Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 674

Chapter 674: Strange Sister Yan

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Many people had come watching the scene.

"When did we ever-" Ye Mo asked speechlessly.

Before he said anything else, Lin Man said with red eyes, "You dare ask when?! You already don't want to take responsibility of what you did last night!"

After her statement, people around them started discussing amongst themselves.

Ye Mo was speechless. He had still been on the glacier the previous night. What had he done?

"Hello, I'm Meng Kui, a business manager of the US' Sika Communications Company," Meng Kui reached out his hand and smiled.

He didn't know who Ye Mo was. Hence,although Lin Man was his partner on the cruise, if Ye Mo was powerful, he wasn't going to offend Ye Mo for a woman.

So he needed to ask about Ye Mo's origin to see if he could take on him.

Sika Communications? Ye Mo felt this name was very familiar. It took him just a moment to remember. The company belonged to the Song family.

"I'm Mo Ying, I like travelling the world and collecting rare stones. If it's a stone I like, I will buy it no matter the price," Ye Mo said testing Meng Kui's reaction.

Hearing this, Meng Kui seemed happy. Ye Mo immediately knew that Meng Kui didn't know the price of spirit stones and didn't even know what he had.

"I see, Mr Mo likes rare stones. I like them too," Meng Kui said at once.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, I have spent almost all my fortune buying rare stones. Yet, there's rarely a few I like."

Meng Kui was getting more desperate. He knew his stones were valuable but he wasn't sure how valuable. He was a careful person and didn't dare let other people look into it for him. His stones had an eerie origin and if other people knew about it, he might lose his life.

"Brother Mo, I'm also interested in rare stones. Would you be interested in discussing about ut with me?" Meng KUi asked.

Of course, Ye Mo was interested.

Ye Mo also smiled, "Brother Meng, we seem to share the same liking. I love discussing rare stones with people like you. My room is on the side of the ship, please."

Seeing Ye Mo and Meng Kui leave together, Lin Man's expression was very bad. The people around them also left. At this moment, the cold-faced woman came out of somewhere and sneered. She was looking at where Ye Mo had been a few second ago.

"There are no good men in this world. I was willing to take initiative, but apparently they prefer each other more than women." Lin Man was unsatisfied.

Xi Huanshan looked at Ye Mo's back disappointedly and said after a while, "That Meng Kui is no good man, but the big- bearded man was actually a good person."

"Sure, very good. You were practically throwing yourself to him and he was playing dumb. Good my ass." Lin Man had even been willing to go with the big-bearded man and Huanshan, but he actually preferred men.

Lin Man said, "I won't let Meng Kui lay on my bed again, no matter how rich he is. I'm not a woman who needs a man to survive."

"To be honest, I get the feeling that the bearded man wasn't trying to flirt with us," Xi Huanshan felt that the he had approached them so he could ask about the Luo Yue war.


Even Meng Kui had to admire Ye Mo's room. He could tell that this man was wealthy just by looking at his room. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to afford it.

Ye Mo patiently talked to Meng Kui for about ten minutes. Just when he was about to bring up the spirit stones himself, Meng Kui took them out of his bag.

Finally, Ye Mo thought.

"Brother Mo, have you seen this sort of stone before?" Meng Kui showed them to Ye Mo.


Half an hour later, Meng Kui was carrying a big bag while walking away from Ye Mo's room. He was thinking about how wealthy that man was.

The stones he had picked up had been actually bought for 800k USD! Mo Ying didn't even bargain. What he didn't understand was why Mr Mo had that much cash in his room.

Also, there was another thing he didn't understand: why did he thoughtlessly tell that bearded man how he had gotten the stones? Although he regretted it, it was too late.

Ye Mo played with the stones for a long while before putting them away. He hadn't expected to be able to get three spirit stones for 800k USD. The only pity was that Meng Kui had found them randomly.

A month ago, Meng Kui was travelling in Canada. One night at a tourist spot, he saw two people fighting. He hid and didn't dare move. When he came out, they were both dead. He found that one of them had a wooden box which contained the stones.

Meng Kui knew they weren't ordinary stones. After he got them, he wanted to go to Hong Kong at once and sell them. He had managed to sell them before he even reached Hong Kong. He knew that the stones were worth more than 800K, but he was very happy that he could sell them for this price. It made him uneasy to carry them with him constantly.

Ye Mo shook his head. He then started thinking about Sister Yan. He quickly scanned out his spirit sense as soon as he walked out of the room.

Although his meridians hadn't completely recovered, his spirit sense could reach 1500 meters now. It was a lot more compared to the 1200 meters he could reach before.

Ye Mo soon found Sister Yan in a low-quality room. Ye Mo realized something was off. He had given her a lot of money, how could she be staying in a low-quality room?

Ye Mo went to her door and knocked.

Yin Qingyan heard this and she was instantly dazed. She didn't know anyone on the ship. Who could knocking on her door?

But her powers had finally recovered, so she wasn't afraid. When she saw it was the big-bearded man, her expression changed drastically, "Who are you? I don't know you, go away!"

She was about to close the door.

Ye Mo knew that Sister Yan wouldn't recognize him and there were people walking down the corridor. Hence, he pushed her aside, entered the room and closed the door.

Seeing this, Ying Qingyan was about to attack Ye Mo but he quickly said, "Sister Yan, it's me! I'm Ye Mo!" Although she was his aunty, it was too awkward to call her that, so Ye Mo stuck to Sister Yan.

"Do you know me?" Ying Qingyan's expression changed and she stopped the attack. "Are you Ye Mo?"

Ye Mo took off the mask and smiled, "I really am Ye Mo."

"Huh!" She saw that the man was actually Ye Mo. But her joy only lasted a moment before she pushed Ye Mo, "Get out! Piss off!"

She had completely changed her attitude, and Ye Mo thought, 'What is this?' He soon noticed something wrong. Sister Yan's neck had turned pink.

"Sister Yan," he called her. When he saw her cry, he didn't know what to do. Hr didn't know if he should leave or not. He thought she would be very happy to see him.

After a long time, she calmed down and suddenly said, "Did you see the diary I gave you?"

"Yes, I saw it." Ye Mo wanted to say he had only read the cover, but Sister Yan's neck turned even redder and then she started crying.
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