Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 673

Chapter 673: Surprise
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The conversation between two Chinese ladies on the next table caught Ye Mo's attention. They were talking about Luo Yue going to war, but according to what Ye Mo knew, the war had ended before he had came out. Why were they still talking about it?

This confused Ye Mo a lot. However, they stopped the topic soon and talked about other things.

Ye Mo got up and walked up to the two ladies in a gentleman manner, "Hello, I'm Mo Ying. Would you two mind if I sat with you?"

The two girls were dazed. They didn't think they were ugly, but they didn't consider themselves pretty either. At most, one could say their faces were well-structured - perhaps the short-haired girl was the sexiest. They didn't expect someone to come and chat with them. Although that big bearded man didn't look that appealing, he seemed quite fit. Moreover, he probably was no simple man if he was able to stay on the cruise and eat at the high-class restaurant.

"Of course not! Take a seat," the long-haired woman had a good-willed smile.

Ye Mo sat down and asked, "What are your names?" It was basic manners, he couldn't skip it.

"I'm Xi Huanshan, and she's my colleague Lin Man," the long-haired woman pointed at the younger girl next to her and introduced themselves.

Even though the younger woman was in her thirties, Lin Man was more curvaceous.

Ye Mo quickly said, "Nice to meet you."

Ye Mo wanted to ask about Luo Yue's war situation right away, but Xi Huanshan thought Ye Mo was trying to get them into bed. The 5-star cruiser was too boring;although the big-bearded man looked average and coarse, he was indeed fit. She wouldn't mind having some fun with him in her room.

So she quickly asked Ye Mo, "Mr Mo, you're Chinese, right? Are you doing business from Canada to Hong Kong or are you going on holiday?"

Then, the long-haired woman got little closer to Ye Mo. She suddenly felt that the big-bearded man wasn't that coarse. At least he smelled nice and didn't make her feel rejected. Some western travellers were also quite well-built, yet their smell was unbearable.

Lin Man knew what Xi Huanshan wanted immediately. Xi Huanshan's marriage hadn't gone well. After she got divorced, she asked her to go on holiday with her. At her age, it was unbearable to not have a man. Moreover, she had already found a man on the cruise, but Xi Huanshan hadn't. Now that a man had come, she supported it.

Ye Mo moved aside awkwardly and immediately said, "No, I like adventures, I'm an adventurer. By the way, I heard you talk about the Luo Yue war, what's going on? Didn't the war between Luo Yue and Indonesia already end? I'm very interested in this."

Hearing this, Xi Huanshan didn't continue moving and looked at Ye Mo in shock, "That was a few months ago. Now it's because Luo Yue violated the Antarctica Treaty, so the Union is bringing Luo Yue to justice. This is the second invasion on Luo Yue. As if you didn't know this already."

Ye Mo was furious. It must have been the US again. Although Ye Mo wasn't worried about Luo Yue since Ye Xing was there, he was still angry at the US' constant provocation.

"Mr Mo, your room is ready. This is the room card. It's a house with a balcony on to the side of the ship. The balcony faces the sun, is this to your liking?" Ross and David came to give him the room card personally.

"I'm very happy, thank you two." Ye Mo took the card. He just wanted a quiet place, it didn't have to be a house. Then, he gave then 20k USD each.

Ross and David were even more shocked. Money was like paper to this man. How did he have so much cash on him?

Xi Huanshan and Lin Man saw this and immediately he was a guy with money to burn. Even Lin Man was beginning to get interested in this man. Although he had a big beard, he was extremely rich. It was even fine if the two women shared him.

But Ye Mo already knew what was going on and didn't want to stay there. Just when he got up, a familiar figure walked into the restaurant.

'Sister Yan?' Ye Mo was shook. How come was she here?

"Hey! Wait-" Ye Mo was about to call her Sister Yan, but he immediately remembered that she was still his aunty. It wouldn't be appropriate to call her sister.

The woman heard Ye Mo's call and turned around. She looked around and saw it was a big-bearded man and two girls. She frowned and left.

Ye Mo saw a cold-faced woman, but she didn't look like Sister Yan. However, he immediately realized that she probably had disguised herself. He hadn't expected to meet her here. Thinking about this, Ye Mo wanted to chase up.

"Wait!" Ye Mo tried to leave, but Lin Man grabbed him. Ye Mo was desperate and pushed her hand away. His actions were a little vulgar.

Lin Man was dazed and said at once, "How can you be so rude?"

"Sorry, I just saw someone I knew," Ye Mo knew he was wrong and apologized. He tried again to leave.

But Lin Man sneered and didn't let him, "You saw someone you knew?! You just wanted to flirt with that woman. You were just talking to Huanshan, and now you're going to talk to another woman. Aren't you a bit too shameless?"

Ye Mo opened his mouth surprised. He thought, 'Since when was I flirting with Huanshan? I was just asking a question.'

"What's wrong, Ms Lin Man?" A man in his 30' came up with a bag in his hand. Who would carry a bag around with him all the time on the ship?

Out of curiosity, Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense. It was a cloth with three milky white stones wrapped in it. Ye Mo was in shock. These were spirit stones!

Ye Mo's heart started to skip rapidly. He even cast Sister Yan aside and started thinking about how to get these stones.

It was quite easy for Ye Mo to get them, but he also wanted to know where they came from. He could always steal them, but he would buy it if it was an acceptable price.

Lin Man pointed at Ye Mo and said, "Brother Kui, this guy was talking to Huanshan and, and- You know what I mean! But he saw this other girl and immediately cast Sister Huanshan aside. He's too shameless. I just said something and he was very vulgar to me."

Lin Man still decided to not let the big-bearded man go because he was very rich.
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