didn't want to keep listening anymore now that he knew where they would be meeting up. He would go to the river at night.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to leave, his spirit sense noticed that a waitress who was wiping a table had been wiping that table for a long time.

Ye Mo looked a bit closer, and she was very emaciated, and her face was covered in scars.

Ye Mo looked at her body, and her chest and back were also covered in scars.

Although her eyes looked really calm, Ye Mo could feel the hatred in her eyes. Ye Mo felt strange. The woman gave him a sense of familiarity, but he couldn't remember who she was.

Soon, Ye Mo saw a small black dot in her ears. It was a listening device. Ye Mo immediately thought to check the room those five people had been in and searched it with his spirit sense. Under one of the chairs, he found a listening device indeed.

So she was listening to those Northern Sand guys too! It was fine as long as she didn't get in his way. Ye Mo didn't keep looking at her and left.

When Ye Mo walked to the door, he saw a few people sitting around the same table as Luo Ying. Su Mei was also there, but Luo Ying's brow was frowned. The truth was that if Ye Mo hadn't told her to wait there, she would've left already.

Ye Mo knew all those people. Other than Qiu Zhitan and Han Dan, there was also Qiu Zhixue whom he almost gave a beating once.

Ye Mo had heard that Qiu Zhixue was the best in the young generation of the Qiu family, and the guy did have some brains as he didn't attack Ye Mo straight away back then at Wutong Restaurant, so he managed to avoid Ye Mo's wrath.

Ye Mo walked up to Luo Ying and said, "I'm back."

Seeing this, Luo Ying got up and held Ye Mo's arm. She really detested the people around her.

Su Mei sneered. The people who were there that day were all very powerful. They were people even Wang Xu couldn't be rude to. As for Qiu Zhixue, even Wang Xu's dad had to be careful in front of him.

Just when Qiu Zhirang and Han Dan were prepared to chat to Luo Ying, they saw Ye Mo and their hearts immediately skipped a beat. When they saw Luo Ying hold Ye Mo's arm, their faces went pale.

Han Dan was regretting so much that he wanted to disappear. If he knew Ye Mo was there, he wouldn't so much as show his face, if he would even come at all, yet now not only did he appear in front of him, he was also standing in front of his woman.

"Brother Ye." Han Dan looked down and greeted carefully.

"Young Master Mo." Qiu Zhirang didn't have his previous alpha male vibe anymore either.

"Young Master Mo, I didn't think you would be coming here. It's really an honour." Qiu Zhixue saw Ye Mo, and his face immediately changed, but his composure was good, and he quickly reacted and extended his hand towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and ignored him. Then, he scanned them and said, "What do you want to say here?"

"Um, nothing. We were just passing by and wanted to say hi to Journalist Xiao," Qiu Zhirang quickly explained.

"In that case, p*ss off already," Ye Mo said coldly.

"Yes, I will p*ss off immediately." Qiu Zhirang was scared that his legs would also be broken.

Although Qiu Zhirang didn't dare say anything, Qiu Zhixue's face was green. He didn't think Ye Mo would be that cocky. He clenched his fingernails into his palm, and blood even started dripping out a bit, but he didn't dare say no. If he did or resisted in any way, Ye Mo might even kill him. Ye Mo was a madman - a madman that no one could control.

"Han Dan, is there any good in hanging out with this scum everyday? Don't lose face for Han Zaixin. P*ss off too." Ye Mo felt annoyed thinking that Han Zaixin was trying to fight the Northern Sand people while his descendant was hanging out close to them.

"Yes, Brother Ye, I will leave immediately." Han Dan quickly left.

Qiu Zhixue also wanted to leave, but he was stopped by Ye Mo, "You wait, I still have something to ask you."

Although Qiu Zhixue wanted to shoot Ye Mo and eat his flesh on the spot, he had to stop and listen to Ye Mo.

Su Mei was astonished. These people who were too powerful for her to even talk to were acting like rats in front of a cat! Even Qiu Zhixue was like this. She didn't want to believe it, but that was the reality. How could Ye Mo do all that? Su Mei wanted to scream, 'Ye Mo, who are you?!' Wasn't he the abandoned son of the Ye family?

"Young Master Mo, I heard you're in Beijing, so I came to greet you! Haha, you're here indeed!" A man with a loud voice ran over.

Su Mei didn't know this person but from how everyone greeted him when he walked over, she knew that he was even more powerful than Qiu Zhixue.

Qiu Zhixue also greeted, "Chief Du, I didn't think you'd be here too."

"Oh, Zhixue, you're here too. Haha, I came to see instructor." The middle-aged man changed the title he used for Ye Mo.

"Yes, Young Master Mo was going to ask me to something, so here I am," Qiu Zhixue said.

Ye Mo smiled, "Captain Du, you got news from Elder Han, right? Also, don't call me instructor, that sounds too distant."

Ye Mo did indeed know Du Tao very well. He was Flying Snow's instructor and also the Vice Chief Commander of Beijing.
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