Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Tactic
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Perhaps due to the rightful reason the Union had this time, there were many more countries involved in the war. Furthermore, the army was more singular than last time. It was made up of mostly US soldiers.

This was because everyone knew that the US would get all the spoils of the war in the end. Likewise, the US didn't really expect these countries to give real military support.

It was impossible that the US would divide the earned land. They would at most share some of the technological items they got with the condition that these countries would support publicly the US.

Because it was only the US Army attacking, they could only go in through the Malacca Strait and Yi Ta Strait into the Indian Ocean.

This was because Luo Yue had given up on Jason Miambi Island to reduce losses. If Luo Yue hadn't done that, the US fleet would have had to enter from the Malacca Strait.

The land army could only invade from Ethiopia and Kenya. There was no other way.

The first they had tried to invade, the commander initiated an all in attack as soon as he arrived. This resulted in a rapid defeat. This time, Wales surrounded Luo Yue, but he wasn't in a rush to attack Luo Yue.

The head commander was Ye Xing. He looked at the densely packed fleets with a contemptuous look. Ye Xing said coldly, "They want to fight the war on land, but they came too late. If it had been half a year ago, when we only had a few thousand people, as long as they kept part of Luo Yue's troops busy with the navy, it would have been really hard for us to guard Xi Tan Valley. But now that's not plausible. Luo Yue is not a good place for land battle."

"Why isn't this place suitable for land battle? Moreover, they have so many ships." Xu Ping asked.

Ye Xing laughed, "Because Luo Yue now has Ye Xing." He knew that the intel they had received was very different to the actual numbers, but he didn't care.

Everyone knew they were being played by Ye Xing, but they had to recognize his capabilities. Without him, it would have been really hard to protect the country. Also, the defence system Ye Xing had made was extremely powerful. It was indeed hard to land on Luo Yue with a few hundred thousand people. Luo Yue's navy didn't even need to go out to fight, they just had to wait there.

It looked like the enemy was at their doorsteps. It was very dangerous, yet for Luo Yue, the closer to home, the safer they were.

"Commander Ye, didn't we attack when they were at a few 100 miles range last time? Why don't we attack now? Our missile system can send them to heaven," Guo Qi asked in confusion.

"I want to know how they are going to fight. I still have an ultimate weapon, if they aren't worthy of it, I can't be bothered taking it out. Moreover, although we can fight at a long distance, the accuracy would be lower," Ye Xing smiled.

The Union Army didn't make them wait long. On the huge screen in the command center, masses of jets appeared and flew towards Luo Yue like locusts.

"How do they have so many planes? There's like a thousand of them. How come our missile defense system hasn't reacted after these planes appeared?" Xu Ping asked in shock.

Ye Xing said calmly, "That's because they're unmanned pilates. Our defense system can recognize them and it's really simple to stop them too. We only have to activate our defense system completely."

Xu Ping asked worriedly, "Why did they send this many auto-piloted planes?"

Ye Xing said, "Although these auto-piloted planes can also drop bombs, they are simple bombs and can't pose an effective threat to us. Their main purpose is to make us waste our missiles. They know that we have limited missiles, so they came prepared."

Although Xu Yuehua and Xu Ping knew that Ye Xing had made a new type of missiles, it hadn't been tested in real life yet, so no one knew its effects. If it didn't have the intended effect, Luo Yue's missiles would be depleted.

"Then let these auto-piloted planes come. Ignore them!" Xu Ping said with a frown.

Xu Yuehua shook her head, "I think we should still use these mini missiles to blow them apart. We have as much we want. We'll save the large missiles for their naval power and land ar-"

Ye Xing rebuked, "I don't agree with this method. One thing is clear: most of the ships surrounding Luo Yue must be auto-piloted too. No matter how rich they are, they can't take out these many ships. So we'll do as they please. We'll use the imported missiles to attack those auto piloted planes and ships."

"But-" Xu Yuehua and Xu Ping looked at each other. They seemed worried.

Ye Xing smiled, "It seems you don't trust me. Trust me, my mini missiles are much better than those imported large missiles. Commander Guo, those planes are about to fly over Luo Yue. Open the defense missile system and destroy them all. If those ships are in range, then fire at them too."

The planes that flew above Luo Yue seemed to be fearless. They fell into the Indian Ocean one by one, but they didn't stop flying to Luo Yue.

The sky was painted with explosions and black smoke. It was as though night time had come early.

The Union Army seemed to be enraged by this and kept firing missiles from their ships. However, they were all intercepted by Luo Yue's missiles and thrown into the ocean.

Aboard the US' largest mothership, Wales looked at the ships sink from the command center but his face was calm. Since Luo Yue was wasting their missiles, he had a contemptuous look on his face.

"They have no real reserves. They want to dominate the entire Indian Ocean with just a strong defense and an interference system. Insolent people! I really don't understand how we lost last time!" Wales shook his head.

In Wales' eyes, a country that started up as a company, dared to stand at the top of the world and challenge the US would be like asking to die. They didn't even have proper military strategist. He had used a tactic and they couldn't even see through it. Instead, they were doing just what he wanted.

Once they used up their missiles, it would be time for them to launch the final attack.

Soon, 1000 planes and a similar number of ships had sunk. Meanwhile, Luo Yue had lost a TV tower.

When Wales noticed this, his expression looked a bit unhappy. Although the goal was to get Luo Yue to waste their missiles, they had used quite a lot. Luo Yue's defence missile system was too strong. It had an almost 98% success rate.
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