Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 672

Chapter 672: Saved

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"Start the second part of the plan. Have the fleet press forward, send five groups of fighter jets to bomb away at Luo Yue, and have the ground forces start the feint," Wales commanded.

Wales knew that after that attack, Luo Yue wouldn't have much missiles left. No one would guess that he was just discarding those fighter jets for Luo Yue to take them down. Even if people did guess, he would obviously never admit to it.

His approach was to beat Luo Yue in a financial battle of attrition. One hundred dead pilots meant nothing to him. He knew that without sacrifices, it would be hard to take over Luo Yue even after it ran out of missiles. However, the hefty price of one F-22, an elite pilot, and five groups of fighter jets amounting to a total of about one hundred jets - only Wales would dare suffer such hefty losses.

What Wales cared about at the moment was how Luo Yue would be defending itself this time. More missiles or perhaps their own jets?

He didn't have to wait long to get the answer he wanted, and it would indeed seem that Luo Yue had a limited amount of missiles, as they simply sent out the same number of jets.

In terms of equipment and pilot quality, though, Luo Yue was inferior to the Union Army. Luo Yue's jets came from Russia, they had the S-35, while the Union Army used F-22s. The S-35 was far inferior to the F-22.

The F-22 could turn around 180 degrees and had an infrared scanner, and not just simple heat seeking functions.

However, the S-35 being far inferior was under normal circumstances. In the air above Luo Yue, the powerful interference machine made the F-22s' radars useless. The Union's anti-interference machines were useless too.

The S-35s had also been modified by Luo Yue. In the aerial battle above Luo Yue, they didn't even need the interference machine. Every missile they fired hit the Union Army's jets.

The ones that tried to escape were all taken down by the missile system.

Soon, those five groups of jets were completely annihilated, while Luo Yue lost only four jets.

Wales' face was still calm. He had reached his goal. He knew that Luo Yue's missiles had to be about to be used up. If not for Luo Yue's defensive system, he wouldn't have even thought about sending those groups of fighter jets.

At the same time, the Union Army at Xi Tan Valley had also started to attack. However, Xi Tan Valley was easy to defend and hard to attack. The Union Army couldn't provide aerial support either, so despite Luo Yue's troops being at a disadvantage, the Union Army found it hard to breach their defenses.

"General Wales, I think we can launch the full scale attack now." As Advisor Fela saw how Luo Yue's jets had been fighting the Union's jets, he knew that their plan had succeeded.

"Wait a bit longer," Wales waved his hand. As long as they could ensure that Luo Yue had no missiles left, Luo Yue would be like pigs waiting to be slaughtered. They didn't need to rush it.

Wales believed that the reason for Luo Yue's cockiness had to be their strong defensive system and unimaginable interference machine.

But the requirement for that was that they had to have enough missiles to stop Wales' tactics. Hence, he was throwing out money to bring down Luo Yue.

After all, even the auto piloted planes and ships were quite costly even if they used the lowest grade engines.

Moreover, Wales thought that even if Luo Yue figured out their plan, there was nothing they would be able to do about it.

Ye Mo suddenly woke up with a cold feeling. He had been so indulged in expanding his meridians that he forgot what time it was and where he was at.

Ye Mo just realized that the glacier he was on had melted to about ten meters in diameter and was going to disappear soon.

He would then no longer have a place to recover. Right when he was about to be finished, he would be losing the place he was staying on. This made him very unhappy.

Nevertheless, Ye Mo wasn't too dejected. He knew that he'd encountered a stroke of fortune that no spirit stones or herbs could compare with. In a few more days, his meridians would be fully recovered.

If he went to the cultivation realm now with his newly repaired meridians, he would be a genius fought over by all sects. He now had amazingly broad and tough meridians before even reaching the foundation establishment state. As long as he had enough resources, his path of cultivation would be very smooth.

In his joyful mood, Ye Mo came to the top of the glacier and howled. He was even more excited than when he flew on his flying sword.

Ye Mo used a cleaning spell and changed into a set of clean clothes. He was planning on finding another glacier to recover on. Once he did, he would be able to re-forge his flying sword, after which he would go back to Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue and hold their wedding.

Two days later, as the glacier below him was about to disappear, Ye Mo didn't find a glacier, but he encountered a ship instead.

Seeing the ship, Ye Mo immediately wanted to go over by running on water, but then he thought about it and eventually didn't. If he really did that, people would surely want to record such a magical thing. He couldn't let anyone see him right now, however. If the person who had targeted him found out that he had survived, that person wouldn't dare show himself, so it would make it inconvenient for Ye Mo to get revenge.

Ye Mo quickly got his big beard masquerade out. After he completely changed his appearance and was about to turn invisible to go onto the ship, the ship seemed to have spotted him and slowed down. After a while, a small jet ski came over.

There were two people on it, one called Ross and another called David. After asking them where he was, Ye Mo found out that they were in the Pacific. He had actually drifted from the North Pole to the Pacific! Luckily this ship was going from Canada to Hong Kong and the two knew Chinese.

He knew that his appearance was very suspicious, so before the two men could ask anything, he gave them 50k USD each and told them that he was an adventurer. He said that he had wanted to circle the Pacific but crashed his ship onto coral and survived thanks to finding a nearby glacier to climb on.

He gave them money so that they would help him find a place to stay in on the ship and also for them to help speak for him.

When Ye Mo was taken aboard the ship, a few policemen came and questioned Ye Mo, but he didn't even need to answer as the two men who saved him got it done for him. He just acted like he didn't know any English at all.

"Mr Mo, we will find a place for you to stay, don't worry. David will take you to dinner first. There's still a long time before we reach Hong Kong, but we hope you have a pleasant journey." The two men were very hospitable to Ye Mo.

Because Ross was getting a room for Ye Mo, Ye Mo gave him another 50k USD and asked him to get him a quiet and beautiful place. If the money wasn't enough, he could come ask him for more.

"It's enough, it's enough!" Ross took the money and sighed - he had really saved a wealthy person this time.

Ye Mo didn't take out more money, because he didn't want the two to suspect why he had so much cash on him either.

When David took Ye Mo to the dining hall, he told Ye Mo to relaxedly eat while they were getting him a room.

Ye Mo was in no rush. After eating wheat for months, he was happy to be getting something nice to eat before going back to cultivate.

He ordered a steak and some vegetables and found a corner to sit in. He thought to himself, 'Once I recover and remake my flying sword, the first thing I investigate should be the guy who ambushed me. No matter who it was, he must die!'
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