Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 667

Chapter 667: How To Leave
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The reason why they hadn't detonated the bomb was not because they didn't want to, but because they didn't know what trump cards he might have. They wanted to wait until he entered that hole and they would have greater confidence to kill him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo became even calmer. Ever since he'd embarked upon the path of cultivation, he had faced too many dangers and unknowns, but never had he been surrounded like today.

Ye Mo knew that if everything around him exploded, then even if he were at the foundation establishment state, he might not be able to survive such an explosion. The person who buried the bomb had actually overestimated him and wanted to wait until he went into the black hole before blowing the place up.

Understanding that, Ye Mo could only carefully walk into the black hole.


Watching the screen, Huang Mei's face changed. She also saw that the man holding the controller wanted to detonate it immediately.

"Qi Huan, he went in, you can do it," that woman immediately said as she saw Ye Mo go in.

Even though Ye Mo was completely surrounded by bombs, they still weren't sure whether they would kill him.

The man called Qi Huan stared at the screen and said, "Wait a bit longer. Once he's completely in, I will press it ten seconds later. By then, no matter how strong he is, he will be dead for sure."

Huang Mei stood at the back and carefully touched the knife in her pocket. Although she had a gun too, she knew she only ranked third in power there.

The black hole was Northern Sand's trap for that untraceable man. The man who made Northern Sand unable to rest easy.

The two Extreme Energy Stones had disappeared and not long ago, the eerie scene on the auction ship happened, and the Black Sun Empire's gold reserves suddenly disappeared. Moreover, America's gold reserves were also robbed. This all showed that someone had the ability to appear and disappear out of nowhere.

Lu Lin had been suspected the most for the Extreme Energy Stones, but that was proven to have been nonsense.

Many guessed that it was Ye Mo but many thought it impossible too.

When she finally saw Ye Mo's figure, she realized that it was indeed Ye Mo who was behind all of that. At this moment, Huang Mei was shocked at the advisor who had guessed it. Only he had guessed it and set up a series of plans against Ye Mo and Luo Yue.

According to the advisor, not only should Ye Mo be a part of Luo Yue, but he was probably also one of the City Lords, if not the actual highest in command. So, everything the advisor did was to force out that mysterious master.

She didn't have the status to receive all that information, but she was smart and had guessed it from her conversations with other people and taking into account all that had happened.

If Ye Mo was really the commander of Luo Yue, then he must not die and his identity as the mysterious master mustn't be revealed.

Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to go to Luo Yue and expand her ambitions. If someone like that died, it would be a heavy blow to Luo Yue. And if the US knew that Luo Yue had stolen their gold they would think of any way possible to wage war with Luo Yue.

Huang Mei was calculating when the best moment to make her move would be. Once Ye Mo completely entered the black hole, that would be when the guy with the controller would be the most focused on the screen. That would be the best time to attack.

That time quickly came - when Ye Mo completely disappeared into the black hole, Huang Mei immediately pulled out her dagger and gun.

Huang Mei's actions were quick but the others weren't slow either. The moment she shot out her knife and pulled out her gun, the woman next to her felt something wasn't right and also quickly pulled out her gun.

Huang Mei knew that it was best to kill the person next to her and then kill the guy controlling the remote.

She knew that if she wasted even a little time, the bomb would go off.

The moment Huang Mei's knife struck the man controlling the remote, her gun also went off. She killed two people as quickly as she could as she took them by surprise.

Huang Mei knew that her actions would be noticed. She couldn't dodge bullets, but her wits saved her again. The instant she fired, she slanted her body to the left and shot at the woman next to her.

As Huang Mei moved aside, there was a clear bang, and a bullet passed by Huang Mei's waist at the same time as Huang Mei's bullet pierced the woman's chest.

Immediately three dead and one injured. That last man didn't know why they were fighting each other, but he reacted when Huang Mei fired the second shot.

He didn't have a gun, and his first reaction wasn't to find a gun but to charge to the dead man to press the remote.

Huang Mei didn't want to let him do that, and she shot the man in the head instantaneously but still couldn't stop the explosion.

Seeing the scene on the screen explode in fire and turn black, Huang Mei sighed and said to herself, "I tried to help you however I could, but I couldn't do it completely. Sorry, but I need to run too."

Huang Mei patched her waist up with some bandages and then cleaned the scene and wiped the cameras before leaving the room.

She knew that not the sneak attack but the moment when you wanted to run away was the hardest part.

Ye Mo had a purpose when he entered the black hole - when his body was completely inside, he immediately turned invisible and flew out as quickly as he could. His flying sword turned into a chi shield to protect himself.

He used his fastest speed and needed only ten seconds to get out.

Just when he was near the entrance to the tunnel, the explosion happened, and it roaringly pushed him out with all the rubble and earth.

At the same time, Ye Mo ate the two pills. Even though he wanted to stop his body from flying out like the rubble, the force of the explosion was too powerful, and Ye Mo was ended up heavily injured.

The instant the explosion went off, Ye Mo used all his chi to protect himself. When the chi barrier as well as the flying sword's defenses were broken, his meridians were shattered. If he hadn't prepared the two pills beforehand, his organs would have been shattered too.

Rumble rumble-

The fire and ice mixed together like fireworks blasting into the sky.
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