Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 647

Chapter 647: Real and Fake

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Other than the woman hiding in a ditch, there were two more people hiding near the banks, and Ye Mo could tell they were from Northern Sand.

The other four didn't wait for long before a subtle humming engine sounded from somewhere down the river. The sound was barely even noticeable.

Hearing it, the four immediately spread out as they watched the river carefully.

It was a small private yacht. As the yacht neared the bank, Ye Mo soon noticed that it was Lu Na and Liang Jun inside.

Lu Na carried a case out, but Liang Jun didn't leave the yacht and stayed on the ship.

"Lu Na, you're trustworthy indeed, but we didn't lie to you either. Your sister is here," Captain Liu said casually as he saw Lu Na get on shore.

Lu Na didn't reply, because even though she saw Lu Lin, Lu Lin was tied up with a piece of cloth in her mouth.

"Sister!" Lu Na felt relieved nonetheless.

Lu Lin struggled and made some sound, but it was useless.

"I've brought your sister here, and we didn't do anything to her. Where is the thing? We will trade at the same time. Of course, if you're willing to come back to Northern Sand, we welcome you girls!" Captain Liu laughed as he grabbed Lu Lin's chest.

Lu Lin immediately looked at Captain Liu in anger and whimpered.

Lu Na sneered, "You're that Captain Liu, right? Don't touch my sister. I brought the thing, but if you dare play any tricks, I can always make the thing in my hand explode."

"Very well, we just want the Qiang-265 data and the Luo Yue interference machine. You give me those, and I'll let you take your sister away immediately," Captain Liu said casually.

Lu Na immediately sneered, "Captain Liu, who do you think I am? I just joined Luo Yue and to be honest, if it wasn't for City Lord Xu being really nice to us, we wouldn't even have had a chance to leave the city. How can I get information on the interference machine? You overestimate me. I'm telling you now: I only have info on Qiang-265. I have the complete data, because my teacher discovered it."

Ye Mo suddenly told Luo Ying to wait and then went towards the yacht.

This Captain Liu was evil indeed - while he was negotiating with Lu Na, the two people hidden by the river had left, and they seemed to be going for Liang Jun.

Captain Liu suddenly ripped the clothes from Lu Lin's mouth, "Your sister isn't cooperating, so I have no other way."

"Don't," Lu Lin dodged captain Liu's hand and called out to her sister, "Nana, who told you to come? I told you I was fine! I didn't tell you to come," Lu Lin shouted worriedly.

"Sister, all is good as long as you're fine. Even if I have to risk my life, I will take you back. Before dad left, he said we should rely on each other for survival. I can't leave you behind!" Lu Na replied with red eyes.

Then Lu Na said to Captain Liu, "Let my sister go, and I'll give the thing to you immediately."

Captain Liu said to Lu Lin, "Persuade your sister. If she doesn't give us the Luo Yue interference machine then don't blame me for killing her too."

"Nana, if you brought it - then give it to him," Lu Lin said while signaling Lu Na with her eyes.

Lu Na didn't know what Lu Lin meant, and just when she was thinking about it, Lu Lin suddenly broke free from Captain Liu and charged towards Lu Na.

Captain Liu and co. were caught of guard and forgot to do anything, while Lu Na reacted immediately and ran to Lu Lin.

Ye Mo sneered. He was sure that Lu Lin had betrayed Lu Na. Otherwise, there was no way that that Captain Liu wouldn't react. But before knowing the exact situation, Ye Mo didn't move.

He really wanted to know how much intel Lu Na had brought out. If Luo Yue's important intel was that easily taken out, then that would mean they had a huge security risk.

However, what everyone didn't expect was that when Lu Lin was still two meters from Lu Na, a flying dagger shot out from a nearby ditch into Lu Lin's throat.

Lu Lin stopped in her tracks, and she subconsciously held her throat. She gurgled before falling to the ground.

"Sister!" Lu Na was dumbfounded by the scene and cried out.

"Nana, I'm right here, I'm not dead. I am your sister Lu Lin, that woman is a fake." A woman in black clothes came out with her eyes staring closely at Captain Liu and co.

Her voice was very coarse.

Ye Mo realized only then that this woman who had her face ruined was Lu Lin. No wonder she had shown such strong hate. Thinking about how that extremely busty woman became a bony woman with a destroyed face, Ye Mo felt a little sad. He knew that it was related to him. If it wasn't for him, Lu Lin wouldn't be in her current state.

"Sister?" Lu Na looked at that extremely thin person and couldn't connect it to her sister.

She was sure that Lu Lin never wore any disguises, so why did this woman say she was her sister? But she could feel the concern this black-clothed woman had for her.

"She underwent plastic surgery?" Lu Lin wondered.

Hearing this, Ye Mo realized it was no wonder he couldn't tell anything before.

"That day when you saw mother, don't tell anyone, only we can know." the black-clothed woman spoke while keeping her eyes on Captain Liu.

"Sister!" Lu Na finally realized that this disfigured person was her sister. She hugged her sister's back and cried.

The moment Lu Na hugged her, Lu Lin knew it wasn't good. Captain Liu and co. pulled out their guns and fired shots. Captain Liu sneered, "Lu Lin, even if you ran away, you still have to pay the price today."

Lu Lin immediately realized that she had been too excited. How could she hug her sister at this time? She would stop her sister from pulling out the knives.

But there was no medicine for regret in this world, and gunshots sounded loud and clear. She could even feel a bullet was flying towards them. She laughed in despair, 'So what if we die, it's worth it to die with Sister!'

However, even after many shots, Lu Lin and Lu Na were shocked to discover that they hadn't been shot and were still standing.

Not far in front of them, a figure stood there. Although it was night, Lu Na still recognized that it was Ye Mo. He had blocked all the bullets and saved them.

Ye Mo looked at the bullets and smiled to Captain Liu, "You're from Northern Sand, right?"

"It's you? Ye Mo, we didn't mess with you, so why are you fighting us again? We've already agreed to your conditions in Jiu Tang, haven't we?" Captain Liu saw Ye Mo, and his heart sunk to the bottom.

Ye Mo suddenly flicked out two bullets, and they pierced the heads of Scorpion and the yellow level tertiary stage man.

Seeing this, Captain Liu's heart went cold. Ye Mo was indeed a slaughter god.

"Didn't mess with me?" Ye Mo sneered and continued, "Who tricked Luo Ying to come to Beijing? Furthermore, Lu Na is a member of Luo Yue, and who tricked her here?"

Captain Liu opened his mouth but couldn't explain anything. He subconsciously looked at the river. Ye Mo sneered, "No need to look for them, they were freed from this world a step earlier than you."
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