Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 657

Chapter 657: Save Life
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

No wonder there had briefly been the smell of the ocean before then disappearing.

Ye Mo couldn't see the end of the tunnel even with his spirit sense, but that didn't matter much. He immediately proceeded rapidly through the tunnel after entering it, all the while keeping his spirit sense activated.

Soon Ye Mo realized that this tunnel definitely hadn't been dug out in a short time. It must have been at least a few months since it was dug out. Who would know to dig a tunnel there a few months beforehand? What did they want to do? Did these people foresee that Luo Yue was going to build a military camp there so they dug a tunnel? That was impossible.

The tunnel got more and more slanted the further Ye Mo went in, and water started seeping out - sea water. The tunnel was connected to the sea ahead.

Ye Mo stopped at the place with a lot of water and found that the ground seemed odd. There was a very strange entrance there. Suddenly, two black men crawled up from it.

Ye Mo moved aside, and after the two left the entrance, they quickly ran along the way Ye Mo came from, as though they had left something behind.

At that moment, Ye Mo realized that not only the entrance was slanted down, but the tunnel kept slanting down even further. A few hundred meters later, Ye Mo's spirit sense noticed a nuclear submarine. Its door was closed at the moment.

A nuclear submarine was hiding under Bali, and it had cheated Luo Yue's radar? Alarm bells immediately went off in Ye Mo's mind. Although Luo Yue's radar wasn't the most advanced in the world, how could a nuclear submarine be right under Luo Yue's fleet and not be caught? This was too absurd! What if they suddenly attacked? Did the sub belong to the US?

Ye Mo doubted it, because if the US's radar avoidance technology was this powerful, how could they lose everything in the last war?

He had to tell Ye Xing about it immediately. Only Ye Xing could think of a way to deal with it.

So this tunnel had been made in order to bring the people there to the nuclear submarine. And after the people entered the submarine, the tunnel could contract. Such an intricate design! The person who could think of this was no lesser than Ye Xing.

Since the submarine was there, the five missing people should be there too. Ye Mo's first thought was to rescue the people in the submarine because if he didn't, the US would use this matter as an excuse to start war.

But Ye Mo stopped in his steps. Those two men didn't walk back to the storage room and instead, they stopped halfway.

When one man pressed a remote controller another tunnel appeared out of the stone wall, leading to a room.

Ye Mo cursed - these people were too careful! If he didn't have his invisibility and without the right timing, he wouldn't even be able to find such things.

There were five people inside the room, three of which female and two male. Ye Mo realized that they were the missing tourists.

Ye Mo no longer had any intentions of going down to the submarine as he needed to save them first. The submarine was important and he might find the answers he needed on it, though, so he didn't want to startle anyone just yet.

Ye Mo marked the tunnel which lead to the submarine and quickly followed the two men into the room.

After Ye Mo went in, the two black men said something to the five captives, and three of them started trying to persuade the mother and daughter pair. Then, the five started arguing.

Ye Mo felt like that wasn't normal and started filming. After a while, the two black men walked out, but they didn't close the door. The argument was getting more and more heated until one man walked to the mother and slapped her!

Then, the man said something to the other man and woman and left the room with them. He closed the door. Now, there was just the British mother and daughter pair there. They looked more like sisters, though, and their age difference didn't seem to be big.

Ye Mo shook his head - he had decided to learn some other languages when he had the time. It wouldn't be hard for him anyways, and there was no reason for him to keep not understanding anything each time.

After the five people left and headed to the tunnel to the submarine, Ye Mo opened the door and walked in.

From what had just happened, it seemed the other three had been persuaded to join the two black men.

Anyway, even if they weren't together anymore, Ye Mo didn't need to take those others away. To Ye Mo, he only needed to save the mother and daughter. As long as Luo Yue's danger passed, he could focus on dealing with that submarine.

The two looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

Ye Mo saw this and said, "I came to save you. If you can't understand me it doesn't matter, but I can take you away."

"You're Chinese?" the younger girl suddenly asked in Chinese, although Ye Mo could barely understand her.

Ye Mo rejoiced and said immediately, "I came from Luo Yue, because a British mother and daughter pair went missing, and everyone thought it was Luo Yue's doing. Hence, I wanted to save them. I'd like to ask: are you that pair?"

"Yes, yes, I'm Annie, and this is my mother Kaya. We were tricked here, and we know those people, but-" Annie didn't know how to express what she wanted to say.

Ye Mo wanted to send the two away and then follow the submarine. He could leave Xu Yuehua to deal with them.

Just when Ye Mo brought the two out, two more people came into the tunnel. Ye Mo's spirit sense noticed them, so he grabbed the two and darted back into the storage room.

Annie subconsciously wanted to scream, but she couldn't make a sound. Just when she was scared, Ye Mo said, "Don't worry, you two walk too slow, so I had to carry you."

Annie understood now and said with embarrassment, "Sorry, what is your name?"

Ye Mo didn't have the mood to chat with them. He needed to take the two away and in order for the people to not suspect something, he needed to make it seem as if the two had escaped by themselves.

When Ye Mo let the two go, Kaya suddenly pinched Ye Mo's arm and said something before giving Ye Mo a kiss on the face.

Seeing this, Annie laughed and also kissed Ye Mo, saying, "You're really strong! My mother says you haven't told us your name yet."

"I'm Ye Mo." Then, Ye Mo quickly pulled the two up. Kaya's chest was the biggest Ye Mo had ever seen, but he didn't feel anything, as his heart was filled with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue.

But Ye Mo wasn't dumb. When Kaya hugged him, she was flirty, which made Ye Mo realize that she seemed to have some ulterior motives of her own.

Seeing that Kaya was going to say something, Ye Mo quickly said, "We need to leave here quick, the people behind are chasing up."

Due to Kaya's behavior, Ye Mo didn't continue carrying the two, so they ended up slowing down.

By the time Ye Mo pushed up that metal board and the storage room made a loud rumble, Ye Mo already knew that those people had caught up. He didn't expect that they would be so fast, though.
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