Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Dead Island

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Dongfang Wang looked at Ye Mo's disappearing figure and felt that his hands were full of sweat. He was very smart and had strong instincts. He could really feel Ye Mo's killing intent in that instant when An Zhiqi said that his name was Dongfang Wang.

So Dongfang Wang said what he could to make Ye Mo understand that he had nothing to do with Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Tang.

When Ye Mo asked Xu Yuehua about Dongfang Tang, she quickly gave a precise answer. She had already investigated Dongfang Tang.

From Xu Yuehua Ye Mo found out that the Blue Ray Corporation had been infighting a few months earlier. Ku You and Edward died due to the chaos, and the Blue Ray Corporation was broken apart. Meanwhile, Dongfang Tang and his men disappeared after the discord.

Hearing this, Ye Mo had a very bad feeling. He felt that whether it was the Special Forces' elites disappearing on Ice Helm Island or the incidents that happened to Luo Yue or even the actual war, all might have had something to do with Dongfang Tang. If all that had really been planned by someone, then their method was too similar to Dongfang Xi's past methods.

If it wasn't for Dongfang Xi being dead, he would be the first Ye Mo would suspect, but he was definitely dead, so Ye Mo's primary suspect was Dongfang Tang.

If the recent events had something to do with Dongfang Tang, then that meant he might've joined Northern Sand.

"How are things with the US and the UK?" Ye Mo asked.

Xu Yuehua said in a light tone, "Mr Rodd's wife and daughter spoke out on TV, and the meeting between the US and the UK became very short. There has been no official news about it yet, but the UK's Prime Minister left the US quickly, and there is no news from India either."

Xu Yuehua hesitated before saying, "But Mrs Rodd doesn't want to leave Luo Yue yet. She said she would be waiting for you to come back to discuss some things."

Hearing this, Ye Mo's head began to hurt. He knew there was some problem with this Mrs Rodd, but he had no clue what it could be. No matter what secret she had, Ye Mo didn't want to come in contact with such people. As long as she had no ill will towards Luo Yue, he just wanted her to leave as soon as possible.

But if she didn't want to leave, he couldn't really kick her away. Hence, Ye Mo said with annoyance, "I will go to Ice Helm Island now. Keep them in check."

"Don't you want to say something to Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue?" Xu Yuehua subconsciously asked. She was thinking how Ye Mo was going to go there. That was quite a long distance, yet Ye Mo didn't ask for any help.

Hearing this, Ye Mo said, "My phone is almost out of battery, I will talk to them when I'm back."

Xu Yuehua laughed, and Ye Mo quickly said, "Hey, don't misunderstand! Also, you need to keep Ye Xing and co. safe. We can release the restrictions on immigration, but if anyone tries to go near Luo Yue's research and scientist residence area, immediately apprehend them, throw them into jail and wait for me to deal with them."

After this war, Ye Mo felt that Luo Yue really had too little population. He believed that Luo Yue's population should be somewhere in between 5 and 10 million. Only then would Luo Yue not fear any single power or even everyone ganging up on them. But the latter wouldn't happen anyway. Despite Luo Yue's diplomacy not being the best, they wouldn't have no allies at all.

"By the way, investigate for me where Xi Tang is. It should be somewhere in China, but I've never heard about it before," Ye Mo said.

Ye Mo suddenly realized something. The three brothers were called Dongfang Xi, Dongfang Tang, and Dongfang Wang. If you put the last parts of their names together, you had Xi Tang Wang, meaning Xi Tang King.

"That should be just a coincidence, right?" Ye Mo frowned and muttered.

Dongfang Wang had told him all that to keep himself alive, fearing that Ye Mo would turn back to kill him. But Dongfang Wang had underestimated Ye Mo, as Ye Mo didn't even need to put in that effort if he wanted to kill someone.

Ye Mo could tell that although Dongfang Wang wasn't as experienced as Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Tang, his mind was very clear. If he weren't so bleak, and if he weren't from the Dongfang family, Ye Mo would really want to bring him to Luo Yue.


Although the conditions were still very stringent, Luo Yue once again welcomed immigration. However, every person had to be checked before being able to come. There were all sorts of requirements, yet this didn't stop people from wanting to migrate to Luo Yue.

Due to the war, Luo Yue had gotten large amounts of compensation and had many facilities and organizations established. These facilities were all designed by Ye Xing and were all world class.

Compared to Luo Yue's rising prevalence, the US President wanted to puke blood. Someone had just made the perfect chance for him to attack Luo Yue, but it was crushed before he could use it. That Mrs Rodd was saved, and she had condemned the US on live TV.

That way, there was no way the UK could start a war.

Even though the US didn't have an excuse to start war anymore, the US wouldn't allow Luo Yue to choke their throat for their maritime route into the Indian Ocean. So they also had to negotiate with Luo Yue to get them to leave Jason Giambi Island.

Ye Mo knew he wasn't good at politics, and he didn't have time to deal with it either, so he left all matters completely to Xu Yuehua and co. He felt very confident in them.

His current target was clear: he would to go to Ice Helm Island and find Zhang Jue and Li Hu. Then, he would come back and get married with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue. Afterwards, he would try to find spirit stones and try to enter the pocket world in one or two years.

To cover the distance from the South Pole to the North Pole, even with Ye Mo's power, he still had to use an essence chi pill. Ye Mo used the map Han Zaixin had given him and by the time he found the island, the sky was already gray. Ye Mo didn't know if it was day or night.

Ye Mo stood in the air above the island and looked at the barren rocks with snow here and there. This was an icy island, but it wasn't a glacier. Han Zaixin had said it looked like a helmet, but Ye Mo couldn't really tell.

Around the island were fleets with all kinds of flags, but none of those fleets neared the island.

"It would seem that something did happen indeed," Ye Mo murmured to himself, and he landed on the yellow rock. As soon as he stepped foot there, he noticed that the atmosphere had a very strange feeling to it. It was the feeling of death and silence.
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