Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 664

Chapter 664: Meeting Dongfang Again

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Hearing the thunderous explosion, those Beijing University students gazed in shock as snow flew into the sky. They could only see a big white patch of mist.

The place Yi He had pointed at was now completely covered by an avalanche. Would that young guy still be able to live?

"That wasn't just an avalanche, it seems like there was some TNT buried there, "Dongfang Wang said after a while.

An Zhiqi fell into silence and said after a long while, "After such a huge explosion and an avalanche, I don't know if he-"

Everyone knew that she meant that the guy might not be alive anymore.

"Huh, he seems fine. Look, he's walking over," that round-faced girl Fu Li said.

"How is that possible? He survived that explosion, is he a god or something?" the man next to Yi He sighed.

Ye Mo walked up to them and smiled, "I'm no god, I had already left the mountain when the explosion happened. The avalanche is quite big, though, so I think you guys should leave."

Then, Ye Mo paused and said, "There's quite a lot of good places in China anyway, why come all the way to Antarctica? Well then, I'll be leaving, goodbye!"

"Wait, big brother, I haven't asked for your name. I'm An Zhiqi. The short one there is called Xiao Dong, and the girl next to him is Yi He. That tall guy is called Chen Guang, and Fu Li is next to him. That skinnier guy is called Dongfang Wang. We're all students of Beijing University. This is Chen Guang's second time in Antarctica, by the way," An Zhiqi introduced.

"Dongfang Wang?" Ye Mo thought for a bit. Hearing this name, he immediately thought of Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Tang.

Dongfang Xi didn't really look like Dongfang Tang, but this Dongfang Wang actually looked like both Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Tang. Through this, Ye Mo could immediately see that the three were related.

They must be the three brothers of the Dongfang family.

"Why are you going quiet?" seeing Ye Mo's silence, An Zhiqi subconsciously asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "I'm Mo Ying. By the way. Dongfang Wang, have we met somewhere before? You seem familiar."

The students saw Ye Mo ignore the pretty girl An Zhiqi to talk to Dongfang Wang and looked at him strangely. Even An Zhiqi raised her mouth in unsatisfaction.

Seeing Dongfang Wang look at him in shock, Ye Mo knew he was being too abrupt. He immediately said, "Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I have seen someone who looks like you."

Dongfang Wang scanned Ye Mo and said expressionlessly, "You are right, but since you know them, you must be no simple person. One of them is called Dongfang Xi and the other is called Dongfang Tang. You might've seen one of them or maybe even both."

Ye Mo thought, 'That's the case indeed.' Dongfang Xi and him had great enmity, though, and even though he had already killed that guy, he still felt like Dongfang Xi had gotten off easy.

Should he kill this Dongfang Wang? He had no reason to let someone from the Dongfang family go. Last time, that Dongfang Tang tricked him and ran away. The first thing he would do when he had the opportunity was to deal with that Dongfang Tang. But Ye Mo thought that he should let this Dongfang Wang go. At least he never did anything bad to him, so it didn't seem appropriate to kill him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo suddenly asked, "Dongfang Wang, those two are your brothers, right? They aren't simple people, do you know what they do?"

Dongfang Wang sneered, "I never thought of them as my brothers. My surname is just Dongfang, and I have nothing to do with the Dongfang family, so don't drag me in with them. I am me, and they are them."

His tone was truly cold.

Ye Mo thought, 'Were these brothers fighting or is something else up?' Although Ye Mo knew he had no reason to kill Dongfang Wang, he still didn't feel comfortable. Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Tang were his enemies, who knew if this Dongfang Wang wouldn't become one?

Dongfang Wang looked at Ye Mo and suddenly said, "I know that you must be someone capable to be able to appear in Antarctica like this. But I would like to say that if you kill me because of Dongfang Tang and Dongfang Xi, I really won't have died a proper death."

An Zhiqi looked at Ye Mo and Dongfang Wang. Why was their conversation this weird? Why did it involve killing? Were they not on Earth anymore?

Ye Mo realized that this Dongfang Wang had noticed his killing intent.

But he smiled and didn't say anything else. He felt like this Dongfang Wang was too smart. Other than sensing his killing intent, he had comprehended from his casual words that he had enmity with his brothers. The people from the Dongfang family were really smart. Were everyone of them like this?

Seeing Ye Mo's silence, Dongfang Wang suddenly said, "We share the same father but not the same mother. After my father died, my mother and I were kicked out of the Dongfang family. I'm no longer a part of the Dongfang family. Your enmity with them has nothing to do with me. I only have one kin which is my mother. But I can tell you one thing - the ancestor of the Dongfang family is from Xi Tang, and the ultimate dream of the Dongfang family is to go back to Xi Tang. Nonetheless, that has nothing to do with me."

Ye Mo no longer had the intent to kill Dongfang Wang after talking to him. Dongfang Wang hadn't shown any intentions of wanting to do anything to Ye Mo yet, but even if he did, Ye Mo wouldn't be afraid. If he killed Dongfang Wang now, it would show that he was scared. That wasn't good for his dao heart. But at the same time Dongfang Wang had already tested him, so he could kill him.

Dongfang Wang's words were strange, though. Ye Mo had been to most places in China but had never heard of Xi Tang.

"Sigh, I don't understand anything you guys are saying. Let's just leave this place first, the tour group has sent us a message," Fu Li saw that the atmosphere was tense and said something to ease the tension.

Ye Mo looked at them and smiled. He was going to leave.

Soon, Ye Mo's figure disappeared from the glacier.

Ye Mo then called Xu Yuehua and made her investigate Dongfang Tang. He really wanted to know what Dongfang Tang had been up to. He felt like the things that were happening in Luo Yue were very strange this time.

It was a series of things, just like when Dongfang Xi was scheming against him. There were plots inside of plots.
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