Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 676

Chapter 676: Final Attack

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Just when Ye Mo was about to give her the diary, he felt it wasn't right. Why would she want back something she gave him? Was there some secret in it? If he gave it to her, it would be hard for him to get it back.

Thinking about this, he played dumb and said, "Sister Yan, I don't have that diary with me."

"You left it at your house? Could anyone find it? What about Ning Qingxue?" Sister Yan asked.

"You're not lying to me, are you?" Sister Yan asked suspiciously. She felt Ye Mo's expression was strange.

Ye Mo realized that he hadn't lied to her - he didn't have the diary on him. It was in his ring.

"I'm going to stay with you from today onwards. I'm scared you lied to me. Perhaps you will take out the diary as soon as I leave," Sister Yan suddenly said.

Ye Mo replied speechlessly, "Sister Yan, you know that if I wanted to read it I would have had three days to do so? Also, why can't I read it?"

"Who knows what you're thinking! Maybe you were doing something for the past three days. Just in case, I will keep an eye on you. As long as I'm gone, you can read it as much as you want," Sister Yan didn't want to feel embarrassed again.

Ye Mo looked helplessly at Sister Yan. He wouldn't have thought she was that smart. He really was planning on reading the diary first but now, he had no option.

"Why do I get the feeling that you're a little scared?" Sister Yan stared at Ye Mo and suddenly asked.

It was already the fourth day since the battle in Luo Yue had started. Luo Yue had shot thousands of missiles and sunk countless planes and ships of the Union Army.

A special aspect of the war was that on the outskirts of the Indian Ocean, large amounts of neutral countries and their media ships were watching the war. They were recording everything that was happening on the battlefield.

As large amounts of reports were sent back, many military specialists wrote articles explaining the Union Army's tactic. It was very shameless, but it was very effective against Luo Yue.

One could foresee that if Luo Yue used up all their missiles, the Union Army could then give the final blow attack. Luo Yue seemed to be in a more and more dangerous position.

The Union appeared to have suffered heavy losses, but large amounts of recordings and evidence proved that the sunken ships and planes were all fakes. Otherwise, how could they just send thousands of ships and planes for Luo Yue to sink?

More and more people looked unfavourably at Luo Yue - except for one person.

He was Xi Ke Long, the one who wrote about the New Age Warfare after the first battle in Luo Yue. He felt that the series of actions Luo Yue had been taking all had l deep thinking behind. He doubted that Luo Yue couldn't see what the Union Army was doing. The reason they kept firing missiles wasn't as a last resource, but because they had other means.

However, after the article was published, it still received large amounts of criticism.

People believed that Commander Wales was using overt schemes. Luo Yue knew about their plan, however there was nothing they could do about it because they still had to take them down.

At the Luo Yue command center, Ye Xing and the rest sat in a round table.

They weren't talking about the war. They were discussing the inner chaos.

Fang Wei, who was responsible for Luo Yue's security, reported that the Jews on the outskirts of Luo Yue were starting riots. They demanded Luo Yue to stop the war and accept all of the Union Army's orders.

"I'm sure that they're all spies, the best way is to kill them all!" Xu Ping was very angry. Luo Yue was at war, and these people were causing trouble in the back.

Xu Yuehua shook her head, "I think this is an opportunity."

"Opportunity?" Other than Ye Xing, no one knew what Xu Yuehua meant.

Xu Yuehua glanced at Ye Xing and smiled, "There aren't a lot of people rioting. Xu Brother is right, these spies did indeed start the riots, but we can take advantage of it."

Xu Yuehua continued, "The main purpose of the rioters is to spread their influence and increase the range of the riot to catch the attention of our army. But they're underestimating Luo Yue's solidarity. If I'm not wrong, the Union Army might launch their full-scaled attack in an hour."

Ye Xing nodded, "Sister Yuehua is right. Let Fang Wei and Fang Wei send all these rioters to dig mines and confiscate their wealth."

"Um- Ye Xing, wouldn't then people start protesting about human rights?" Yu Miaodan said worriedly.

Ye Xing sneered, "Luo Yue only respects human rights for those who respect it back. The rest can fuck off. If they don't like it, they can fight. Luo Yue does not fear any war."

"Okay, I like your personality! If they don't like it, then fight! Hahaha-" Xu Ping laughed.

Ye Xing got up and said, "The war is about to start soon. Xu Yuehua is right, this is an opportunity. I think it's time to test our mini missiles."

Orders were sent out.

When Luo Yue's Ground Forces Vice-Commanders Guo Qi and Li Sandao received their orders, they prepared for the maximum scale release of the mini missiles. The commander of the air forces, Sherman, was also ready. His mission was that when the Union Army's air forces were paralysed, he would immediately start bombing the enemy's ground forces. With Luo Yue's strong interference machine, he didn't need to worry about anti air missiles.

The Navy Commander Huang Yinian also took two fleets and secretly left Luo Yue. Although they would be seen by the US' satellite one hour later, it wouldn't matter then.

In the commander center, Wales had just received news of the riots in Luo Yue and had a contemptuous smile. He knew it was time to land.

"All forces get ready! We will launch the final attack on Luo Yue together. Luo Yue's missiles have been used up, the following battle will be our big moment. Go! I want you to wait for me at Luo Yue's government building."

After Wales' orders were sent out, the news immediately spread all around the world. Everyone's eyes were set on the battle.

The jets and the long fleets roared and charged at Luo Yue. If that wasn't shocking enough, then the scene of a few 100k ground forces attacking the Xi Tan Valley was even more terrifying.
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