Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 668

Chapter 668: Chaos

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Under that huge explosion, the glaciers started to shatter and countless pieces broke off from the island and started to float away.

Ye Mo fell onto one glacier with a large gust of earth and ice, and it also started to drift away from the island.

The explosion immediately caught the attention of the fleets surveilling the area. The fleets started to close in on the island to find out what happened.

A small boat left the mass of fleets, and it soon mixed with all the glaciers and became indiscernible.

Huang Mei didn't expect she would be able to escape so easily. It was because the explosion caught everyone's attention and because the forest of glaciers became her best hiding spot.

"What? The island suddenly exploded and the huge glacier turned into countless smaller ones?" When Han Zaixin heard the news, he was speechless. If the island exploded, how could Zhang Jue and Li Hu still be alive?

"Ye Mo, you don't need to go anymore," Han Zaixin murmured to himself and wanted to call Ye Mo, but the call wouldn't go through. Han Zaixin sighed and put the phone down. It was normal that Ye Mo's phone couldn't be reached. He didn't seem used to using such things.


On an island near the Bailing Sea was the real base of Northern Sand. Ye Mo had guessed right, Northern Sand's HQ was there.

At this moment, in the most core meeting room, a man was yelling, "Since the island has exploded, why is there no news being sent back? Who is responsible for this?"

"We were using the Japanese ships and other people's power too. I suppose they fear that nearby countries might catch the signal. Qi Huan is responsible for this, and he's very careful. I don't think he would make a mistake. And that Huang Mei we sent always has a good overview of the broader picture, so even if Qi Huan made a mistake, she would point it out," a sharp voice replied.

"Hold on, at this moment, any country is sending messages back and forth, so there's no way Qi Huan and co. wouldn't send any news back. Unless they're in a special emergency, something must have happened to them," a hoarse voice sounded again.

The man who had been first to speak said, "Try to contact them. I want to know immediately what result we got after spending so much resources and effort on this. Make them send back the video recording immediately."

"Yes!" a voice replied.

"Brother Dongfang, do you think this explosion was due to Ye Mo? Although you said it's him, I'm still doubtful. I got news that he appeared in Antarctica just now, and a base there had to self-destruct due to him. He can't appear in the North Pole this quickly, right? But if it wasn't Ye Mo, then who would it be?" the man asked.

After a long time, that hoarse voice sounded again, "I do think that that person was Ye Mo. He's very mysterious. I'm sure he's one of the leaders of Luo Yue. As for why he can appear at the South Pole when he was at the North Pole a moment earlier, I think this is his mutant power. But if this explosion was due to him, we may never get the chance to research this power of his."

"That's a pity," the middle-aged man also sighed.

At the White House, the President held a meeting as soon as he got news of the explosion.

These were America's hardest times ever, on one hand ther was the rise of Luo Yue, and Luo Yue had even taken over Jason Giambi Island, and on the other hand was their gold reserves. Most importantly, their schemes for Luo Yue always ended in failure.

The President was furious, but he knew anger wouldn't solve any problems. He needed to stay calm. Although this meeting was held partially to discuss the island, it was mainly to think of a right tactic for Luo Yue.

No matter how strong Northern Sand was, it was just an organization. The US could take them on anytime. Their real enemy now was Luo Yue and not Northern Sand. The President knew clearly that even if Northern Sand really had that terrifying weapon called the Space Flower, the US wouldn't be the only country facing it.

The President looked at all the Senators and his Cabinet and stood up, "Today, everyone sitting here must still be thinking that America is the strongest country in the world both economically and militarily, but I regret to inform you that we are no longer the strongest country. Our gold reserves have gone missing. I won't name who took it, but everyone can guess the identity of the thief."

Looking at everyone's reaction, the President continued with satisfaction, "Luo Yue only had a year to establish themselves, yet they accomplished what we did in half a century. They have used every means necessary and threatened the world with their nuclear power. Perhaps while we're still drinking Champagne to celebrate our title of the strongest military power, they've already succeeded us in both technology and military.

Now, they have taken Jason Giambi Island too. If this continues, our navy will become irrelevant in the Indian Ocean. I fear that if this continues, our navy can go hide in a ravine in the Pacific and only continue bluffing our own citizens. Perhaps then, not only Luo Yue, but also Russia and China might slowly reach out their heads above us."

The President then sat down, and judging by the atmosphere of the room, he knew he had reached his goal. Everyone knew that the President wanted to attack Luo Yue, but they also knew that it wasn't going to be easy.

Howard, like the President, also had a strong attitude, and he wasn't happy that they were getting beaten down by Luo Yue.

Hence he said, "We actually do have a way to bring down Luo Yue."

Everyone looked at him, so Howard gathered his thoughts and said, "Which one do you think is more important: the Russian navy entering the Southern and Northern straits or Luo Yue's rise?"

"I think Luo Yue's rise would threaten us more. They act like madmen," someone answered.

Howard nodded, "I believe so too. The reason why we used another excuse than them having nukes to take action against Luo Yue was because we know that if we used nukes as the excuse, Russia would vote against it. But now, things are different. Luo Yue taking Jason Giambi Island clearly means that they're interested in the Malacca Strait. The Malacca Strait is the passage the Russians wish to use to return to their Northern Vietnamese base. If we support Russia and allow them to go back there, don't you think Russia would stand on our side?"

Although it would be a huge loss for the US to let Russia enter the Northern Vietnamese base, that was nothing compared to the destruction of Luo Yue. If Luo Yue was gone, then Sai Na would return to the US too.

Seeing everyone nod, Howard continued, "Now we just need to join up with Russia for the moment and attack Luo Yue together. Also, Luo Yue has detonated a nuke in the South Pole, which violates the Antarctic Treaty. That's enough of a reason to judge them. As long as Russia doesn't vote no, we can use the Union to judge Luo Yue again."

"What if China votes no?" someone asked.

Howard smiled, "Unless we admit that we are secretly allowing the Russian navy back to their Vietnamese base, China won't do that."
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