Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Qingxues Anxiety

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Captain Liu knew he was over. When he was about to commit suicide, his face was kicked and the poison fell out together with his tooth. Before he fainted, he heard Ye Mo say, "Don't always pull that move. I really want to know what's the difference between you guys and the Black Sun Empire."

Luo Ying came over to Ye Mo's side.

When Lu Na saw Ye Mo, her heart also sunk. She knew her actions meant that she betrayed Luo Yue, but she soon remembered her sister and glanced at her again. When she saw the scars and how her face didn't have a single part of healthy skin, she couldn't help to cry.

At this moment, Liang Jun got off the yacht and came to Ye Mo. He knew Ye Mo, but he could only bow and then stand on the side.

After a long while, Lu Lin moved Lu Na to the side and bowed to Ye Mo, "Ye Mo, I've heard great things of you. Thanks for saving me and my sister."

Lu Na stood behind her sister without saying anything. Ye Mo thought it was strange her behaviour. No matter what, what Lu Na had done was betraying Luo Yue, why didn't she seem truly guilty?

Ye Mo scanned the case and found that other than a bomb, there was only a stack of strange useless papers.

So it was all fake. She had wanted to just take her sister and run without giving away Luo Yue's secrets, but she had underestimated North Sand too much. Even if she had brought the real things, she wouldn't have been able to get away if she hadn't encounter him.

"Sorry." Lu Lin knew that Ye Mo was a part of Luo Yue, but she didn't know which position he was at.

Ye Mo smiled, "Lu Na is one of Luo Yue's scientists. I trusted that she wouldn't actually bring our data."

Although Ye Mo knew that Xu Yuehua wouldn't let people access Luo Yue's secrets easily, Lu Na hadn't even brought the Qiang-265. He was very grateful for that.

Hearing this, Lu Na's eyes turned red. She had never really planned on taking the intel with her. Ye Mo had saved her life and Xu Yuehua treated her like a sister. How could she betray Luo Yue? Furthermore, she knew what spilling Luo Yue secrets meant. It would mean hundreds of thousands of lives.

How could she do that? She had thought Ye Mo would get angry, yet he forgave her without asking anything.

Lu Na didn't explain either. All was good as long as Ye Mo trusted her. She turned around and hugged Lu Lin, "Sister, why are you so skinny? How did these animals torture you? They truly are beasts."

Lu Lin smiled bitterly, "I'm just very happy that I get to see you. The physical pain doesn't mean much to me."

Ye Mo coughed and said, "This also concerns me. If it hadn't been for me, perhaps Lu Lin wouldn't have been tortured."

Lu Lin heard this and shook her head, "We were on different sides at the time, it has nothing to do with you."

Ye Mo didn't explain why it was related to him. He just took out a face preserving pill and said, "This is a face preserving pill, it can heal your face and lets you stay young forever. Take it as compensation."

"Huh!" Lu Lin hadn't expected that she could one day have such a powerful pill. She was dumbfounded.

She had heard of it, of course, but there were very few of them in the world. It was said that the princess of Northern Sand had gotten one, but Northern Sand had to spend many hundred millions to get it.

"Brother Ye, thank you," Lu Na thanked him. Then, she hurried her sister to go inside the yacht and take it.

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't going to punish them, Liang Jun finally could rest assured. He liked Luo Yue, but Lu Na had to save her sister, so he could only come with her.

After Lu Lin left, Lu Na noticed Luo Ying's presence, which confused her. She knew that Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo's wife, how was he with another woman now? Had he dumped Sister Qingxue?

However, she kept these thoughts for herself, she couldn't ask about it.

Half an hour later, Lu Lin took out a mirror and saw her recovered face. She immediately started crying out of happiness. Who would want to have their face destroyed? She was only a little skinnier, but she had much better temperament than before.

"Sister, are you okay now?" Lu Na charged inside and hugged Lu Lin again. Her sister was the only relative she had in this world.

"Where do we go now?" Lu Lin asked.

"Sister, come with Liang Jun and me to Luo Yue. It's really pretty and welcoming." Lu Na immediately thought of Luo Yue. They really didn't have anywhere else to go except there.

Lu Lin looked hopeful, "But, will Ye Mo agree?"

In that moment, Ye Mo walked inside with Luo Ying and smiled, "Of course, you can get a plane to Luo Yue tomorrow."

He had interrogated Captain Liu and the reason why they had gone after Lu Na. They had managed to contact Lu Na from her private social media account. This made Ye Mo feel that they should tighten Luo Yue's network security, but Ye Xing really couldn't do everything by himself.

Yet, Captain Liu was just a pawn and he only knew that the Dai family had joined Northern Sand.


That night, Ye Mo went back to Ning Hai and took his sister Tang Beiwei to Beijing, where he was going to leave her. Luo Yue was about to go to war, and he didn't want Tang Beiwei to be by herself in Ning Hai.

The next morning, Ye Mo went to visit Elder Han and scanned the rare ores' storage. He found another small piece of Geng Metal Essence and Blue Silver Sand.

He then took Luo Ying, Beiwei, Liang Jun and the Lu Sisters to Qing Hong Airport.

As soon as they arrived to the airport, they encountered Li Qiuyang. He had lost a lot of weight, he thanked Ye Mo for saving his life.

Li Qiuyang knew that other than Ye Mo, no one could help him. They weren't that close, yet Ye Mo had really helped him.

The Dai and Qiu family indeed didn't dare go against Ye Mo. They knew that even Northern Sand feared him, and that he had certain status in Luo Yue. Moreover, Ye Mo had just said to let Li Qiuyang go, so they didn't dare not to listen.

Ye Mo rejected Li Qiuyang's invitation because he realized it was his grandfather who was really inviting him.

Li Qiuyang sighed. He knew that the reason Ye Mo had saved him was because he had helped him a few times. It was impossible, at least for now, to ask Ye Mo to help the Li family.

There were still a few hours before the plane arrived to Luo Yue Airport but Ning Qingxue had gone very early. She was anxious. She was going to see Luo Ying today, and she hadn't thought of what to say to her aunt yet.
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