Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 678

Chapter 678: Similar Results

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
When Wales saw those horrendous mini-missiles fall on the same ship and Luo Yue's jets fly across the sky, he knew that Luo Yue was forcing them to surrender. If they didn't, then they wouldn't be just showing off anymore - those locust missiles would swarm them once again.

Although Wales knew that he could still give it his all and sink about half of Luo Yue's ships, he also knew that if he did, no one in his army would be able to survive.

Hence, Wales surrendered.

Meanwhile, when the commander of the Union's ground forces had received orders to launch the final attack, he immediately attacked Xi Tan Valley.

When he saw the thousands of fighter jets fly over Luo Yue, he was confident that they would soon come to give him support. However, reality was harsh.

Before those fighter jets even came to Luo Yue, they were taken care of by the dense swarm of mini-missiles and were all struck down.

Looking at the countless jets getting bombed to the ground in an instant, all the Union soldiers were shocked. What kind of war was this? Were Luo Yue's missiles this accurate?

Once their air forces were erased, no matter how many soldiers there were it would be pointless. Luo Yue only needed to drop bombs above their heads, and they would all get slaughtered.

Before Sean could react, countless missiles struck his tanks and armored vehicles with great accuracy.

As rumbles and explosions sounded, Luo Yue's jets also flew over. Sean was shaking - he didn't think that Luo Yue's weapons would be strong to such an extent.

"Retreat!" Sean didn't care about any orders, and even if Wales wanted to attack, he was going to retreat.

But Luo Yue's jets weren't just randomly throwing bombs around - they were focusing their fire on the troops' retreat path and pushing them into the Xi Tan Valley.

300 thousand Union ground forces were being compressed into the small Xi Tan Valley, and anti-air missiles were useless under the interference of the interference machine. The cannons could only strike a plane occasionally.

Sean knew that Luo Yue was forcing them to surrender. Although he really didn't want to surrender to a small place like Luo Yue, he knew that if Luo Yue lost their patience, all 300 thousand soldiers might be killed.

Hence, Sean also surrendered. He didn't have any choice. Looking at his soldiers drop their weapons dejectedly, Sean was bleeding in his heart.

Luo Yue and the Union's second war had ended, and the difference between the second war and the first one was that this second war had gone on for four days. The results, however, were the same.

This time, Luo Yue had brought down 109 ships, 1.600 jets, 1.400 helicopters, and countless tanks and armored vehicles. They also captured 50 ships, 4 carrier ships, 200 fighter jets, 150 helicopters, 2.000 tanks and armored vehicles, as well as 360,000 soldiers.

Meanwhile, Luo Yue's losses amounted to 17 fighter jets, 32 tanks, and 1.200 soldiers. It was of course impossible for such a glorious victory to not catch the attention of the world.

And at the same time as Luo Yue defeated the Union Army, it took over the Jason Giambi Island again. On top of that, because the US had invaded Luo Yue twice through the Malacca Strait, Luo Yue requested the US to pull out their troops stationed there.

Because the Southeast Asian countries allowed the US to invade Luo Yue through the Malacca Strait twice, Luo Yue was very unhappy with them as well and wanted them to give an appropriate resolution.

Everyone could tell that the US didn't have to go through the Malacca Strait to invade Luo Yue - they could also simply come from the Atlantic Ocean. It was clear that Luo Yue just wanted the Malacca Strait, but no one in Southeast Asia could say anything about it.

At the moment, the whole world was shocked by Wales' supposedly assured victory tactic failing, and failing so utterly at that.

Many military specialists had believed that Wales' tactic was the most effective tactic against Luo Yue, but they were once again thwarted by Luo Yue's technology. In the wake of absolute power, any tactic was useless.

Luo Yue had shaken the world too much already, and so they were at last properly recognized as an international power. They could produce their own weapons and annihilate the armies of other countries.

It was only at this moment that everyone remembered what Xi Ke Long Er had said, and he had proven himself right. He published a second article after the war titled: "The new era of warfare - air force is a thing of the past," which was published all over the world, and many popular TV channels invited him for an interview.

The article said that in the era of the new mini-missiles and interference machines, air forces were just target practice because of their low defenses and how easy of a target they were.

Ye Xing looked at the article in contempt and sneered.

According to Ye Xing, the opposite was actually true. Air force was not a thing of the past, its era was in fact just about to begin. Luo Yue's current interference machine and mini-missiles would soon be taken over by Luo Yue's first generation of battle jets.

When interference systems and radar systems, and missiles and anti-missiles reached a counterbalance, the world would still rely on air force.

The reason why Luo Yue was so dominant was because Ye Xing's inventions were beyond the era, but as time went by, the differences would decrease. When these differences were no longer noticeable, what dominated the battlefield would still be the air forces.

Back on the cruiser, Sister Yan had quickly brought over all her stuff to Ye Mo's room.

"Help me bring my bed too, I don't want you to do dodgy things behind my back." Sister Yan for some reason just instinctively felt that Ye Mo was lying.

Ye Mo had two rooms in his apartment, so she had made the request to stay at his place. If Ye Mo had already read her diary then she wouldn't care anymore, but since he hadn't yet, she didn't want to let him read it now. She wasn't prepared.

Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan speechlessly, "Sister Yan, I won't be sleeping these next couple of nights as I need to make some things, so you can sleep in my bed."

Hearing this, Sister Yan stared right at Ye Mo as though trying to see through his lies.

"Are you planning on waiting for me to fall asleep and then crawl into the bed? You need to make things, huh? Who are you trying to trick!" Sister Yan said.
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