Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 659

Chapter 659: The Dust Settles
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Ye Mo had just said this when he heard a loud rumble underground.

He immediately knew what had happened. He hadn't expected these people to be this decisive. He was sure that the two men after them hadn't reached the nuclear submarine, but they had already blown up the tunnel.

Ye Mo didn't need to check, the two men were dead.

"Sister Yu, you and Luo Fei go back immediately. Let me stay here and deal with this. No matter what, we can't continue this war. Luo Yue needs time to develop," Ye Mo said decisively.

Yu Miaodan trusted him, so she only had to do as she was told and do her part.

"Also, give a message to Luo Ying and Qingxue for me. Tell them not to worry about me. No matter how long I'm away, I will be back safely," Ye Mo added.

Although these people had blown up the tunnel, it was impossible to stay hidden from his spirit sense. He didn't know where he would be following them to nor how long it would take, so he had to make sure that Luo Ying and Qingxue didn't worry about him.

Luo Fei sighed. Her little martial sister would have it harder from now on. One Ning Qingxue was already enough, but now there was a Luo Ying.

After seeing at the helicopter leave, Ye Mo quickly left and found a hidden place to jump into the sea.

He was sure that someone was watching him, but his spirit sense was limited. It could only reach 1200 meters, so he couldn't find where the people were watching him from - but that wasn't important anymore. His priority was to follow the submarine.

Ye Mo was also very fast in the sea. He went from the Bayi Strait to where he last saw the nuclear submarine very quickly, but there was nothing there. The submarine had already left, it was very fast.

Ye Mo rejoiced that he had left a spirit sense mark on the retractable tunnel. If he hadn't, he would have lost the submarine. it seemed that the tunnel was important for them, otherwise, they wouldn't have taken it away.

Although the waves from the spirit sense mark were unclear that moment, Ye Mo could still feel it. He immediately started chasing in that direction.

Before the events from the previous war could cool down, Luo Yue's declaration of war to Indonesia was a hot topic again. The reason for the war was the most absurd of the modern era. No other country would start a war over that.

When Luo Yue declared war, many speculated that Indonesia would be no match for Luo Yue due to its strong records.

The only real discussion topic was how long Luo Yue would need to beat the Indonesian navy.

Many thought it would take a week because Luo Yue needed some time to get to Indonesia. However, others also thought that it was only a threat and they wouldn't actually fight.

But those contentions were rendered meaningless when Luo Yue started the war 10 minutes later. While many war analysts were still writing about how Luo Yue wasn't going to actually fight, the war was over.

Luo Yue had only taken a few hours to annihilate the Indonesian navy.

After Luo Yue took over Bali and threatened to invade Java, its military status had been established. Although it was far from the US' or Russia's, there were no countries near Luo Yue that could threaten it.

More and more people wanted to move to Luo Yue now. Who didn't want to go to a country that was tough on the outside but humane on the inside?

But just at this time, the Internet exploded with the news of five tourists having disappeared where the Luo Yue's army had been camping. Moreover, two of them were part of the British royal family.

This caused a huge uproar.

Although many people realized that it might be someone else framing Luo Yue, they still had to give an explanation. If Luo Yue couldn't, it would cause war. It would involve the US and India too.

Then, many people started to give up on the thought of moving to Luo Yue. These three countries were the military powerhouses of the world. If they attacked Luo Yue together, the country would lose for sure no matter what. Although modern warfare was mainly electronic warfare, it also was based on economic warfare. Luo Yue depended on import, hence it wouldn't last long if a real war broke out.

Many people started to worry for Luo Yue. They wondered how they would face this dilemma.

But then everything changed. Rodd's wife and daughter appeared on Luo Yue's official TV channel and revealed what happened.

They had gone to Bali for the holidays, and it had only been three days when war started.

After this, Luo Yue started to send all the tourists back. Just when they were planning to board a plane to Singapore, they met the Bafu couple from America and the Indian tourist, Sigan. They told them that they were holding all the tourists hostage and taking them to Luo Yue.

So, they followed Bafu and ran away. Bafu said that he had a way to avoid Luo Yue's army and enter Bali's inland. But instead, they brought them to Luo Yue's base in order to cause a war between England and the US against Luo Yue.

They requested them to join their organization but Mrs Rodd rejected it. Then, Luo Yue's people saved them and took them to their fleet. They are now very safe.

After explaining, Mrs. Rodd said, "Although I don't know why they are doing this, their intentions are very clear. They want Luo Yue to go to war! Even though I don't know what organisation the Bafu couple came from, I know they're from the US. I would like to ask our British citizens to stay cool-headed and not be deceived by them!"

"Of course, I know a lot of people doubt my words, but there's a recording too. I believe everyone will believe me after viewing it."

Then, they played Ye Mo's recording. It was the Bafu couple, the two black men and the Indian man threatening them.

After it was played, the truth was crystal clear. Once again, the world was shocked at Luo Yue's means.

Shen Qianqian breathed at ease in front of the TV. She had prepared everything, yet she hadn't been able to go to Luo Yue due to the lockdown.

But now everything was solved and she couldn't wait to go to Luo Yue.
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