Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 661

Chapter 661: Strange Cultivator

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
After Ye Mo went inside, the temperature rose up drastically. He was shook. Inside the hidden formation there was a heating formation! No wonder it was so much colder at the foot of the mountain.

Ye Mo couldn't lay out either of the two formations. The reason he had come inside was to find an opportunity to get stronger; moreover, he also believed that the person living there wouldn't be strong.

Ye Mo was in a rocky tunnel that moment and it was very dry due to the heating formation. On the tunnel's ceiling, there was a luminous pearl every few meters.

He knew that these probably weren't luminous pearls, but some kind of radiant ore.

Ye Mo didn't continue venturing the mountain, he just scanned his spirit sense in. There were many stone rooms, and it didn't look messy. There were all sorts of food inside, including dried meet. The last stone house had a spirit sense blocking formation.

It was a cultivator's home indeed. Ye Mo was excited. He wondered if the person had come from somewhere else like him, or from Earth.

Since he was already there, he needed to meet this person. Furthermore, he knew it was too late to leave now. Entering the hidden formation meant that the person inside could see him.

But Ye Mo wasn't as nervous as before. There weren't any offensive or defensive formations in there.

From this, he could tell that the person wasn't a master. A master's cultivation home would definitely have defensive formations.

Ye Mo walked to the spirit sense blocked room and said, "I'm Ye Mo, I happened to walk by this place. Could I know this dao friend's name?"

After a long silence, a hoarse voice spoke, "Come in." It was Chinese.

Ye Mo locked his flying sword with his spirit sense and entered the room. There was a man sitting in the middle of the room with a huge sea lion next to him. It was long dead, but there was still blood in the man's mouth.

It was obvious that the man was injured because his chi wave was very unstable. It might have been caused by not cultivating properly. When Ye Mo checked the man's power, his heart sunk. He couldn't tell how powerful the man was. The only explanation was that the man was much stronger than him.

"Did you also walked in accidentally?" the man asked.

Ye Mo was dazed. Since this person was a cultivator and stronger than him, there's no way he wouldn't know that this place was a hidden formation. It seemed that he had also walked in there accidentally.

Was he testing him or something? Ye Mo looked confusedly at the man. Suddenly he realized that he might really not know that it was a hidden formation, because he might have never scanned his power with his spirit sense. Perhaps the man had come in there by accident, found a cultivation method and started cultivating there.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo could rest assured. He immediately nodded, "That's right. I came to Antarctica for a holiday and I accidentally walked in here. I didn't expect to find this."

"You're lying," the man suddenly looked at Ye Mo coldly, "You're definitely not here for a holiday."

Ye Mo was shook. Had he been testing him before? But after hearing this, Ye Mo understood at once that it was because he didn't have a backpack.

No matter whether the man had randomly found this place or had been taken there by his master, Ye Mo no longer wanted to know. Other than a few formations, he hadn't seen anything else.

There was no point staying there. He hadn't found anything that could help him in there. Instead, he had encountered someone stronger than him. Even though this person was injured, he didn't want to mess with him.

"My things are outside. I'm leaving, goodbye," Ye Mo immediately started retreating.

But just as Ye Mo moved, the man suddenly punched him. He couldn't even dodge it and was smashed into the wall. He spat out blood - his organs were burning.

'Is he at chi gathering tertiary stage?' Ye Mo was shook. He was only at chi gathering middle stage, while the man was almost at peak stage. It was just a step away from foundation establishment. Ye Mo suspected that the man didn't know how to reach foundation establishment, so that's why he had failed ascending.

Ye Mo's heart sunk. He had no way to get out alive against someone of this caliber.

Ye Mo covered his mouth and swallowed a lotus life pill.

"Mmmm- you didn't die?" the man said when he saw that Ye Mo was fine after just spitting some blood. He was dazed.

"You also cultivate ancient martial arts, are you at earth level?" the man asked.

Although the man's tone was calm, he was very shocked. Due to his injuries, his blood was running uncontrollably. Although he could finish up and kill Ye Mo, if he didn't calm his blood and chi down, he would suffer greatly - even if he killed this person. If it had been a week ago, he could have still killed Ye Mo. But now, his chi was attacking him more and more. He could barely go out to look for food.

Ye Mo had understood. The man really didn't understand cultivation, he didn't even know how to check power. Perhaps he didn't even have his own magic artefact or knew basic fireball arts. He was just fighting him with his chi.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo relaxed a bit, but said coldly, "It's none of your business you're too shameless. I've never met you, yet you try to kill me straight away. Is this the dao you cultivate?"

"En, of course I'm going to kill you. Do you think you can leave after finding out about this place? Keep dreaming. Moreover, I need your blood to cultivate, how could I let you go? But if you answer my questions, I can leave your body intact," the man said calmly while slowing down his chi.

Ye Mo was angry. But still, even if the man didn't know magic, his stage was far higher than his. Despite him being injured, Ye Mo might not be able to kill him with his flying sword. He could easily block it. Ye Mo only had one chance and he needed to use it well.

Ye Mo didn't understand how someone who didn't understand cultivation at all could reach chi gathering peak. Even with a good cultivation method and an absurd talent, he shouldn't be able to do that without spirit chi.

"Okay, I will answer your questions and give you a treasure map, but you need to answer a few of mine first," Ye Mo said.

The man sneered, "Since you're giving me new blood and you're an ancient martial artist, I can answer a few questions. Shoot."

"First of all, which cultivation method are you using? How is it this strong? Second, why are you drinking blood? Don't worry, I will still give you a treasure map," Ye Mo put emphasis on the treasure map.

The man looked coldly at Ye Mo and said, "Do you think I want a treasure map? Even if you give me all the things in the world, you wouldn't understand my purpose. As for what I'm cultivating, you wouldn't understand it even if you died. It's the dao of long life. Your ancient martial arts are just trash in front of mine. If I hadn't failed at achieving foundation establishment, I could have crushed you with one finger."

Ye Mo was shook. This guy had failed at reaching foundation establishment indeed. But at the same time, Ye Mo felt at ease. There really weren't many people who knew dao cultivation, this guy out of luck had found a cultivation method in that blessed land. He didn't even know what cultivation was, or any magic technique. Otherwise, he would be dead for sure.

Ye Mo asked again, "That means you're the only one cultivating this dao of long life?"

The man fell silent for a moment and then shook his head, "No, my Martial Brother and I found a book together. We memorized the content and cultivated together. But he attacked me for those pills, so I escaped the pocket real-"

Suddenly, the man seemed to remember something and said, "You don't need to know about that. Prepare to die."
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