Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 658

Chapter 658: Suspicious Woman
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Just when Ye Mo pulled the two out of the tunnel, the sound of desperate footsteps appeared very close.

When the three were less than ten meters from the guard post, two more people came out of the tunnel. Just when the two women were worried that it was over, Ye Mo pulled them behind an old oil barrel. The barrel was so small that even a kid wouldn't be able to hide there without being caught, though.

So when Annie and Kaya saw this, they almost had a panic attack.

Kaya subconsciously wanted to talk, but Ye Mo immediately covered her mouth. Kaya looked in shock as their two followers looked around but didn't keep their eyes on them.

Could they not see them from that position? Kaya was confused. Ye Mo knew that she probably wouldn't say anything anymore and was about to put his hand down, when a wet thing licked the center of his palm.

Ye Mo frowned at Kaya's behaviour. There was something wrong with this woman. This was the second time, and he didn't think he was attractive enough for this widow to be jumping on him immediately. Moreover, he had heard from Xu Yuehua that Rodd's wife was pretty, sure, but also very loyal and traditional. Ever since her husband died, she had been doing a lot of charity with her daughter. Her life was very moral. How could she be like this?

Ye Mo wasn't planning on checking Kaya, but her actions did make Ye Mo doubt her. He started checking Kaya with his spirit sense. And soon, Ye Mo found some extremely small traces of energy. It was like the energy of the mutants.

Using the level system Xu Yuehua told her about, Ye Mo determined that she was a level one mutant at most, but Ye Mo couldn't tell what mutant powers she had. Ye Mo checked Annie, and Annie was just an ordinary girl.

Ye Mo didn't keep checking her afterwards as even if he gave her to Luo Yue, a level one mutant wouldn't be able to do anything.

Two white men came out of the tunnel and when they actually didn't find any signs of Kaya and Annie, their faces changed drastically, and they ran out the door while calling someone.

Seeing this, Ye Mo called Xu Yuehua to tell her that he found the two and told her to arrange someone to pick them up.

When Xu Yuehua received Ye Mo's call, she was very shocked. How long had Ye Mo left Luo Yue, yet he had already found them. What's more, they were at the military base! Even a plane couldn't get there that fast, right? This wasn't the first time she had seen Ye Mo's amazing means, though, and in her heart, Ye Mo could do anything.

Xu Yuehua soon told Ye Mo that Yu Miaodan was still near Bayi Strait and had met up with Liang Jun's group. She told Ye Mo to wait about half an hour in the base and then there would be a helicopter to pick them up.

Ye Mo wanted it to be as fast as possible to prevent the nuclear submarine from leaving the range of his spirit sense.

Meanwhile, Annie was very shocked. She didn't know why they weren't found even though they hid at such an obvious spot.

"Mr Ye, thank you for saving us, but I would really like to know how those two didn't see us when they looked over? Can this small barrel really block their vision?" Annie asked.

Ye Mo smiled. Of course he wouldn't tell them that he had used invisibility. So instead, he replied, "This was a blind spot to them, and since they were so worried, that caused their visual blind spot to be even broader."

This was bullsh*t of course.

Time flew by fast and by the time the helicopter arrived, the two men had rushed back into the tunnel. Perhaps they realized that they wouldn't be able to find the two escapees anymore.

Seeing this, Ye Mo took Annie and Kaya out. At the same time, the helicopter landed at the original base.

Yu Miaodan and Luo Fei came down with two Luo Yue Special Ops.

Seeing Ye Mo bring the two, Yu Miaodan rejoiced. Although it had only been two hours, Luo Yue already got news that the English Prime Minister asked Luo Yue for an explanation and that he was on a plane to the US. The Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs was also heading to the US.

If Luo Yue didn't deal with this well, there would be serious repercussions, and it might cause another war. Even without war, the compensation they would ask for would be quite hefty.

Before Annie could say anything, Ye Mo signaled the two soldiers to take them up. He needed to tell Yu Miaodan something.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't come up with her, Kaya suddenly walked over and hugged Ye Mo, saying softly, "Dear Ye, can you come along with us? Without you I feel unsafe."

Hearing Annie's translation, Ye Mo smiled, "You guys can go back first and tell the world what happened to you in the tunnel. I want to see what organization abducted you. I'm trying to get revenge for you."

Getting revenge was a lie, but Ye Mo suspected that they might be Northern Sand. At the very least, they weren't from the Black Sun Empire as they didn't have the badge.

"Okay, I will wait for you with Annie," Kaya said, while there was a clear hint of disappointment in her eyes. Accompanied by her royal look, it was quite seductive.

"Remember to explain everything - that will be a big help to me." Ye Mo waved his hands at them.

Luo Fei looked at Kaya in disdain and sneered, "Little witch, she dares randomly seduce people with her looks."

Ye Mo laughed at Luo Fei and said to Yu Miaodan, "Sister Yu, this Kaya is questionable. The info Sister Yuehua gave us might have simply been superficial, but this woman is strange. I suspect she's a mutant too, but I have no evidence. Send them away after they explain things - we're not afraid of them, but we don't have time to deal with them."

Hearing this, Luo Fei's face got better, as though feeling happy that Ye Mo wasn't seduced by Kaya.

Yu Miaodan nodded, "I know, I will make them announce that as quickly as possible. You're not going back with us?"

Ye Mo took out a camera and gave it to Yu Miaodan, "Here are the identity documents of the five people. Send that out together with the explanation these two make. I believe that after that, Luo Yue should be in the clear. And tell Ye Xing that there's a nuclear submarine under Bayi Strait, yet our radars didn't detect it."

"What?!" Ye Mo's words shook both Yu Miaodan and Luo Fei.

She thought about what could have happened if when she was negotiating with the Indonesian officer that nuclear submarine were to suddenly attack their fleet. No matter what happened to them, if the Indonesian representative died on Luo Yue's fleet, then Luo Yue would be facing the Union Army a second time for sure.

Ye Mo knew what Yu Miaodan was thinking, so he smiled and said, "It's not as bad as you think. I think they can only avoid our radar but wouldn't dare attack. Don't underestimate Ye Xing."

"You aren't going to investigate that submarine by any chance, are you?" Yu Miaodan realized. How could Ye Mo do that alone!

However, Ye Mo nodded, "If I'm right, the technology they used to avoid our radar must be from Ye Xing as well. Just ask Ye Xing to think of a solution, and don't worry about me, I won't do anything stupid."
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