Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 669

Chapter 669: Dont Know if Good or Bad Fortune
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

When Ye Mo woke up, it was already dark. He sat up immediately and checked his status.

He was very badly injured. Luckily, he still had a lotus life pill in his mouth, so his wounds had started recovering immediately. Otherwise, he might have not been awake at that moment. Although his meridians had been truly shattered, with the lotus life pill, recovery would only be a matter of time.

As for the external injuries, they didn't even count as injuries for Ye Mo. Only the Dan Tian and Meridian injuries were actually concerning for him.

Ye Mo took out other two lotus life pills and took them before checking his surroundings. Ye Mo realized that he was on a glacier and there was sea water all around him - nothing else. The explosion must have shattered the glaciers, so he had floated away.

Ye Mo felt he was lucky. If he had still been on the ice helmet island, even if he hadn't been dead, he would've been caught.

It seemed his quick reaction in the tunnel had been right. If he had turned around at the time, then the explosion probably would have went off a second or two later and he might have died.

Instead, he had chosen to go into the black hole and run away turning invisible. This gave him at least 13 seconds or so - the time he needed to survive.

This incident made Ye Mo understand better that during danger it was very important to stay cool-headed. Although it had been extremely dangerous, he would treasure it. Sometimes, certain things can't be understood.

Still, he had been able to make it out due to his pills and the flying sword. Ye Mo suddenly remember his flying sword. Had it fallen in the ocean?

Luckily, he found it really quickly. It was next to him laying on the ground, but it had lost all of its spiritual properties. It couldn't fly anymore.

Ye Mo picked it up and considered himself lucky. If it weren't for his flying sword, he wouldn't be sitting there without any part of his body missing. Although the flying sword had been heavily damaged, he still had a Five Element Rock so he could reforge it. Now that he was at stage five middle stage, reforging the sword would only make it stronger.

No matter what, Ye Mo knew that the most important thing to do then was to heal himself. He didn't know how long he had been there for sure, but it shouldn't have been too long.

The injuries made Ye Mo want to go into the small dimension even more. He wanted to get stronger outside, but no matter how hard he worked, it was useless without spirit chi and herbs.

Ye Mo thought about this incident. It was clear that it had been a plan targeted at him.

Who would do this? Who would lay out such a huge trap on an island? If from Luo Yue's outlets being smashed to the Bali tourists disappearing, they had all been targeted towards him, then his enemy was too dangerous.

He got the same feeling that Dongfang Xi used to give him. The first person he thought of was Dongfang Tang. The first time he had come to Luo Yue to negotiate with Shana, he was unable to control his emotions. Later on, he found out that he had done it in front of his partner. From that time, Ye Mo learned that Dongfang Tang was no simple man. If he really was the mastermind, the guy was too scary.

At least, he knew that he was one of the higher-ups of Luo Yue. He knew more about him than Han Zaixin.

He was sure that the tunnel in Bali had been prepared by Northern Sand. Luo Yue's army had just happened to encounter it. He didn't know why Northern Sand would dig a tunnel there, but there was one thing he was certain: Northern Sand had many more of those.

"Northern Sand," Ye Mo said coldly and he closed his eyes to heal up.

The broken meridians started to weld together. Although it was a slow process, it was just a matter of time.

As time went by, he noticed that it was much slower to recover than before. However, the strange thing was that despite it recovering slowly, it got much thicker after it healed.

Ye Mo knew that the thicker the meridians, the better it was for cultivation. Usually, meridians would only change a lot at foundation establishment state. Even if you reached a higher level in chi gathering state, it would only become more durable, not thicker.

He realized that this near death experience had excavated some of his potential.

Ye Mo took out another lotus life pill and the only spirit stone he had. The expansion of his meridians meant that he had a stronger potential. With the same resources, he could reach a higher state.

Luo Yue.

The smell of war reached them once again. The reason was simple: Luo Yue had violated the Antarctic Treaty. The US requested the Union to attack Luo Yue City for the second time.

When voting, Russia contradicted all expectations and agreed. China didn't vote as usual, but this time the UK also didn't vote.

Yet still, it had been decided to attack Luo Yue for the second time. The reason was that Luo Yue was being a chaotic factor in the world and had detonated nukes in Antarctica. They threatened peaceful countries, such as Indonesia, with nukes and forced them to sign unfair treaties. They demanded Luo Yue to immediately give back Sai Na to the people.

Looking at such request, Luo Yue rejected it without thinking. Hence, war was inevitable again.

The Union sent 630k troops this time, but 99% of this peacekeeping army was made up of US soldiers. When it was the other countries' turn to send troops, they only sent a few symbolically.

"These bastards!" Huang Yinian cursed at the Luo Yue's meeting.

Everyone knew that despite it still being the Union attacking Luo Yue, it was just one country, the US. As for why the US was in a rush to attack Luo Yue, the answer was crystal clear.
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