Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 666

Chapter 666: Stuck in a Desperate Situation

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo didn't know that at that very moment somewhere on a distant ship, three men and two women were watching a particular surveillance screen.

When Ye Mo's figure appeared on the screen, they all looked at each other in shock and didn't know what to say.

"He really does have the power to mysteriously go everywhere in the world. There's actually such a mutant power in this world! If I didn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't believe it," one woman said.

Another person broke the dense atmosphere and said, "No matter how strong he is, he'll be dead soon."

No one replied, because they all believed that was right. When Ye Mo entered the island, he would be dead for sure.

The other woman was shocked too. She didn't expect she would know the man on the screen. She thought Ye Mo was just an ancient martial arts master, but apparently he had the ability to go wherever he wanted without using any machine.

This woman was the advisor of the Hong Martial Gang's leader, Huang Mei. It could be said that the reason why the Hong Martial Gang had been able to attain its status in San Francisco was all due to her. Ever since she realized that Zhu Hongsheng couldn't achieve big things, though, she left the Hong Martial Gang.

She even looked for Ye Mo later on but never found him. Then somehow Northern Sand heard of her and invited her. Although she had been in gangs, she didn't really know much about Northern Sand. The only thing she knew was that Northern Sand was very powerful and that they had many scientific research bases. They proclaimed they were creating a peaceful world.

But after Huang Mei joined Northern Sand, she realized that this organization was set on destroying all the countries in the world and establishing a dictatorship. The way they did things and earned money didn't seem peaceful at all. It was full of slaughters and schemes.

Huang Mei long since wanted to leave Northern Sand, but she understood that Northern Sand was easy to join but hard to leave. This time she had come with the Northern Sand people to do a mission disguised as a Japanese fleet. She knew that this would be her only chance to escape, but she also knew that if she failed, she would be dead.

Huang Mei wanted to save Ye Mo and run away, but she knew that it was impossible to do that. Ye Mo was on the island, and she had no way to contact him.

Huang Mei didn't completely know the layout of the island, but she knew at least some things. She knew that it would be indeed very hard for Ye Mo to escape after going there. When these people had laid the traps, they had even calculated Ye Mo's character into them.

Even if she couldn't save Ye Mo, she didn't want to stay in Northern Sand anymore. And if she wanted to run, she had to grasp this opportunity. But other than her, there were four more people there. She needed to kill the other four as quickly as she could and leave, all the while not startling anyone else.

Ye Mo had been to many islands, but he had never seen a place like this island which gave him a sense of death and emptiness. Even in Antarctica he could feel some life, but there was truly no life there.

He was sure that even if he found Zhang Jue and Li Hu there, they would be bodies and definitely not living people.

Ye Mo also felt that the island was very dangerous, but he couldn't tell why exactly.

Ye Mo walked along the rocks for half an hour and finally understood why Han Zaixin had said that the island was actually only a few thousand square kilometers. The island was linked to countless glaciers, but the actual land mass wasn't big.

After checking things, he realized that the proper island was at most 100 square kilometers.

It wasn't tiny, but Northern Sand would never build its base in such a place and let it be revealed. This was a trap. Although Ye Mo didn't know if it was for the special forces' elites or not, but he had a bad feeling.

Knowing that this was a glacier group, Ye Mo didn't go investigate the large patches of glaciers, because he felt that even if there were any secrets on the island, it wouldn't be on the glaciers. He needed to check the land.

100 sqkm wasn't small, but under Ye Mo's investigation everything was soon checked.

Ye Mo stopped in a particular valley. The place was a mess, and there were many buildings, but it was all lifeless.

At the end of the valley was a tunnel. Ye Mo let his spirit sense out and was ready to enter the tunnel, but just when his spirit sense reached the area right next to the tunnel, he found a half-eroded military knife.

Ye Mo walked up and studied it, and it seemed to have pierced into something before it rusted.

All those people might've disappeared down this tunnel. Ye Mo sighed, if they really did, then he didn't need to keep looking, because this place was also lifeless. But since he was there, he knew that he should go have a look.

Ye Mo was very careful, even though he was a dao cultivator.

He stood at the door to the tunnel and felt his heart shake. Even when he had been pointed at by a gun, he had never felt this feeling. It was just too strange and made him very uncomfortable. He thought of the danger he felt when he entered this island and felt even more uncomfortable.

When he thought for a bit however, he decided to go in nonetheless. If he didn't even have the courage to look around for a bit, that would be being too timid.

Before he went in, though, he put an essence chi pill and a lotus life pill in his mouth and wrapped them in chi to prevent them from melting. After making sure there was no danger nearby, he started walking in slowly.

Ten minutes later, Ye Mo reached the end of the tunnel, and there was nothing but a big hole.

This hole reached down, and there were stairs. It was exactly the same as the submarine tunnel on Bali.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense down, and the tunnel seemed different from the one back then. After his spirit sense reached the end, there was a submarine as well, but Ye Mo's face immediately turned bad. It was filled with things Ye Mo had never seen before.

Ye Mo's first thought was that they must have done all that to target him and blow him up.

If that was the case, then they must've guessed some of his power and made this trap especially for him.

But that didn't make sense, how did they know he would come? And would they use such big means to take him out?

Ye Mo didn't understand and wanted to just leave immediately, because even he couldn't deal with that many explosions at the same time. Just when he wanted to turn around, however, he felt something wasn't right. If he didn't go in and their plan went to waste with just that, wouldn't that be a pretty bad plan? He thought of that Dongfang Xi, and if someone was targeting him, their plan wouldn't be that simple.

He thought for a moment and carefully scanned his spirit sense around.

When he understood what everything around him was, his face turned very bad. The rocks around him and the tunnel were all artificial and had only been disguised as normal rocks.

At this moment Ye Mo sweated. He wanted to turn around and run, but he stopped himself and calmed down. Although he didn't see any cameras, he was sure that he was being watched. If he turned, perhaps this place would explode immediately.

No matter how fast he was, he wouldn't be able to escape that.
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