Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 677

Chapter 677: The Killing Blow

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
As Wales stood on the top deck of the mothership and looked over the dense flock of planes and ships rushing to Luo Yue through his telescope, he couldn't help but raise his lips.

The advisors stood beside him, and although they didn't talk, from their eyes it was easy to tell that they really admired their commander. At the start of the war, no one had the same amount of courage as Wales. He went against everyone's suggestions and ordered the creation of large sums of fake planes and ships.

This cost tens to almost a hundred billion dollars alone, and then there was his order for five groups of F-22s to attack Luo Yue. No one else would have dared do that.

Wales knew that he had sent those people to their deaths, and if the Americans citizens knew about his plan, they would call him the greatest of criminals.

But, he had succeeded. You only had to look at how Luo Yue hadn't shot a single missile anymore to know that Wales was right. He had depleted Luo Yue's missiles, and now the Union Army was getting closer and closer to Luo Yue. As long as they occupied the shores, then no matter how high tech Luo Yue's defenses were, they would lose for sure.

Wales looked back towards his subordinates and enjoyed the admiration they felt for him. He could already picture himself standing on the top of Luo Yue's main governmental building with the whole world cheering for him. The American citizens would greet him as a hero and perhaps he would even be the next president!

Wales commented calmly, "Men, perhaps in a few hours we will be having champagne in Luo Yue's governmental building."

But Wales then felt very strange as he didn't see any joy on his advisors, which was very abnormal. Instead, he saw horror and worry.

Suddenly, countless rumbles sounded. Wales subconsciously looked back, and his face became pale.

The Indian Ocean was filled with missiles, missiles which seemed to have grown eyes as they struck all their ships accurately. Only a rare few would fall into the ocean. Most of the missiles went on to create huge explosions.

Their interception missiles were useless against these mini-missiles, and even if they had been effective, it would be a joke to try to use them to take care of all those small missiles.

Mini-missiles? Were there even such small missiles in this world?

Rumble rumble- As Wales finally woke up from his panic, he felt the mothership he was on vibrate.

A few of those mini-missiles had landed on the runway, and a football field-sized hole was blown onto the mother ship. At the same time, some jets that hadn't taken flight turned into a gust of flame.

Wales froze again at the seemingly countless mini-missiles as they flew into the fleet, creating one huge explosion after another.

Wales looked into the sky above the Indian Ocean, and the dense group of jets had also become very scattered in a very short time. Jets were constantly falling into the ocean.

"No!" Wales' mind went blank, he spat out blood and roared. Soon, he realized that this was Luo Yue's killing blow. They had actually created such small missiles, missiles which were very fast and accurate. If these missiles could be mass produced, then the US was over, the US fleet was over, and this Union Army was over.

Wales' heart went cold, and he fell unconscious. He couldn't accept the shock of such an utter defeat right after the light of victory had shone on him a few moments earlier. He would become a historical sinner of the US.

When Wales went unconscious, his advisors quickly came to resuscitate him, and after a while, he finally woke up again.

The first thing Wales did was to grab the telescope. The sky had become black, and there was a burning smell everywhere. Pieces of jets and ships were also flying all over the place.

The fighter jets were decreasing in number more and more, and one could only see an occasional few jets run for their lives, but a mini-missile would quickly chase up and bring it to the sea.

Meanwhile, the missiles the Union Army shot out were all struck down. Most fell without hitting anything due to the interference.

His fleet couldn't counterattack at all.

Suddenly, he felt the mothership below him shake. He shivered and thought, 'We have to retreat, retreat immediately!'

"General Wales, you should go down immediately, this tower could be shot down any moment now!" An advisor wanted to pull Wales down.

Wales pulled him aside and asked, "How are our losses? No, no time for that, we need to retreat, immediately-"

He had been to many wars but never had he fought a war like today.

"We've lost 61 battleships, two motherships, 900 fighter jets, 800 helicopters, and we haven't calculated soldier casualties yet. Many returning jets don't have anywhere to land as many carrier ships can't accommodate landing anymore."

Wales almost fainted again after that report. How little time had passed, yet the Union Army had lost almost half its power! If that went on for a few more hours, they would lose everything for sure.

Wales was bleeding in his heart - he was over. Completely done for, but before he died, he needed to bring back the remaining army.

"Retreat, retreat immediately!" Wales called the shot.

The army had already started to retreat even without his order, though. They knew this wasn't war anymore, this was suicide.


The Indian Ocean had turned into an area of explosions and smoke. Countless screams on the ocean made people feel the cruelty of war.

Amidst all the chaos were Luo Yue's mini-missiles, falling like an endless hail.


When the neutral countries and all the media's ships saw this and smelled the smoke and fire, they were forced to realize that it was all real.

Half an hour earlier, Luo Yue had been a goat waiting to be slaughtered, yet now, they had bared their fangs and taken out an astounding trump card. They had created grenade-sized missiles that were effective at long range and very accurate.

Looking at the flock of locust-like missiles, everyone knew that the Union Army was over.

Four days earlier, Wales' money burning tactic had been approved of by many specialists, and they all felt the tactic would be perfect for Luo Yue.

Yet four days later when Luo Yue used their locust missiles, the whole world was shocked.

Those neutral countries and media ships felt very cold. Everyone knew that Luo Yue was strong, but no one expected them to be this strong. The last time the Union Army invaded, they had completely decimated them with their imported missiles and interference machine.

Not much time had passed since then, yet they had made these mini-missiles that could annihilate any army.

Just when Wales' fleet exited the missile range, tens of Luo Yue ships suddenly appeared in front of them. Their radars hadn't picked up on them at all!
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