Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 649

Chapter 649: Together

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Immediately after Ye Mo left Beijing, everyone in Beijing got word of what had happened. That mattered especially to the Dai and Qiu family, because if Ye Mo left then that meant that he was keeping his word and wouldn't be intervening in the Beijing matters.

The Li family leader also sighed. Although he knew all along that Ye Mo wouldn't come, he was still very disappointed. If Ye Mo could so much as just have a chat at their house, it would be an immeasurable help even if he did nothing.

But after sighing, the Li family leader also rejoiced. It would make the Dai and Qiu family at least have some concerns that Ye Mo had saved Li Qiuyang.

Regardless, from how Ye Mo was able to order a plane to leave from Beijing to Luo Yue whenever he wished, one could guess that his status wouldn't be low in Luo Yue. After all, Luo Yue had been restricting flights ever since the vandalism at their international stores.

At the same moment, the Ye family was holding a very important meeting. After a few changes, the family leader position had come back to Ye Beirong. Although he really wanted to give it away already, Ye Zifeng whom he had chosen had already gone to Luo Yue.

To be honest, Ye Beirong didn't feel too well about Ye Mo having come to Beijing without visiting the Ye family. He knew that the Ye family owed the three siblings quite a bit.

Ye Wenque was Ye Beiguang's son. Because Ye Wenqi and Ye Wenjin left Beijing and died, he was the most important figure in the second generation.

Thinking similarly, he asked in confusion, "Uncle, Ye Mo is also a part of the Ye family, and the reason why our family is still in Beijing is greatly due to him. I'm sure that he's the reason why they didn't touch the Ye family. And now it is clear that Ye Mo has enmity with the Qiu and Dai family, and he even beats them without concern. Why then, are we still joining them to take on the Li family?"

Other people also looked at Ye Beirong after this question was asked.

Ye Beirong sighed. If Ye Wentian was alive, he would be able to see what his intention was. It seemed the Ye family was really falling.

He still had to answer though, so Ye Beirong said, "So you know that the reason why no one dared challenge the Ye family is due to Ye Mo. Hence without Ye Mo, although we won't be completely taken, we will no longer be able to be a part of the Five Big Families.

I don't think I have to tell you that other people can find out about the problems between us and Ye Mo. And we're just supporting the two families but not really doing anything. They know that too, but even if they know what our intentions are, they can't come and attack an ally. So we can only earn the greatest benefit if we support the two families."

"But if we support the two families, then won't we be fighting the Li family? Ye Mo can't be really happy about that, right?" Ye Wenque asked.

Ye Beirong shook his head, "You still haven't seen the essence of the matter - the Li family won't fight the Ye family. We aren't taking any real action against them and even if we did, they wouldn't fight us. They wouldn't want to leave a bad impression on Ye Mo. As for Ye Mo, he doesn't care about these sort of things at all. And even if he did, no matter what he thought of it, he wouldn't do anything to the Ye family."

Ye Long finally understood what the family leader meant.

The Li family would indeed not use their main force against the Ye family no matter which side the Ye family stood on. They might perhaps even help the Ye family in some ways, so it could be said that this was the best decision.

Knowing what Ye Long thought, Ye Beirong said, "I was very worried before when Luo Yue was developing in Flowing Snake, but now that they moved to Luo Yue and invented the most advanced defense system in the world, I can rest assured. Ye Mo is a prodigy, and everyone in the Ye family, including myself, missed that. It is also normal that Ye Zifeng didn't stay in Beijing as the family leader. It's only right that he and Ye Ling went to help their brother."

Ye Beirong paused - although he also really wanted to go to Luo Yue, he couldn't throw away his face, and his identity didn't allow him to do that. That's why he tried to protect the Ye family. When worst came to worst, they could become a commercial family like the Zhuo family.

The first person Ye Mo and Luo Ying saw when they got off the plane was Ning Qingxue. She seemed lonely standing there. Beside her was Silver, and it flew to Ye Mo as soon as it saw him.

The first feeling Ning Qingxue had when she saw Ye Mo and Luo Ying standing next to each other was that she was an extra. She was sour and wanted to run into Ye Mo's arms, but she couldn't move her legs.

Ye Mo could feel Ning Qingxue's anxiety, so he walked up to her and gently embraced her.

As Ning Qingxue hugged Ye Mo tightly, her mind went blank. She had thought of many possible scenarios for when they saw each other again, but now she didn't know what to say.

She remembered that Luo Ying was also there and immediately got out of Ye Mo's arms to find Luo Ying smiling at her on the side.

Ning Qingxue wiped her eyes and said worriedly to Luo Ying, "Aunty, I, I-"

Luo Ying had gotten a completely different view of Ning Qingxue after hearing about how she had risked her life to save Ye Mo. She walked up to Ning Qingxue naturally and held her hand, "Qingxue, are you still going to call me aunty? You should call me sister from now on."

Ning Qingxue looked up in joy, and all the worry and anxiety she had been having for the past time was gone. Although Ye Mo had told her that Luo Ying would accept her, when this day actually came, she was still full of surprise and joy.

"Sister Luo Ying-" Ning Qingxue's tone was shaky.

"Is it called Silver? It's so pretty!" Luo Ying held Ning Qingxue's hand and looked at Silver while it was hugging Ye Mo.

"En, it's called Silver. Ye Mo said it might be a blue phoenix, but it's plumage hasn't changed color at all," Ning Qingxue said.

Ye Mo held Silver and looked at the two girls next to each other, and his heart surged with an extreme sense of satisfaction.

Tang Beiwei stood at the back and sighed out of relief. She had been worrying about how things would go when Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue met. She didn't want to see either of them hurt.

Xu Yuehua and co. also breathed a sigh of relief. They had all come very early that day, but they knew that it was time for Ye Mo's two wives to meet each other, so they didn't dare interrupt and waited from afar.
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